The Importance of Saying I Love You and How to Do It

There’s no doubt about it, it’s always nice to hear those three little words “I love you.”  Sometimes when we are in a relationship for a long time we forget to say those words to our loved ones.  There is no doubt that saying “I love you” is important.  It makes you and your partner feel good and reaffirms that you have a positive relationship.  Sometimes people feel love and they want to say, “I love you,” but they are too scared. Even if your special someone hasn’t said it, take heart, they might feel it.  If you haven’t said it to your special someone, now is the time to start.  You don’t have to actually speak the words “I love you,” there are many ways that you can show it.

You Don’t Have to Say I Love You, You Can Show It

Maybe it’s not your first time saying I love you, but you want to express your love in a different way.  Maybe you’re not sure if your partner loves you, but you can look for clues that they actually do love you, even though they haven’t said it yet.  People often say I love you without using that phrase at all. Sometimes you can say “I love you” using different words.  For example, in “The Princess Bride,” the main character, Wesley, tells the other main character, Buttercup, “I love you,” by using a phrase other than I love you.  He says “As You Wish” every time Buttercup asks him to do something in place of I love you. He also does whatever Buttercup asks, which is another way of showing love.  You might be able to come up with your own phrase to express your love.  You might notice an endearing phrase your significant other uses to indicate their love.  Another way to show love is by complimenting your partner, and if you receive a lot of compliments from your partner you might start to get the inkling that they do love you.  Giving gifts is another way to say I love you, and so is spending a lot of time together.  Physical contact, giving hugs and kisses, is also a great way to make your partner feel that you love them or it lets you know your partner loves you because you can feel it in their touch.

Why Saying I Love You Now Is Important

If you haven’t said I love you, but you’re feeling it, now would be a better time to say it rather than later. Something may happen one day, (may it be forbidden), like the death of your loved one.  Or they might be deciding that since you’re not taking your relationship to the next level that they are going to break up with you. Maybe they are considering taking a job that will make them move, which they might have never considered if you had said or shown that you loved them already.  Fortunately, sometimes people do get around to saying I love you later rather than never.  In the case of “Fiddler on the Roof,” the main characters, Tyve and Golde, end up finally telling each other that they’re in love with each other after 25 years of being married and living together.  If you are someone who is wondering if your sweetheart loves you a good thing to do is ask.  In “Fiddler on the Roof” Tyve asks Golde and gets a positive response.  If you don’t get a positive response, and you think those three little words should be said, maybe it’s time to start rethinking your relationship.

Saying I love you is important.  There have been many movies about this subject, including “The Princess Bride” and “Fiddler On the Roof,” that demonstrates the importance of it.  If it can’t be said it can be shown.  Now is the perfect time to say or hear I love you.


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