Deja Vu? It’s 3-1 Warriors — Again

Going for perfection in the playoffs will have to wait for the Golden St. Warriors. Game 4 was their chance to end it early, to become the first team in league history to finish 16-0. But, just like last year, Golden State will go into Game 5 of the Finals in Oakland with a 3-1 lead. It may be highly unlikely that the Cavs will win the next three straight games to become the first NBA team to ever come back from a 0-3 deficit, but now it’s a possibility.

The Cavs had to play their best game including breaking a NBA Finals records of three-pointers, and almost scored 140 points to beat Warriors. Home court advantage and pride finally came about for BelieveLand – you don’t need a humiliating sweep and seeing the Warriors pop champagne bottles on their floor like they did back in 2015.

Now the stage is set for the Warriors to dismantle the Cavs on Monday while they celebrate a second championship in three seasons. But last year something crazy happened at this pivot point in the series. If it happens again – the Internet will explode like you’ve never seen before!!

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