Answers These Questions to Find Out What You Value Most In Life

Answer these 6 questions and find out what matters most in life to you.

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    It’s Friday Night, What are you doing?

    • Watching a movie or playing games with family or friends
    • Getting a table at the club and party the night away
    • Working on my next project or researching new ideas.
    • At home rearranging or cleaning the house
    • Giving a helping hand to people or kids in need
    • With my book club or community group
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    You Have 10 Days Off, Where Do You Go?

    • Monaco
    • Fighting poverty in Africa
    • Take a trip with my loved ones
    • Go on a Mission trip
    • I don’t know, throw a dart at a map and just go with it
    • All-inclusive resort
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    You Are In A Group Project, What Role Do You Take?

    • Leader
    • Organizer
    • Peace Keeper
    • Researcher
    • Editor
    • Coordinator
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    Pick A Color

    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • White
    • Color
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    You Are New To A School Or Workplace, You?

    • Find it easy making friends
    • Focus on your task at hand
    • Freak out
    • Find a group of people that align with your values
    • Crack a joke
    • Let things come to you
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    Describe Your Optimal Posse?

    • Whoever is out partying with me
    • People that understand me and know the things i like
    • Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Zuckerberg
    • Doesn’t Matter, Everyone needs a friend
    • People that have similar core values
    • My Mother, and all my friends from kindergarden


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