Hayliee Marie back again???

Snoqualime, WA


We thought we’d seen the last of her, but is Twin Peaks’ missing teen back safely? Believe it or not, but Hayliee was recently reported to be back at Twin Peaks Cafe, and looking a lot better than before.

Hayliee was last spotted going into a drug and alcohol assessment clinic in Issaquah last december. So what was really going on? According to her friends, she had been seriously going down hill for quite some time, but had recently started to turn things around. However, about a week or so later, she went AWOL.

After a breif interview with the family of her boyfriend, we were told that she had been sent to a residential treatment center in Utah. Illegally, might I add. But is now back and is permanently residing in town with her boyfriend.

All in all, things are looking up for her. Things aren’t so serious after all.


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