The company that services many of the NFL Stadiums, Aramark, released its new menu items for the 2017 NFL season. So, that got me thinking: what are the most insane stadium foods? I combined last year’s fan favorites across the country with Aramark’s new list to generate the 10 most insane stadium foods you can look forward to enjoying:

10. Pizza Box Nachos – Arizona Cardinals

Of course we start with Nachos!! These hefty nachos are topped with local chiles, slow-roasted pork, cheese sauce, guacamole, sour cream, olives and salsa—and then served in a cardboard pizza box … as if a mere paper plate would even have the strength.

9. Loaded Potato Skin Burger – Kansas City Chiefs (NEW)

The Loaded Potato Skin Burger is fried potato skins covered with cheese, bacon bits and sour cream all serving as the bun for a burger with lettuce and a tomato slice.

8. Donut Burger – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NEW)

The Bucs have stepped it up here with two whole doughnuts in one burger. Throw in a fried egg and bacon – YES PLEASE!

7. Arrowhead Biscuit – Kansas City Chiefs (NEW)

This is a sandwich with a hash brown patty, Canadian bacon, fried egg, bacon jam and cheese. Then, it’s topped with mini pancakes and bacon.

6. Bloomfield Pierogis – Pittsburgh Steelers (NEW)

Forget about Primanti Brothers sandwiches!! The Bloomfield dish is potato pierogis topped with vodka sauce, spicy Italian sausage, mozzarella and Parmesan.

5. French Toast & Sausage Sandwich – Chicago Bears (NEW)

The French Toast & Sausage Sandwich is a New England roll French toast with maple bacon sausage, spiced apple compote, toasted pecans, sharp cheddar cheese and caramel-maple syrup.

4. Lobster Roll – Miami Dolphins

OK – I’m somewhat of a homer Dolphins fan here but I do love Lobster!

3. Purple Grip – Minnesota Vikings (NEW)

The Purple Grip is a buttermilk pancake, breakfast sausage link, bacon cream gravy, crispy tater tots and minced chives.

2. Slim Chicken – Philadelphia Eagles (NEW)

Just don’t let the name deceive you – there’s nothing slim about it. The Slim Chicken is a Frosted Flakes-crusted chicken breast topped with sharp cheddar cheese and ghost chili honey glazed bacon, on a sliced apple fritter.

1. Fried Chicken & Red Velvet Waffles