How to Get the Best Music on a Budget

We all know how to get music for free.  Turn on your home or car stereo and listen to the FM/AM radio.  There are some obvious disadvantages to this method of listening to music though.  You get to choose the station you want but you don’t get to single out a song or artist.  Sometimes the DJ’s tell you what the song and artist are or just one or the other.  Most of the time you don’t even learn that much.  It is still a really good way to find popular new music.  When you want to listen to a song again and again however, it is best if you have a device that hooks up to the internet.

After you here a song on the radio that you love but have no information about it except the lyrics, you can find the title and artist on your own if you have an internet compatible device.  Do a search stating something like “lyrics ‘today is the greatest day ever’”. You will probably find a music video on YouTube.  YouTube is a great way to find videos you want to watch.  You may not want to spend hours staring at your screen like YouTube requires.  You just want to listen to a constant stream.  There are some great apps for that.

The best free app available is Spotify.  There are many ways that you can listen to music on Spotify. There is an option to pick songs individually, or the artist you like.  Spotify has “stations” you can listen to of your favorite genre of music; pop and rock for example.  Once you chose an artist or genre you can listen to music on random.  This is great to find new songs, and you will be able to write down those artists and songs you do like to find more from them.  If you like it to a song, you can save it to a play list to listen to later.

Spotify is a free app, or you can pay for a better service.  In order to listen to their service for fee, they have ads before the music starts and every 30 minutes.  Listening to adds is worth this free app.  You have to listen to commercials on the radio anyway, and you can hear a lot of tunes in 30 minutes. Paying for Spotify cuts the commercials.  Spotify has the best options for a free app. 

There is another app out there where you can listen to music: Pandora.  Pandora doesn’t give you as many options as Spotify, but you can still find the music that best fits you.  On Pandora, you listen to stations based on a song or artist.  Once you create the station, you have to listen to the songs that play randomly; they’re the music Pandora thinks your search is closet too.  You add a thumbs up to the songs you like and a thumbs down to the songs you don’t.  The advantages are that you can hear new music that you weren’t expecting and that it’s free; the disadvantage is that you can not pick out songs individually.  There are commercials here too, but they’re not much of a hinderance.  If you are specifically looking for something you haven’t heard before, Pandora’s free app is recommended.

There are more apps out there if you are willing to pay. If you are willing to pay, you can get I-tunes and download their songs and videos.  There are so many other options for free music that this is not recommended unless you have an IPod and want to listen to music or watch videos offline.  If you have an MP3 player you are able to listen to music offline for free.  You can do a search for what you want on YouTube and download the music directly from there.  Another way that requires you pay for music on and offline is Amazon Prime.  It’s a modest fee you pay once a year.  All year long you will have access to Prime Music which is a little better than Spotify.  It has all the options Spotify offers and you can download music to listen to offline.  There’s a feature where if you buy a physical CD, you can scan that CD and it will add all that music to Prime.  You do have to pay extra for really new songs, but you can just wait a bit and that song will be free.  For those who want to know the accurate lyrics of their songs, many of the songs come with lyrics if you push that option on the app.  If you have Prime and get free day shipping, you also get books and TV shows with the service as well as a place to store your features.  Many people don’t know about all the extra’s Prime offers, but now you do.

Ultimately if you want to get music on a budget and the radio is not good enough for you, use free apps.  YouTube, Spotify and Pandora are great ones.  If you already have Amazon Prime the music feature is included.  Continue to buy physical CD’s and add those artists and songs to your playlists to get recommended new music.  Enjoy!

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