How to Have Patience with Your Children

Having kids can be exhausting.  Children often get on their parent’s nerves, this is normal.  Patience is a virtue that many people, especially parents, struggle with.  Practicing patience instead of anger is hard to do but in the end, it is very rewarding.  Here are some ideas to help you put patience into practice.

Realize You Are Not Alone

One of the first things to realize about your kids to keep patience, is to realize that many parents have a hard time dealing with problems that most children have, just like you.  Young children love to ask “why” about everything.  Realize that this is a way that they learn and remember that you once asked why about everything too.  Try to give an answer every time until you just don’t know how to answer anymore.  This will help your child be smarter which is something to be proud of.  Having pride makes it so you are not so annoyed or angry.  Another thing that most children do, is to ask for something repeatedly even when the answer is no. This gets annoying, but realize all parents go through this.

Many times parents suffer embarrassment in a grocery store because of a child having a tantrum.  You’ve probably seen it happen to strangers.  Try to have the compassion you had for strangers when it happened to them with your child too.  Often when a child gets older they tell you they hate you.  Keep your cool when this happens, it is not just you or your child.  Most parents are told the same thing.  You probably did these exact same things as a child too.  By realizing you are not the only one suffering from these commons problems you will feel less alone and find it easier to maintain patience.

Use Stress Management Techniques

Realization and compassion is not often enough though.  Kids can get into trouble and that is very trying. They lose their patience too.  Sometimes discipline for a child means making them count.  Counting with them is recommended because it is a great stress reliever.  Parents are often too busy to find ways to de-stress. Focusing on Breathing doesn’t take much time and you can have your child do this with you too.

Finding time to exercise is another stress management technique.  This is another thing you can do with your child to help them be healthy and for them to develop a calmer attitude after they are a little exhausted. Counting, breathing, and exercise are all things you can do with your child to better both of your moods.

Realizing parents have the same problems you do helps you keep patience.  Remembering times you have had compassion for other parents helps you not take things so hard.  Realizing you were once a kid too helps you have compassion for your child.  Having pride in you children helps throw impatience out the window.  Finally, practicing stress management exercises like counting, breathing, and exercise helps everyone calm down.  Following these suggestions will help you gain the virtue of patience.

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