How to Keep Your Children Occupied

Parents are busy.  They must make sure to keep tabs on their children at all times.  When the children are babies there is constant monitoring to make sure the child is not hungry, doesn’t have a dirty diaper, and is getting adequate sleep; among many other things.  As the child grows older some of the priorities change.  They still need to be fed and tabs should still be checked on their sleep, but they will have school assignments where they will need help and they will need to be driven to their various appointments.  Parents have work and their own appointments to attend to, and sometimes they can find nothing for their children to do while they are otherwise occupied.

Reading Is Always Recommended

Sometimes a parent needs to do work at home, go on the computer, or just take a moment to themselves.  When at home, it is not too difficult to come up with ways to occupy a child.  One of the greatest ideas out there is to keep your child occupied with a book.  If your child is a baby, they can still be entertained by books.  There are “Board Books” which are made of heavy cardboard, so they won’t be ripped, and they are easy to clean if they are spilled on.  There are pictures, so the baby doesn’t have to read words. Board Books can be found at a bookstore, Amazon, or at some libraries.  As a child gets older they can move to the more advanced paper books and read to themselves.  All books can be read at home or while traveling.  Reading all the time is not the most enjoyable activity for all children though.

Other Ways to Keep Busy at Home

Your child might be a builder or puzzle solver.  At home you can let a toddler stack cans from the cupboard.  Blocks are good for toddlers.  There are so many different forms of Legos that they are good for people of all ages.  There are large ones for the younger people/babies and advanced ones where an older child or teen can build something like a Death Star.  When you need to go on the computer or do a chore, set the building activity up before you are distracted.  Your child can start on the activity while you go do something else.

What to Do in a Car

Unfortunately, we can’t always be home.  The book option is great for traveling, but keep in mind there are more things to do.  There are car games like the alphabet game where you try to find every letter of the alphabet on signs.  This can be a competitive game with other people, or an individual can use it to challenge themselves.  There is the license plate game, where you try to find license plates from all 50 states.  These are good options for when you are chauffeuring your child.

When Waiting Away from Home

Often the children will have to wait when a parent is in a meeting away from home, but still must take their child with them.  For babies you can to try to get them to relax in a car seat and hand them finger toys.  Toddlers and kids of all ages can play games with their hands in which they position their fingers in weird ways.  As a parent you should teach your child finger games, like how to make a church and steeple or to make it look like one of their fingers are cut off. There is always thumb twiddling, but a variety of finger games are more fun.  Another way to keep a child busy while they wait is by giving them a ball.  If there are other people to play with, the child can toss a ball back and forth with the people.  For this activity the size of the ball doesn’t matter.  If the child is alone while they wait, a smaller Kush ball or ball that can fit in one hand is recommended so that they can toss it between their own hands, or squeeze and fiddle with it.

Parents get exhausted trying to figure everything out.  Sometimes a TV helps but having a variety of options is great to have.  Hopefully these ideas will help you get some work done or let you relax without having to worry about what your child is doing.

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