Teen Goes On Shopping Spree After Bank Deposits $31,000 DOLLARS

A Georgia teen is in police custody after going on a shopping spree with someone else’s cash. Police have charged 18-year-old Steven Fields with felony theft by taking. They say he used $31,000 that appeared in his checking account to buy a used BMW, food, and clothing. This happened after a teller at First Citizen’s Bank put the money in the wrong account. It was two weeks later when the “real” Steven Fields called that the bank realized the mistake. By that time, the teen had spent $26,000. When Fields came back to the bank to withdraw more money, the teller told him about the mistake and asked him to return the cash. Fields says he received the money as part of an inheritance. The bank gave him a March 19 deadline to return the funds before they pressed charges. Fields turned himself in Friday. Police say he still hasn’t returned the money and they believe it will be impossible to get it back.


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