It’s Nacho Babes Wednesday | 12 College Beauties!

New It’s Nacho Babes Every Wednesday.

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This week we present to you 12 new It’s Nacho Babes.  We’re not naive enough to believe looks are everything.  But, in this age of social media, likes and followers, some people have earned millions because they’re photogenic.  And, let’s be honest, most people like to look at beautiful people.

Vote on our 12 college beauties below by up voting your favorite It’s Nacho Babes! We have included their Instagram accounts, so make sure you also show them some love!   Click here to check out last week’s babes.

#1 Sophi Knight

Early bird dinner with my one and only ?

A post shared by Sophi Knight (@sophiknight) on

#2 Ozzyozkan

i prefer chilling over mango deck any day

A post shared by OZZY | OZKAN (@ozzyozkan) on

#3 Faryn Corey

A post shared by Faryn Corey (@faryncorey) on

#4 Jordan Giorgio

SO excited to be Florida State University's 2017 Line Dance host! ?? see you tonight!

A post shared by Jordan Giorgio (@jordangiorgio) on

#5 Ell Hase

Soft smiles for freckled cheeks, beach hair and tan lines?

A post shared by Ellie Hase (@ell_hase) on

#6 Morgan Avery


A post shared by Morgan Avery? (@morg_avery) on

#7 Katerina Rozmajzl

It's a vibe | jeans from @fashionnova "xoKaterina" #novababe

A post shared by Katerina Rozmajzl (@katerinarozmajzl) on

#8 Nicky Gile

Unforgettable @loungeunderwear

A post shared by Nicky Gile (@nickygile) on

#9 Keilah Kang

Friyayyy ?

A post shared by @keilah.k on

#10 Alexandra Cooper


A post shared by Alexandra Cooper (@_alexandracooper_) on

#11 Madie Montero


A post shared by MadieMontero (@madiemontero) on

#12 Morgan Reid

ocean spray on the lens, my new favorite filter ???

A post shared by Morgan Reid (@morgan_reid) on

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