What College Should I Attend? Top 10 Best Universities for 2020

What College Should I Attend? Top 10 Best Universities for 2020

Education is one of the main investments one makes into their future. That is why it is so important to plan it through and to apply to the most appropriate place. The question “What college should I go to?” can be answered with confidence only after a careful examination of all valid options one actually has at the moment.

Let us, with the help from professional writers from EduQuikie.com, take a closer look at 10 top universities a determined student should consider for 2020.

1. Princeton University

Tuition: $51,870

The most prestigious higher education institution in the US and a member of the Ivy League. It is open since 1746 and has issued 68 Nobel Prize and 13 Turing Awards laureates as well as 2 presidents. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Engineering majors are available here, with an option to obtain a Doctorate in any of them. Summing it up, Princeton would definitely be an excellent investment into your future career if you aim high enough and are ready to give it your best shot.

2. Harvard University

Tuition: $51,925

Another member of the Ivy League, this university goes just a step after Princeton in the national rankings, though its name is probably even more popular abroad, and its history is even richer as it was founded in 1636. Here you can also pick between social or natural sciences or engineering. But Harvard also hosts the best Medical, Law and Business schools in the country, which is worth considering if you pursue your career in one of these fields.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tuition: $53,790

Despite being only ranked #3 in the US, MIT holds the world’s top position for more than a decade already. It is publicly acknowledged as the best engineering school seeming a better option for young people interested in technology.

4. Stanford University

Tuition: $53,790

This is #6 in the national rankings but probably a top destination for those who prefer the West Coast. Stanford is the main higher educational institution in California since its founding in 1885 and has been hugely popular abroad for a long time already.

5. Columbia University

Tuition: $61,850

Its national rank is also #3, besides Columbia is situated in NY, making it interesting for those who like the way of life in the world’s busiest city. A member of the Ivy League as well and possessing country’s leading scientific and engineering schools. 

6. University of Chicago

Tuition: $59,298

Ranked the same as Stanford, this college resides in the north. Here you can choose from more than 100 majors, including law, environmental studies, and engineering.

7. University of Pennsylvania

Tuition: $57,770

Ranked as #6 in the US, this Ivy League college has highly reputable law and medical schools as well as other majors. Home to America’s first student union, it hosts quite a lot of various social activities.

8. Duke University

Tuition: $58,198

This college has majors liberal arts and engineering, but it is best known for its environmental studies, particularly in oceanography and marine life. For those who are dreaming about the sea, this could be the best option.

9. California Institute of Technology

Tuition: $54,600

This Californian college is ranked #12 and is significantly cheaper than Stanford. However, it has the leading positions in science and engineering, so might be a wiser choice for a future technician.

10. Brown University

Tuition: $58,504

Ranked as #14 national university, Brown has a long history since 1764 and is located at the seaside, on the Rhode Island. Also an Ivy League member. Has strong Engineering and Medical schools.


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