Scientists find REALLY Old Star in Space

The things that are found out there

The scientists at John Hopkins University say they have discovered a star that they think is made up of stuff as old as the universe itself.

The John Hopkins team believes the star is over 13 Billion years old and is made up of elements that go back to the Big Bang. The Big Bang is a dominant theory that the universe was created in an all mighty explosion that sent elements, particles, and all kinds of things outward over 13 billion years ago. It is said that this stuff is constantly expanding due to this event.

The star is thought to be from that era as it is said to be low mass and low metallicity. What that means is that the elements found inside of it (or theoretically found in it) is of elements that are as light as the known basic elements on Earth, Helium, and Hydrogen. It is thought that this was the kind of materials found in space immediately after the Big Bang. The heavier elements that make up the universe were created in later times as elements combined and transformed.

The Big Bang is a dominant theory that the universe was created from a massive explosion of particles. The stuff created from the explosion created the known universe. There are other theories of the universe’s creation but that is the one that many people, scientists or otherwise, believe in.

2MASS J18082002-5104378 B was discovered when another team at John Hopkins found a much bigger and heavier star, but it showed signs that there was something else affecting its gravitation. It was originally thought there might have been a Neutron star or even a black hole within that system, but it was then they discovered a second and much weaker star in the system that was the effect on the gravity.

The secondary star in this two-star system was then studied and calculated. Ir’s own gravitational pull was studied by seeing how much of a difference it had on the primary star. As it was being studied, the stargazers observed that the object must be very light and have low density. It is thought the particle make up of this find would be similar to the weight of the planet Mercury, while our own Sun is the equivalent of 14 Jupiters. So there is a LOT less to this star than our own.

2MASS J18082002-5104378 B is thought to be a rare find in these parts of space. A “1 in 10 million” find for scientists and some are calling it. With that kind of reaction, it is expected this star will be studied and observed to see what else it shows for scientists and explained to people like us who are not in the field of space science and might have to have one of them explain what is going on.

And while the discovery is of 2MASS J18082002-5104378 B is the talk right now, that is the weaker and secondary star in that system. 2MASS J18082002-5104378 A is the primary star and thought to be much brighter and denser. The two stars orbit around a central point to be the core of the system. Both stars are located within the constellation  Ara.

Since both are relatively new discoveries, they are not visible to the naked eyes. With scientists having such an issue finding the new star in the first place, even they have problems finding it!

Carl Sagan would be smiling if he saw this. He said there were billions of Stars. Think they found a good one.

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