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    Which Type Of Halloween Creature Are You?

    We all know Halloween is getting close. The excitement builds up as each day nears to the day. Which means candy and costumes.Slap on a costume even if you’re 20 in college. Candy is candy! Want to know what type of creature you are? Then take this quiz to find out. More

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    Fake News Quiz – October

    Every Day we are Bombarded with FAKE NEWS stories making it near impossible to know whats real Anymore. Every week we will be posting a fake news quiz related to the week’s event to test your BS Meter. Are you Ready? Feel free to also try our last Fake News Quiz More

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    This Quiz Will Test Your Common Sense!

    You may think you are smart, well this quiz will test your common sense and your smarts. Take our quiz to challenge yourself and see if you truly have common sense. After you are done please share your results with your friends so that they can take this quiz as well and test their own […] More

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    Answer These ?s and We’ll Guess Your Summer Jam

     It’s the ultimate summer personality quiz! We have taken the top 10 hottest songs of this summer and created a personality quiz to see what’s your summer jam. Take our song quiz and find out and share the results with your friends! More

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    Which Silicon Valley Character Are You?

    Which Silicon Valley Character Are You? Silicon Valley is the hilarious hit show on HBO following the trials and tribulations of the tech start up Pied Piper in ruthless Silicon Valley.  There’s no doubt that the cast of charters make this show so special.  Created by Mike Judge (Yes, Beavis and Butt Head Mike Judge) […] More

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    Which of the 13 Reasons Why Hannah Killed Herself Are You?

    Which of the 13 Reasons Why Hannah Killed Herself Are You? 13 Reasons Why is one of the most popular on series on Netflix. Although the show has received high acclaim, it has attracted significant controversy over its graphic depiction of suicide, rape, and other mature content. Hannah leaves 13 recorded reasons; people she feels […] More

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    Answer These Q’s and We’ll Give You a Music Festival to Attend

    The music festival season is well underway, including the popular Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this weekend in Tennessee. It lasts all summer and there are plenty of good ones left to attend, but most likely you’re going to have to travel. Based on your personality, we can tell you which music festival you need […] More

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    Can You Ace This Geography Quiz?

    Can you ace this geography quiz? Are you a seasoned traveler and know your way around the globe or are you a world novice? We all love taking quizzes and sharing them with our friends, whether they test our smarts, our celebrity knowledge or just plain character quizzes, we all love taking them. More

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