Manhattan Skyline U Shape Building

A U shape Building may soon join the Manhattan skysline in an unconventional fashion. If this new proposition get accepted, it will be the longest building in the NYC, and the world as well. At 4,000 feet in total length, it would surpass the length of the Burj In Dubai. Granted the Burj is taller, but who cares. To Take a look at the pictures below and let us know what you think of this oddly shaped building that is looking to revolutionize Manhattan’s skyline.

Although It sort of looks like a magnet, when lit up the building will surely crank some necks looking to get a view of it.Man those are gonna be some beautiful views at the top of this tower. Wait how do you even get up there?Don’t worry we got you covered with this all important question on the twist for this Manhattan skyscraper.Curb appeal doesn’t scream wow factor but it is interesting seeing it just squeeze the existing buildings in between,

What do you guys think of this new Manhattan skyscraper? Let us know below

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