Answer These Q’s and We’ll Give You a Music Festival to Attend

The music festival season is well underway, including the popular Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this weekend in Tennessee. It lasts all summer and there are plenty of good ones left to attend, but most likely you’re going to have to travel. Based on your personality, we can tell you which music festival you need to attend. Answer these questions to find out!

  • Question of

    Do you listen to the same type of music as your parents?

    • Yes – they have great taste in music that lasts generations
    • No – I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to their music
    • Just a little influenced
    • Yes – a guilty pleasure of mine to understand their taste of music
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    Do you plan on attending your HS and/or college reunion?

    • Yes – 100%
    • No – 100%
    • Maybe – let’s see if I’m single at that time and I’ll go
    • Who knows – I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow
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    You need to escape for a couple hours, where do you go?

    • The woods
    • Wide open field/park
    • The Big City
    • The beach
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    You have a three-day weekend, what’s your plans?

    • Getting the hell outta dodge and traveling somewhere, anywhere
    • Vegas, baby, Vegas!!
    • Netflix and Chill – staying home in front of my big screen TV
    • Catching up on some R&R and playing some old-school music.
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    Are you a foodie (a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food )?

    • Yes – I always am trying something different
    • No – I stick to same stuff
    • Not quite foodie status but I’ll dabble
    • I don’t care what I eat. I’m lucky if I get 3 meals in a day
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    When cruising in your car, what’s your go-to driving music?

    • Heavy Metal
    • Alternative Rock
    • Hip-hop
    • Electronic Dance Music
  • Question of

    Have you used a Virtual Reality headset or device in the past 3 months?

    • Yes – I own a VR headset/device
    • Yes – I but don’t own any devices
    • No – not into that Tech stuff
    • No – but I think that stuff is cool
  • Question of

    How often do you pull an all-nighter (or pretty close to it)?

    • Regularly
    • Never
    • Whenever I need to (studying or partying!)
    • I don’t but it’s not a bad idea
  • Question of

    Do you stick to just one genre of music or have a variety?

    • Just one genre is all I need
    • No – I’m all over the place
    • Just a couple genres and I’m good
    • Occasionally I go away from my favorite genre, but not regularly
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    When you’re planning a getaway, do you usually?

    • Go to nearby big city
    • Go to further away big city
    • Middle of nowhere to unwind
    • Go far away as possible (in the country)


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