Kylie Jenner and that Forbes Cover

Don’t get mad over it

It’s the kind of news that gets around on news sites and other places. The news was the Kylie Jenner is on the cover for Forbes Magazine and is labeled a “Self Made” Millionaires while she isn’t far off from reaching her first billion dollars

Anyone even read magazines nowadays?
Kylie Jenner

The reaction hasn’t been that great either. But you know what? It is not something you should not get upset or mad about. Chances are it has no effect on your life and bigger chances that this is way more show then anything you readers have to worry about.

The first thing to remember is that the list is no way a life instruction or telling you how to live. Do want you got to do to make your own way and earn your own money. Most likely you are not in the same conditions in life that she has ever been in. Make your own way. Sure you may not be rolling in it at her age, but so what? Don’t compare yourself to that and make yourself feel bad.

And that gets to another point. Look at what she is coming from. The idea that all that money was “self-made” is doubtable. She is not from a family known for its business dealings but known more for being famous with not actually doing anything. Her sister got famous for a porn video that made her known, other than her late Simpson Lawyering father: Her mother is known for being the one making her kids famous through PR more than anything. What is actually “self-made” in any of that money she probably doesn’t even know.

And look at the source itself. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with Forbes, but they are trying to get numbers, readership, and getting people to pay attention to what they are doing and give them press and money, much like Jenner herself. If they put a name or a person to the cover that list and no one knows who it was, there isn’t going to be all that talk for what they want you to buy. Money out of their pocket. The name appeals to a bunch of people, people you will get web hits and sells magazines. That probably has more to do with this news than anything she actually did.

not saying anything
Kylie Jenner

If this kind of news still gets you riled. You shouldn’t. It’s famous people getting press and a magazine looking for a name to sell copy. Don’t take it too seriously. I remember way back when people were saying the Olson twins were worth a ton of money and it was self-made. The problem was they were toddlers and Full House had just ended. They were little kids selling direct to video “movies” and a lot of people were claiming that they were self-made millionaires for it. The story sounded fishy then, and I was a 10 year old at the time. I don’t know the details, but I’m guessing it was just a lot of people making money off their names more than anything they actually did.

Someone paid money for this back in the day

So at the end of the day, it’s not the kind of news that should put a rain cloud over your head. It’s just a famous name being famous and a famous name selling something with a famous face to crow about. They both probably have a lot of copy sent out to all kinds of news organizations to bring attention that this famous person is on the list and I’m guessing there is a great story about “how they got there” that probably reads well, but who knows how true any of it actually is.

But most of all. You will keep going. Live your life. Find your own happiness, and next year someone else will be banded around.

The dude is loaded


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