Person arrested for using laser pointer during AFC Title Game.

And it is not looking good for them either.

It was a story we carried a couple of weeks ago. A laser pointer light was shown in the face of Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady during the AFC football championship against the Kansas City Chiefs. Although it wasn’t commented or picked up during the Tv broadcasts, the laser light could be seen during the last quarter of the game.

A little green light.
Some people could see the little green light.

The light didn’t have much of an effect on the players as Tom Brady led the rest of the New England Patriots to Superbowl 53 and a victory in a game that was less than stellar.

Back before that, The New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game to get there where all this happened. At the time it wasn’t much of a distraction as the Patriots won the game anyway but people who did notice the lights were looking for who did the deed and what they would do to them.

Well the NFL and Kansas City authorities have announced they have found the one who decided to shine the lights on Brady. The perpetrator, who has not yet been named, was identified to NFL authorities by a Kansas City Cameraman, KMBC cameraman Turner Twyman, who got footage of the person. The footage was reviewed and turned over to the cops.

Initially, police wanted to charge the suspect with “disorderly conduct” charge, but the NFL itself wanted something worse and to make an example of the person to others and not shine laser lights at players. Doing so is already banned from league games but the NFL wanted to drive home the point and show everyone that shining a laser pointer at a player during an NFL game was not cool.

Not a good thing to have pointed at you.
The NFL doesn’t like this either.

It didn’t take long, only a couple of weeks, before the suspect was identified by the cops. Although no name was given, it was said that the Kansas City Police apprehended the person. They were then banned from the Chiefs home field of Arrowhead Stadium for life and are facing further charges according to the Kansas City District Attorney. Yeah, it is not looking good for the person or anyone else who has similar ideas in the future.

It was said the laser pointers were checked for at the Superbowl itself and no incidents seem to be coming for the game. Tom Brady was notified by members of the military that the lights that shown at him could cause permanent eye injuries but he seems to be okay.

Tom and a Little Brady
A good night for Tom

The issue of Laser Pointers is not new to the league or a number of other forms of entertainment. The NFL dealt with a similar issue when then Dallas Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler was the target of fans with laser pointers during a Monday Night game from Mexico a few years ago. Many concerts do not allow laser pointers either and will throw people out of an arena and even charge them with similar charge if they are caught.

The person that police have identified as said before will face serious charge and if proven to be guilty will not only deal with the lifetime ban from Arrowhead Stadium but may face further expulsion for other areas and locations depending on what the league and police may come up with. It sounds like the NFL isn’t playing around with this so we will find out what else they can do towards the person caught with the laser pointer.


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