Answer These ?s and We’ll Guess Your Summer Jam

 It’s the ultimate summer personality quiz! We have taken the top 10 hottest songs of this summer and created a personality quiz to see what’s your summer jam. Take our song quiz and find out and share the results with your friends!

  • Question of

    Where was your summer hang-out?

    • beach party
      Beach party
    • Playing outside
    • Da Club!
    • college-girls-on-campus
      Hanging with the boys/girls
  • Question of

    How’s it going with your SO this summer?

    • long distance relationship
      Long distance relationships suck!
    • Heartbreak hotel
    • Had a crush all summer long
    • summer love
      All is good!
  • Question of

    What genre of music have you listen to most?

    • Reggae/ska
    • Rock
    • Pop music
    • hip hop dancing
  • Question of

    What did you reflect on most this summer?

    • girl-thinking-web
      Life aspirations
    • college-stress
      Suffering from a loss
    • relationship bonding
      Totally consumed with someone/thing
    • The one that got away
  • Question of

    What type of clothes shopper are you?

    clothes shopping
    • Once I found something I like, I stop looking
    • No rush – I need my time!
    • Stay loyal to specific brands only
    • I am all over the place and no one can contain me
  • Question of

    What matters to you most?

    • man-student-money-finances
      Getting wealthy
    • Being there for friends/family when they need it
    • College Just Ahead
      Securing future plans
    • hurry-up-and-don-t-waste-time
      Not wasting time
  • Question of

    What are you looking forward to most for the rest of the summer?

    • friends together
      Final day together with friends
    • romantic date
      Romantic night out with SO
    • Dropping the hint to your crush
    • goodbye summer
      Ending the summer!
  • Question of

    Forget about 2017, if you were to pick an old-school music genre to listen to, which is best for you?

    old school music
    • 80’s music
    • Psychedelic/classic rock
    • Old school hip-hop
    • 90’s alternative/grunge


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