It’s Nacho Babes Wednesday | Barbecue Beauties!

Vote on our choices below from this Memorial Day weekend by up voting your favorite it’s nacho babes! Make sure you also show them some love on their Instagram accounts! Check out last week’s babes here!

#1 Faryn Corey | Northeastern University

Instagram: faryncorey

#2 Emily Caracciolo | Model

#3 Erin Kramar | Western Michigan University

erin kramar

Instagram: erin_kramar

#4 Ida Hubbell | University of Arizona

Instagram: idahubbell

#5 Elizabeth Gjergji | Florida State University

Instagram: elizabethgjergji

#6 Asalia Yusupova | James Madison University

Instagram: asaliayusupova

#7 Katie Daly | Model

college babes

Instagram: katiedaly

#8 Anna Sophe | Model

Instagram: annasophe

#9 Michelle Elizabeth | Model

college babes

Instagram: michellelizaabeth

#10 Danielle Inzano | Florida Gulf Coast University

Instagram: danielleinzano


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