15 Stunning Photos That Will Hit You in the Feels

Some of these will give you goosebumps

We go about our day usually carefree, yet bothered by small nuances in our life. These stunning photos will seriously give you a roller coaster of emotions. From love, heartbreak, awe, anxiety, and sheer power, these photos hit every emotional feeling in your body.

This young girl holding a dead rat.

A man holding his baby saved from the rubble caused by an air strike in Aleppo.

This skyline after Chile’s Puyehue volcano erupts.

This father at the name of his son on the 9/11 Memorial.

This couple found in the rubble of a collapsed factory in an embrace.

This wounded Syrian girl wandering.

This Sudan People’s Liberation Army soldier on the eve of South Sudan’s independence from Sudan.

This Brazilian Protester standing in front of gunfire.

This dog laying next to the grave of her owner who died in a land slide in Brazil.

This Boy carrying his dog through a flood.

This Surgeon after a 23-hour long successful heart transplant. You can see his assistant sleeping in the corner.

This woman laying in front of the grave of her brother, who served for the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This baby being passed through a barbed wire fence at a camp for refugees of the Kosovo War.

These North Korean and South Korean brothers saying good bye after Inter-Korean temporary family reunions.

The Boston Marathon Bombing.

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