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Hello and welcome to what is the first of a weekly round-up of different stories from around the web that are making the news. It’s new experiment and bound to change a lot as time goes on, so let’s see what happens. So let’s see what’s happening in the world!

In probably the biggest of the nation’s news, TMZ has the latest on former comedian Bill Cosby being found GUILTY of 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault in the long-brewing trial of the former comedian that covers many years worth of assault and being a sexual predator.

Bill Cosby Guilty of Sexual Assault, Lashes Out in Courtroom

Bill Cosby Guilty of Sexual Assault … Lashes Out in Courtroom 1:15 PM PT — Cosby’s been ordered to remain in his home until sentencing. 11:18 AM PT — Multiple people in the courtroom claim Cosby lashed out after prosecutors asked he be taken into custody immediately because he owns a private plane and could flee.

As a child of the 80s it’s sad to see this be the probably end for Cosby, but now that a court has found him guilty, hopefully, it will never happen again. No word yet on how much time he will be facing, but at his advanced age he may never see the end of this.


In another big headline (with lots of local ties to me) The search continues for John Williams, who is on the run for the killing of Corporal Eugene Cole, The first Maine State officer shot to death in 30 years. The FBI is now offering $20K reward for info leading to Williams Arrest.

Both The Bangor Daily News and local WCSH 6 are offering the latest on the manhunt.

MANHUNT OVER: ‘Somerset County can sleep well’ after John Williams is captured in Norridgewock

lass=”chapter-marker” data-title=”placeholder”> NORRIDGEWOCK (NEWS CENTER Maine) – The man accused of shooting and killing a Somerset County Sheriff’s deputy is set to make his first appearance in court Monday. 29-year-old John Williams was captured by police on Saturday, April 28, after a massive four-day manhunt.

What we know about the shooting death of Cpl. Eugene Cole and the manhunt for John D. Williams

John D. Williams, who allegedly shot and killed Somerset County Sheriff’s Deputy Cpl. Eugene Cole four days ago, was taken into custody without incident just before 1 p.m. Saturday. Many details remain unclear.. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries from the Bangor Daily News.

Real Scary Stuff as Maine doesn’t usually have many people with the FBI after then, but as I said earlier, they have a really good reason why. Here is hoping he is apprehended quickly!


NPR has stories up first about how Ford is dropping its cars (other than the Mustang) offered in the United States in favor of TRUCKS!

Ford To Phase Out ‘Traditional Ford Sedans’ Such As Fusion And Taurus In The U.S.

Ford Motor Co. reported a $1.7 billion profit for the first quarter of 2018, but the company says it’s planning big changes – such as phasing out all cars except for the Mustang and a crossover vehicle in the North American market, so it can focus on SUVs and trucks.

A Risky move and in my opinion one that will not last. I give it a year Tops before Ford brings back more traditional cars into the lineup. I just don’t think Trucks are the answer for Ford to carry an entire country like this, let alone America.

NPR also about Ronny Jackson and he pulling out of being the nomination for the head of Veterans Affairs.

Ronny Jackson Withdraws As VA Nominee

Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s embattled nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, has withdrawn from consideration for the post amid allegations he had fostered a hostile work environment and behaved improperly while serving as the top doctor leading the White House medical unit.

I do not want to get political here, but this is just the latest in a line up of position nominees who aren’t qualified to do what they are supposed to do. I’m sure someone will come along to take the position.


Buzzfeed has a story on how British MPS have called Facebook a “Morality Free Zone” and said it was like a “Vampire Squid”

British MPs Just Called Facebook A “Morality-Free Zone” And Likened It To A “Vampire Squid”

Facebook was called a “morality-free zone” and likened to a “vampire squid” as British MPs took turns to castigate a lone executive, who became the first manager from the social media giant to face public scrutiny in the United Kingdom over the worldwide data scandal.

Facebook may not be the perfect zone, but I’d rather be in a “morality Free zone” as judged by a British MP than having a Russian spy spreading my every word. Not like there is a bunch of stuff on my Facebook anyway.


Another story from Buzzfeed says that Chipotle won’t be offering up breakfast anytime soon.

Chipotle Won’t Be Serving Breakfast Anytime Soon

Chipotle, having stabilized sales following a disastrous turn in 2016, is gearing up for its next chapter under the leadership of new CEO Brian Niccol, previously chief executive at Taco Bell. His immediate mission: to “remind people why they love Chipotle.”

Honestly, I don’t go to Chipotle, let alone be up that early in time for Breakfast most days. It seems more like the issue they have are with the lunch and dinner crowds anyway.

Alton Brown offers his thoughts on HOT foods on “Hot Ones” by “First we Feast” on Youtube.

Alton is a really smart guy and wonderful host, so his thought’s on the hottest of foods is an amazing watch! I’ve never seen this show before and it seems they got many more episodes. This new “shows also has a lot of other guests like Sasha BanksGabriel IglesiasAndrew W. K, amongst a whole host of others.

Soranews 24 has a report on another one of their local Japan finds with a restaurant that offers up All You can eat Sushi and Sake for those traveling around the Tokyo Area

Tokyo restaurant has all-you-can-drink sake and all-you-can-eat sushi, and all of our love

Located not far from the Tokyo Skytree, this might just be our favorite place on Earth. Though the process for making sake is actually closer to the one for beer, it’s often referred to as “rice wine,” It’s actually not an unfair description, since like wine made from grapes, sake is generally non-carbonated, has an alcohol content of about 14 percent, as is best when paired with food.

Soranews always seems to find the best deals for food like this and always got e both hungry and ready to go!


The boys over at Cultaholic have had a lot of news items come up as we get closer to the WWE’s “Greatest Royal Rumble” even in Saudi Arabia where the WWE is bringing a lot of past stars to take part in the big show that will be seen on Friday both on the WWE Network and even Traditional PPV:

And there is also the  ESPN and NFL covering the Ongoing NFL Draft.

NFL Draft 2018 Live Coverage – ESPN Draftcast

Follow the 2018 NFL Draft live with Draftcast on ESPN

NFL Draft Tracker – Picks

NFL Draft picks live by round. Includes expert pick-by-pick analysis and video coverage.

That’s all for now! See you next time!


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