10 Rules: Don’t Be That Fantasy Football Guy

It’s Nacho rankings we’re concerned about here, but instead top 10 lists like “Players to Avoid”, “Late Round Steals”, “Can’t-Miss Sleepers” (CLICK TO WATCH), and even “Draft Day Foods” and “Don’t Be That Guy”.

With your fantasy draft coming right around the corner, let’s take a look at the fantasy football amateurs who will unwittingly do everything they can to ruin your glorious event. Just don’t be this guy!

1. Not showing up for draft

Nobody likes the autopick guy. It’s all about making quick decisions, on the spot, and hearing real feedback

2. Not paying up

If you’re in a pay league, just pay when you’re supposed to and don’t make the commissioner search for you like a debt collector

3. Quitting on season

Giving up on the season and giving everyone an easy “W” is just bad fantasy etiquette

4. Draft out-for-the-season player

Gotta love the casual fan who’s just there to be part of the gang. Thanks for the cash homie!

5. Won’t stop talking about his other league

We don’t care about the league of 12 year olds that you won last year

6. Complainer

This guy always has a gripe about something: rules, website, and always says “oh, you don’t want that guy. I had him and he sucks!”

7. Brings his girl to the draft

No, no, no, no!! Nothing is more sacred than the few precious hours bitching about your SO… until he shows up with his girl

8. Brings fantasy football magazines to draft

Umm, those are published months ago. How how about smoke signals for communicating??

9. The Know It All

“Bad pick, great pick, are you sure you want to draft him this early??” Having something to say for every pick gets real old.

10. The slow picker

Just once don’t take to the last second to make a pick

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