How To Choose The Right Boarding School For Your Child

Select the ‘right’ boarding school

Finding the right school for your kid is a very important decision which will direct their lives in so many ways. It is stated in this post created by Super Baby Online that “The ambiance, environment, discipline, academic and extra-curricular exposure go a long way in making your child what they eventually become.” In order to make this quest successful, it is crucial to follow the steps described below.

Engage in a thorough research

The first step toward the perfect boarding school is creating a long list of potential places your kid wants to attend. In this phase, you don’t have to restrict yourself but feel free to let your imagination go wild. Take some time and look at every school’s website in detail.

Plenty of them will offer you a video tour, and you’ll be able to read a bunch of reviews written by students. Make sure to read Boarding School Review and Private School Review as well. Create a spreadsheet and save all URLs you’re interested in. After that, try to narrow down the list and stick with a maximum of 20 schools.

Continue with narrowing the list

This is the time when you and your child should sit down and discuss every single school you’ve put in the spreadsheet earlier. Your goal is to create a short list of 3-5 schools at the end of this step. You’ll do this by asking numerous questions.

You should find out if the school is coeducational or a single sex one. Your child should decide if they want to go to a big or a small school. After that, think about the special needs your kid might have, and see if they wish to go to a religious or a military school. Once you get all the answers, your list will narrow down and you’ll get a short version. In the end, find out if your kid is a good match for listed schools.

Organize a road trip

Visiting schools is a great way to see where your kid will spend future years, and a great time to ask everything you need to know. Before you engage in the road trip, make sure to schedule the interviews with schools’ representatives.

While talking with them, you’ll be able to learn about their school, teachers, conditions, and see if their school is the best match for your kid. Don’t forget to create a checklist where you can keep track of all data gathered during these visits.

Get ready for admissions testing

Keep in mind that you’re not the only one choosing the schools and that’s the reason why schools organize different kinds of tests before they enroll students. Majority of schools use the ISEE and/or SSAT, a couple of the most used standardized tests. A great thing with standardized tests is that if you practice long enough you won’t be in danger to fail them.

It is time to apply and pay

Once you’ve chosen a perfect boarding school, you can freely send the applications, and the best way to do it is via school’s website. After you’ve finished application process, you’ll need to pay the tuition. This amount may vary on numerous factors, and you should be well educated on this matter. If you can’t pay the full tuition, you should consider filing the financial aid request forms. A lot of schools offer great financial aid packages so this issue can be resolved in no time.


While looking for the right boarding school, make sure to talk a lot with your child and see what they really want and find out if they qualify. Try to avoid making this process about yourself, but keep your eyes and ears open when your kid has something to say. This good communication will make everybody happy and your kid will enter the grown-up life without any conflicts and frustrations.


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