The Secret You Need to Turn a Fling Into a Relationship

Have you met a great guy and want to turn a fling into a relationship? Are you frustrated by how much time it is taking for you to become a significant part of his life? Are you hoping that he will just realize that he wants to take the next step with you and share his intimate secrets with you, asking you for yours? Reading on will show you how to turn a fling into a relationship!

It may be simple to make a man want you sexually, but turning that sexual desire into emotional need can be far more difficult. You want him emotionally, so why doesn’t he want you? Is there something wrong with you? No!

It just takes men longer than women to form emotional connections. It’s not that he does not think you are compatible in that way; it is that he has not even thought about that prospect yet. Most women respond by trying to pull men along, forcing a bond to form, but they cannot, despite their best efforts, turn a fling into a relationship.

If he feels pressured to forge an intimate bond, then he may dig in his heels and shake his head. It may seem childish, but think about the last time a guy tried to seduce you almost before he knew your name. Gross! Sleazy, right? No one likes to feel pressured in matters of love!

So take your time, and put some brakes on the sexual flirtation. If a relationship becomes completely about sex, then it has no room to grow an emotional connection. So make some space for something more, but let him decide to fill it. Be like the cat in Homeward Bound. You know you want it, but say that you don’t (I don’t mean that literally – don’t lie to him).

Are you dishonest for toning down your emotional needs? No, you’re just being smart about achieving what you want. And besides, who would you be tricking? Once he starts to want the same thing as you do, then everyone walks home happy in the end.

One thing that may help will be to view your budding relationship like a love story (Think When Harry Met Sally, not Serendipity). You have the chance to observe a beautiful thing begin to grow. As a viewer, you may be on the edge of your seat screaming for the couple to realize they love each other, but you wouldn’t fast forward to the end! It would ruin the experience.

Also, you cannot expect to change the way that a man falls in love. Even if you are the one for him and he for you, he will take time to form an intimate connection. If you look at the way that guys form relationships with each other, you will realize that this is true.

So even though your heart may be screaming for a deeper connection, take a step back and breathe. It takes time and space to turn a fling into a relationship.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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