Which of the 13 Reasons Why Hannah Killed Herself Are You?

Which of the 13 Reasons Why Hannah Killed Herself Are You?

13 Reasons Why is one of the most popular on series on Netflix. Although the show has received high acclaim, it has attracted significant controversy over its graphic depiction of suicide, rape, and other mature content.

Hannah leaves 13 recorded reasons; people she feels wronged her, why she took her life. These simple questions will reveal which character you are on the show and how your personality would have led to Hannah’s death.

  • Question of

    After a first date, do you

    • Call your friends and tell all
    • Do a Google search to possibly uncover some skeletons
    • Go through their Instagram page to see if you’re better looking than their ex’s.
  • Question of

    Do you flirt on social media with no intention of dating?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Which option would you choose?

    • Take a million dollars to never see a close friend again.
    • Do something illegal knowing that you wouldn’t get caught.
    • Take a $10,000 reward for providing information that led to an arrest even though the info was discovered by a friend.
  • Question of

    Somebody tells you a secret that you believe could hurt someone. Would you?

    • Ignore it – it may just be a rumor.
    • Tell the secret to everyone you know.
    • Capitalize on the secret for to make yourself look better.
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    You lost your temper and broke the mirror in the school bathroom. Security is on their way. Do you?

    • Stay and push blame on someone else.
    • Run and hope not to get caught.
  • Question of

    A friend confides to you that they’re gay. You and other suspected it all along. Do you?

    • Tell the others that they were right.
    • Pretend you never heard it.
    • Tell the person who he/she has the crush on to help them.
  • Question of

    A friend accidentally sends you a text bad-mouthing you. Would you?

    • Reply back with equally cruel word.
    • Take revenge for the hurtful words by forwarding to others an embarrassing pic of the sender. Karma’s a bitch!
    • Start defending yourself to others in case other people find out what the sender thinks.
    • Go through senders phone the next time you’re together to see what else they have said.
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    You read a disturbing article on social media. Do you?

    • Share it.
    • Who cares? Move on to the next post.
    • Get angry. Read and like the comments for 10 minutes but don’t share.
  • Question of

    Your best friend’s significantly other sends you an inappropriate message. Do you?

    • Ignore it.
    • Act on it. All is fair in love and war.
    • Tell other people but not your best friend.
  • Question of

    Your crush is going to the formal with your friend. Do you?

    • Secretly wish they have a miserable time.
    • Try to go with someone hotter to make them jealous.
    • Tell them why they’d be having a better time going with you and convince them to change their plans.
  • Question of

    Your friend drops a personal folded-note that says “confidential”. Do you?

    • Pick up and read.
    • Pick up and give it back to friend.
  • Question of

    You’re running for class president. Do you?

    • Dig up dirt on your opponent to bring them down.
    • Talk smack to start mudslinging.
    • Debate the issues and point out your partner’s shortcomings.
    • Stick to the issues even though it may cause you to lose.


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