How to Find a Relationship Online: For Free

You are tired of being single and decide that you are ready to put the time and effort into finding that special someone.  Your friends don’t really have any options available to you and you don’t want to go to a bar where you might find someone sleazy.  You decide that you might want to go online to find your perfect match.  You are low on money, so you’re not sure how much you are ready to pay for this.  There is a way to find a relationship online without spending any money at all.  So how do you do this?

First of all, avoid sites like and eHarmony.  Sure, they offer free features like viewing other people’s profiles, but then they rake in the money by requiring you to pay to do things like send a message to those people.  If you want to meet someone, you are going to want to be able to message them without spending a dime.  There are dating sites out there that allow you to do that.

What are some of these sites?  Some websites that have been successfully used were Datehookup, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid.  To find that special someone, sign up for multiple dating websites.  You can do a google search or a Facebook app search, but make sure you read the fine print on each site.  Is every feature they offer free of charge or do you have to pay to post messages, send pictures, etc.?  It is a lot of trial and error, but it can be and has been done.  You may not find any romantic interests on some of the websites you sign up for and you may find multiple people you are interested in on only one.  Ultimately, the more you put into this, the more results you will get.

That being said, you have to do more than just sign up for a site.  Two of the first steps are to fill out your profile and post a picture.  It may be scary to post a picture, but it must be done if you want to receive messages from interested people.  Unfortunately, we live in a vain society and we want to literally see what we are getting into.  You are probably going to want to see who you are talking to as well.  The profile can be tough to fill out too, especially since you may not know what to write.  For starters, write about your interests.  Something like your love for reading or a sport you like to play.  Try to avoid the generic things like “likes for long walks on the beach”.  If you can absolutely think of nothing else do use that, but try really hard to come up with something original.

So, you’ve posted your picture and you’ve filled out your profile. However, there is still more work to be done.  Most dating sites give you an option to chose what kind of relationship you are looking for.  Things like “Friends, Dating, or Long-term relationship”.  The one to choose is “Long-term relationship”. These are not sites that people frequent if you’re just looking for friends.  If you want to start out dating, that’s fine but the goal of a date is to find someone you are going to spend a lot of time with in the future so that ends up being a “long-term relationship” anyway.  The next thing to do is contact those people you are interested in.  You do not have to give them an actual message, but you can send them an emoji like a wink.  Then they might message you.  To meet more people, you may want to take some of the personality tests your favorite website offers.

Once you get a message you want to make sure that person is right for you before you meet them.  Don’t give out your number and rush out to see this person right away.  First message back and forth on your chosen site, then give out your phone number, then agree to meet after a few conversations.  You’ll really get to know someone that way and be able to avoid the creeps that are out there.  It’s a lot of work, but the reward is worth it in the end.  These steps have been used to find a lasting and loving relationship.  I used them and am in an amazing relationship that has lasted over five years.  Now it’s up to you!

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