Remembering Anniversaries

It is a common misconception that the man in the relationship is forgetful of anniversaries.  While many men might, woman can be forgetful too.  Some men are good at remembering things, but this is for the forgetful people: men and women.

Anniversaries to Remember

Of course, everyone has an anniversary of the day they met or decided to be in a relationship.  As time goes on, there may be other anniversaries to remember.  It is good to celebrate as many as there are, for love should be a celebration that never ends.  Other than the day you met, you can also celebrate the day you got engaged, the day you moved in together, and obviously, the day you got married.  If you lived with your lover before you got married that’s a total of 4 anniversaries, 3 if you started living with your significant other the day you got married.  So how do you remember these days?

Remembering the Day You Got Together

The day you meet you have little control over, since it often is by chance.  Even if it’s planned when you get together, you don’t want to place an arbitrary date for it, for it’s better to get involved with your loved one as soon as you can.  It is recommended that you text your intended the day you want to ask them to get in a relationship with you.  That way, you can look at your phone later and know the date.  You might lose your phone later, so you should mark the date down on a calendar as well.  If you don’t have a planning calendar, you should get one, especially since you might have a problem remembering things.  If you don’t manage to do these things, if you talk to your friends around the time you started a relationship, they might remember important dates that corresponds with their lives, making it easy for them to remember your important day for you later.

Remembering the Days You Have Control Over

The day you get engaged, the day you move in together, and the day you get married you do have more control over.  The easiest way to remember the date you chose, is to choose a date that corresponds with another important event.  Days like the first day of a season.  Solstice dates, the first day of winter and the first day of summer remain the same, June 21st and December 21st.  While the Spring and Fall Equinox dates change, they both start around the 21st so there are four 21st dates that you could chose to start your lives together.  My parents who are forgetful got married on June 21st, the Summer Solstice.  They also got engaged on March 21st, which is close to the Spring Equinox.  Purely by chance, but luckily for me, I also moved in with my boyfriend on March 21st, meaning I can easily remember that anniversary date.  I had no idea my parents got engaged on that same day, but it helps cement the date more in my mind.  You can also choose the day in the middle of the month, the 15th, to get together.  Me and my boyfriend don’t remember the actual day we met except that it was in October.  We decided to place the arbitrary date of October 15th, so we wouldn’t forget again.  The 13th of a month is also an easy day to remember. So is a day that corresponds with your birthday (though probably not the actual birthday).  There are many days to choose from to remember the most wonderful events in your relationship.

So to remember your anniversary, text the event to each other, write it down on a calendar, talk to your friends, and chose a date that corresponds to something else.  I don’t remember the day me and my boyfriend met, and we both lost our phones and texts to verify the date.  I did talk to my friend, and she had a court date around that time so I know we didn’t meet by the 15th of October, but that it’s pretty close.  Now you have some ideas to keep you from being forgetful.


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