Are Rebound Relationships Destined For Failure?

For some reason or another, rebound relationships are frowned upon. People think that once you hook up after a breakup, it’s poor form, since you should be mourning.

A rebound relationship is basically defined as getting into a relationship with someone right after you or they have broken up. These occur very frequently because right after a breakup, people are in their most emotional and vulnerable states. These relationships satisfy the human need of love and feeling wanted from a person who didn’t pay attention to you. Naturally, it wouldn’t happen you were with was right for you.

You never know with love. The person who takes you back and dumps you again could be the person who you end up with for the rest of your life. It could be someone else. Keeping an open mind with rebounds and with ex’s is the key staying resilient in such a turbulent emotional climate.

Reasons for relationship breakup are a dime a dozen. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just because people cheat on each other. That’s the end result. The break up happens far earlier, when people drift apart or get bored of their current relationship. This is why most people actually break up in the first place.

It’s all about how much chemistry people have together, after the initial dating period. We’re talking for 2, 3 years after people have broken up. Yes, the honeymoon period is one of the best times in a relationship, but for many people, this is all they live for in a relationship. Long-term relationships aren’t part of their dictionary.

People who are newly single tend to be quite protective of their past, especially if it is “fresh”. If you are with someone who is fresh onto the dating scene after having been single for a long period of time, don’t push them into telling you why they became single. It’s not a good way to start a new relationship.

Us guys can tend to be a bit tight-lipped when it comes to speaking up about our past, and for good reason. To reflect and feel emotion in general is generally frowned upon amongst us; can you blame us for sacrificing sensitivity for masculinity. Safe to say, we are with you in the first place because we’re into you. If we didn’t like you, you would know one way or another.

Doing something like asking to see a picture of an ex is not going to help a new relationship grow. It just shows that you’re insecure and want to assert to yourself that you’re better than the ex. The focus should be on discovering more about your partner, yes, but leave these sorts of questions til later in the relationship.

You are going to have friends who are really nosy and will want to know more about your new partner. If you want to keep your new mysterious partner out of prying eyes for a while, just keep your relationship under the radar until you feel that you know more about him or her so that you know what you can and can’t tell about them.

You don’t have to hurt more people in order to get your ex back. Your reason for being in a relationship fresh off the rebound shouldn’t be to make your partner jealous. He or she is probably pretty insecure as it is and anything as harsh as that is likely going to make him or her do something drastic. And what about the person with you? Don’t his or her feelings matter to you?

It’s not that rebound relationships are bad, it’s just that they’re not really that well understood. Only someone who’s just been broken up with knows just how it feels. It’s bound to happen and you never know. The person who’s been waiting for you all along might just be there at the right place at the right time to catch you.

Source by J. Keys

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