Which NBA Finals Player Are You? | Quiz

The much-anticipated NBA Finals are finally here and since this is the third year in a row for Cleveland versus Golden State matchup, we’ve learned a lot about the personalities of the elite players. Of course the series showcases many popular stars, but each player has his own individual personality. Answer these questions below to see which NBA Finals player you match and make sure to share the results with your friends!

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    When you have a day off with nothing planned, do you?

    • Donate your time to a local charity
    • Stay home and do nothing
    • Practice playing an instrument
    • Do whatever your friends are doing
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    What’s your favorite type of music?

    • Classical/musical theater
    • Rock
    • Hip-hop
    • R&B
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    You’re going to a house party. Which party-goer are you?

    • Doing card tricks to a small crowd
    • The center of attention and talking to anyone who’ll listen
    • Wallflower
    • Tell that one funny joke you know to everyone
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    A director is casting for his commercial. You fit which role?

    • Goofy nice guy
    • Trusted side-kick
    • Flamboyant know-it-all
    • Charming lead role
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    When times get tough and someone confronts you about an issue, do you?

    • Belittle the person by showing your ego
    • Ask for their help
    • Cut the person off and say you don’t want to talk
    • Don’t show your mood and fake being happy
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    You’re getting intimate for the first time with your partner. Do you?

    • Make the first move
    • Wait and let them make the first move
    • Quickly go to the bar and take a shot to kill the nerves
    • Before it gets too intimate, check yourself in the mirror so that you look good
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    You score the go-ahead shot for your team with just a few seconds left. Do you?

    • Not celebrate and stay chill
    • Run to your teammates to celebrate
    • Start dancing to yourself showing your nice moves
    • Scream as loud as possible to show your emotions
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    What body features do you look for in a significant other?

    • The thicker the better
    • Tall blonde and blue eyes
    • Tan and brunette
    • Shorty with a bright smile
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    A homeless person asks you for money. Do you?

    • Give them $10
    • Ignore them and keep your money
    • Talk to them to find out what went wrong instead of giving money
    • Tell them a joke to lift their spirits instead of giving money
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    What is your basketball playing style?

    • Shooter from anywhere
    • Hustle every play
    • You got handles
    • Defense wins!


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