10 Lessons I Learned From My Heartbreak!

Heartbreaks are always painful. It is never easy to accept that someone you love doesn’t’ consider you worthy of his love. The unrequited love can make you feel lonely and emotionally vulnerable. It takes time to come to terms with this fact. You have to consolidate yourself and get back to life.

Being myself a victim of heartbreak, I understand the emotional weight it causes to you. But believe me, when you come out of it, you become a stronger and better human being. From my own experiences, here are some of the lessons I’ve learned from my heartbreak:

Time Is a Great Healer

I was heartbroken when my love was not requited. It was difficult for me to contain my feelings but then I got busy in life and everything was back to normal.

Humans have an innate strength to bounce back from emotional setbacks. God has given us the ability to forget the painful memories. Even the worst experiences of life fade away with time. So take it easy and let the time do its magic on you. You will be a different person after some time.

Let It Go

In my case, it was difficult for me to accept the rejection for the first few weeks. But then one day my best friend said something to me that changed my outlook towards life. He was in a relationship and was two-timing his girlfriend who was totally in love with him.

And then one day she found out the truth and left him forever. It is after she left my friend that he came to realize her feelings but it was too late to undo the damage. He hasn’t forgiven himself. His story gave me a reason to forget my pain. I was happy that the person who rejected my love was at least honest with me. He could have exploited my feelings but he chose not to. This very thought changed my feelings for that person.

It is important that we are honest in our relationship rather than keeping others in the dark about our true feelings. This is how I see life.

Sometimes We Are Not That Lucky

We are a slave of our destiny. No matter how much we want something, if it is not in our destiny then we can’t help but accept this bitter truth. I have my own view on this matter. To me, everything that happens in your life happens for a reason. When I was going through the emotional setback, this quote was my inspiration to motivate myself.

So rather than brooding over things that are not under your control, it is better to accept the reality of life and move on. You never know God has some better plans for you.

Love Is No Different Than Life

The story of love is very much similar to the story of life. Not all turns are easy. Not every moment is a happy moment. But when we don’t quit living in the face of adversary then why we should give up when it comes to love. One of my friends was heartbroken after the girl he loved told him that she is not interested in him.

However, he was not ready to quit so early. He kept trying again and again and finally, he managed to woo that girl. Always remember that persistence is the key to success. So what if that person didn’t reciprocate your feelings. You can try all over again and who knows you could melt the heart of your love.

Everyone Has a Freedom of Choice

Life is complex. We all have our own outlook towards life. The person you love has his own perception of life that can be totally different from how you see life. So if you love someone, it doesn’t mean that the person should also love you. There can be many reasons why your love is not interested in you. It could be your temperament, personality, or any other reason.

You need to understand that every person has the freedom of choice and he is free to choose the person he wants to love.

Heartbreak Makes You Stronger

Every pain in your life is a reason to make you a stronger person. It increases your resilience threshold and gives you the most valuable lessons of life. When you come out of it, you become a different person who is stronger and sturdy. You can channel this energy to make the best out of your life.

Don’t Take It Personally

When someone rejects you, it doesn’t make you any less of a human being. It is a personal choice. You need to take it like that. By thinking about it, again and again, you will only hurt yourself. While I understand that it is sometimes hard to get over that feeling, you have to force yourself out of this.

In my own heartbreak, it was difficult for me to get over that awful feeling of rejection. But then my friend (I’ve mentioned earlier) was a great support and one day I just snapped out of it. I told myself that the man is honest about her feelings and I must respect it. I consoled myself and then I moved on.

You Deserve Someone Better

Take it like that. If someone doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, it is his bad luck. Maybe that person is not good enough for someone like you. May he is too self-indulgent to know your feelings or maybe he is not a sensitive person. Do you want to love someone who is so self-centred and insensitive?

Life Has To Move On

This life is filled so many beautiful things that it doesn’t worth spoiling it in the memory of someone who doesn’t value your love. You can make a good life out of your career, family, and loved ones.

Besides, there are too many other matters in life that demand your attention. Your studies, your mamma, your dad, and your besties. Would you waste this life for someone who doesn’t exist in your life?

Animals Are the Best Solace

While I accepted the reality of my unrequited love, I had to struggle for some days to distract myself from the thought of rejection. And then I adopted a pet.

My cuddly Chihuahua became my solace during the blues after my breakup. I used to cuddle him and play with him to divert my attention and it made me feel better from the inside. Animals are cute and they have that innocence which makes them so lovable. In my case, my pet became the biggest distraction from my sadness.

Heartbreak can be painful. But life has to move on. Life is too beautiful to waste on a person who doesn’t exist in your life. Mentioned above are some of the lessons I learned from my heartbreak. Hope they inspired you enough to help you quickly come out of your ordeal.

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