Welcome to It’s Nacho!!

We are so happy to be adding you to our growing family of users. Our goal here is to build a community and bring together like-minded individuals from all corners of the world that share similar interest. Every interaction you do on our site will add up in terms of value in different ways. Every posts will resonate with you one way or another, some posts will make you laugh, upset, think. You will also have a chance to correspond with other content creators and/or content absorbers. On top of this, everything you do results in you getting points and every point is valuable in it’s own way. These points will help you rank up in this community, and give you that street cred, but at the same time, also can be used to redeem extra content only available to certain members. Not to mention being used on certain awesome products, as well as monthly scholarship money drawings. Did we mention this is FREE?

How does the point system work?

Like we stated above, everything you do on the website attributes points. The more you interact with the site and others, the better! We also check for valued members and content and spam interactions get flagged and ultimately deleted. Awesome interactions and content also get a boost in points and get you ranked up faster. Below you will see how you can rack up points:


Action Points Maximum Actions
Register 300 Once
Site Visit 2 1/Day
Viewing Content 2 50/Day
Viewing Videos 2 50/Day
Log in 1 1/Day
Publishing Content 5 5/Day
Deleted Content -10 5/Day
Comment 1 10/Day
Spam Comments -2 10/Day
Clicking On Links 1 5/Day
Referring Visitor 2 10/Day
Referral Sign Up 10 10/Day
Share Content 1 5/Day
New Topic 2 5/Day
Delete Topic 1 5/Day
Add Topic To Favorite 1 5/Day
Forum Reply 2 10/Day
Deleted Reply -2 10/Day
Avatar Upload 1 1/Month
Profile Cover Upload 1 1/Month
Group Creation 2 1/Day
Group Deletion -2 1/Day
Joining Group 2 5/Day
Leaving Group -2 5/Day
Group Comment 1 20/Day
Product Reviews 2 20/Day
New Friendship 0.5 20/Day
Ending Friendship -0.5 20/Day