The Greatest Accidental Inventions Of All Times

There are so many things we use and get in touch with during the everyday life. But have you ever thought of how everything around us was invented? How did actually our ancestors find the meaning of objects and items? Some of the inventions were planned and people spent a lot of time trying to figure them out. Others are accidental inventions, and most of those have completely changed our lives. Imagine having to live without a microwave of the medicine without the use of X-rays. Thanks to some luck, these people created some amazing inventions that will always be a blessing.



Can you imagine the world without Coca-Cola? Well, we sure can’t. The most popular drink in the world is one of the greatest accidental inventions of all times. John Pemberton created it in 1885, without even knowing what he’s doing. He was a pharmacist, who enjoyed experimenting and that is how he invented Coke. In the beginning, it was a drink that contained cocaine (coca), but later Pemberton removed it from the formula. When Atlanta decided to ban the sales of alcohol, the pharmacist started thinking of ways to boost the brain. The initial formula was made of a syrup that contained the cocaine and was supposed to be diluted with soda water.

The Greatest Accidental Inventions Of All Times coca cola


Another one of the accidental inventions people can’t imagine their life without. The microwave was first introduced by Percy Spencer. It all happened in 1946 when the engineer was doing a completely different research. He was working with a vacuum tube that radiates energy for the work of radars. The tube dubbed as magnetron melted a chocolate bar that was in Percy’s pocket. That is how he got the idea that he can use this power to create one of the most useful kitchen appliances ever. When the melting happened, Spencer also found some popcorn kernels and held them near to the tube. You already know what happened. At that time, Percy was a renowned scientist that worked at the Raytheon Corporation and had over 120 patents linked to his name.

The Greatest Accidental Inventions Of All Times microwave


X-rays were an unknown thing to humanity until 1895. Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen is the scientist who accidentally found out about this phenomenon. As a German scientist, he worked with different experiments, when one day he realized that X-rays are actually a thing. Wilhelm was trying out cathode rays when a piece of fluorescent cardboard box started lighting up. He placed the cathode tube in the cardboard and found out that invisible rays were going through the box. Today, X-ray machines are one of the most important diagnostic tools in medicine. Rontgen’s first x-ray was one from his wife’s hand.

The Greatest Accidental Inventions Of All Times x rays


Penicillin is without a doubt one of the most important inventions in medicine. It is also an accidental one. Sir Alexander Fleming was aiming for a completely another thing when he discovered this drug. He was doing an experiment with the influenza virus in 1928, searching for a powerful wonder drug that can cure many diseases. Alexander left the Petri dish with the culture at his workplace for two weeks and noticed that a strange mold had appeared. On the places where the mold was present the influenza virus was not growing anymore. Fleming decided to grow the mold and soon realized that it contained a very strong antibiotic, today known as Penicillin. We are not completely aware of the importance of this drug because of the time we live in. Back in 1928, this discovery was so big, that it prevented death.

The Greatest Accidental Inventions Of All Times penicillin




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