This Quiz Will Test Your Common Sense!

You may think you are smart, well this quiz will test your common sense and your smarts. Take our quiz to challenge yourself and see if you truly have common sense. After you are done please share your results with your friends so that they can take this quiz as well and test their own common sense. Are you the smartest out of all your friends?

Take the quiz, find out and then share.

  • Question of

    David is the father of Taylor, But Taylor is not the son of David. Why?

    • Who is Taylor
    • Taylor was adopted
    • Taylor is the daughter
  • Question of

    Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?

    • Impossible to know
    • Mount Everest
    • Mont Blanc
  • Question of

    What was the (American) President’s name in 1960?

    • Dwight Eishenhower
    • Donald Trump
    • No clue
  • Question of

    Why is it against the law for a man living in New York to be buried in New Jersey?

    • Because he is not a resident of that state
    • Because he isn’t dead
    • Because laws are dumb
  • Question of

    Kobe’s dad has 4 kids named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… What is the name of the fourth kid?

    • Potato
    • Thursday
    • Kobe
  • Question of

    If you only had one match and entered a dark room containing a lamp, a fireplace and a candle, what would you light first?

    • The Lamp, it lights up the most.
    • The candle because you can move around with it it
    • The fireplace because it lights up and heats the room up
    • The match
  • Question of

    If there are 8 bananas and you take away 3, How many do you have?

    • 5
    • 8
    • 3
  • Question of

    How many sides does a circle have?

    • 2, inside and outside
    • 1, its a circle
    • zero
  • Question of

    Harry is a butcher, he stands 6 ft tall, is 28 years old and has never skipped a meal. What does he weigh?

    • Impossible to know
    • A lot
    • 200 pounds
    • Meat
  • Question of

    If A plane Crashes on the border of France and Spain. Where do they bury the survivors?

    • Depends what country they are found
    • Home country
    • Can’t bury them, that would be murder


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