8 Hottest Real Estate Markets in the World

Real estate is a valuable commodity in every corner of the globe, and even more so in a few prosperous nations. Whether you’re planning a move or looking to invest in property overseas, there’s a good chance that one of these hotspots will help you reap the benefits of your most valuable asset.


If you can handle the cold weather in Northern Europe, Iceland is a great place to invest, particularly if you already have access to a large down payment. The past few years have seen home prices inflated by as much as 7 percent and the trend is expected to continue, which is more than enough reason to hop on a plane.


As a result of a decade of property price rises in India, renting is a common trend amongst residents, which could be great news for potential investors. According to a study by JLL India, the market is looking particularly promising for buyers looking to invest in office space. Indeed, India is seeing a rapidly evolving office sector which has been backed up by the introduction of new policies favoring strong commercial growth. This will present many an investor with golden opportunities in the coming years.

New York

For those who have an abundance of cash, the Big Apple is the place to go for promising real estate opportunities. As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, the property prices are high, but the returns might just be worth it. New York also offers stability and security to investors, meaning you can rest assured that your investment will be returned, and then some.


In case Sweden’s low crime rates and great education system aren’t enough to make you sign on the dotted line, it also offers plenty of untapped opportunity for forward-thinking investors. With almost two-thirds of Swedes living in a rented property, would-be landlords could have the world at their feet. As an added bonus, the vast majority of Swedish tenants have a sterling reputation for holding down employment and paying rent.


Getting your hands on a second mortgage is no easy feat in Switzerland, and this simple fact has led property owners to enhance their assets the only way they can – by building on what they already have. The homes may be beautiful, but that’s not the only drawcard for the Swiss property market. Its thriving leisure industry, comprised of hotels, restaurants, and retail, is a natural attractant for tourists, which means this market is likely to continue on its upward spiral in the near future.

Hong Kong

Some of the most significant property prices across the Asian continent can be found in Hong Kong. In fact, the recent growth has been so steep that some property prices have almost doubled over the past five years. Like New York investment opportunities, Hong Kong is not for the faint of heart or the empty of wallet – you’ll need some serious capital to break into a market like this, and you’re likely to find yourself in competition with buyers from mainland China, so tread carefully.


From Munich to Hamburg, several German cities have experienced rising property values over the past few years, with Berlin situated squarely at the top of the market. Properties in the capital rose in value by up to 20 percent just three years ago, and the residents are still riding the wave of wealth as it flows in from foreign investors. The best part is that property in Berlin is still considered far less expensive than the average dwelling in New York or London.


Whether you’re chasing a coastal resort in the city of Marbella or a highly prized spot in Barcelona, Spain is a great place to be when the tourists come. Depending on the funding at your disposal, you could opt for anything from luxury villas to small rentals, but you might find yourself fighting other would-be investors for the keys. Simply put, the property opportunities in Spain are no longer a well-kept secret.

New Zealand

The tiny island nation of Aotearoa has been largely undiscovered for years, but once the rest of the world gets wind of the pleasantly cool climate, political stability, and breath-taking views, it will be no longer. With something to offer tourists at any time of year, from the snow-covered ski slopes in winter to the vineyards and beaches in summer, New Zealand is prime real estate The value of property in New Zealand is already growing in leaps and bounds, with some residences seeing an increase of up to 50 percent in recent years.

No matter where you plan to invest, the property is a great way to build wealth and financial stability, but if the opportunity presents itself to purchase land in any of these spots, there couldn’t be a better time to take advantage.


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