Find the Major to Fulfill Your Musical Dreams

Don’t stop chasing your musical career

An education lays down the groundwork for your career. If you want to success in the music industry, start by building a formal education in music. Find certificate, associate, bachelor and Master’s programs that vary from one to six years of completion. The programs, along with the specific music courses, are offered at community colleges, music schools and universities. No matter what your musical goals are, there is a major that fits your future career.

Music Performance

Music performers are singers, producers and instrumentalists. They may record music, appear on theater shows, perform jingles or work as backup singers in concerts. Complete this degree to focus solely on performing music. An audition is usually required to get accepted into the program.

After two to four years in a Bachelor of Music program, receive a general degree or specialized degree in pop music, jazz or electronic production. If a degree is not required, there are online courses, such as TAFE music courses, that focus on music performance or production.


A Bachelor of Arts in Music provides you with a general college education that includes arts, mathematics, science and history. After the first two years, you start taking music courses in music theory, performance, composition, etc. The Bachelor of Science in Music helps people who want to become music publishers, software developers and manufacturers.

Music Production

Music producers must learn how to record, mix and create music from scratch. A Bachelor’s degree in electronic music production teaches students how to use synthesizers and software in combination with musical instruments. A degree in sound design allows you to learn the art of sound recording and production for music, TV and movies.

Music Composition

As a composer, you know how to perform an instrument and compose music for recording artists, TV shows or films. Complete a Bachelor of Music in music composition that teaches advanced music theory, arranging, orchestration, etc. There are Master of Music and Ph.D. or Doctor of Musical Arts programs available in composition.


Gain the skills to write lyrics for pop songs, commercial jingles or theater musicals. There are associate and Bachelor’s degrees in songwriting that include courses in music production or performance. To focus solely on writing, find creative writing courses and Bachelor’s degrees in English and creative writing.

Radio Hosting

Radio DJs can get a degree in general music, communications, contemporary music or sound design. At the basic level, they can start working with an associate degree in radio broadcasting. In general, DJs need good communication skills, knowledge in popular music and proficiency in the use of recording and mixing equipment.

Music Education

Music teachers are found in all types of schools from performing arts institutes to graduate schools. Their degree must include a specialization in education, such as a Bachelor’s or doctoral degree in music education. They are hired based on a combination of education and work experience.

Music Business

An associate or Bachelor’s degree in music business prepares graduates for careers in music management. Music managers control the finances and schedules of musicians, and tour managers specialize in touring activities. Other careers include booking agents, music publishers and concert promoters.

Music Therapy

Music therapists work with the mentally and/or physically disabled. A Bachelor’s or master’s degree in music therapy combines the fields of music, psychology, biology and general science. Many therapists earn work experience to become certified by the Certification Board for Music Therapists.


Musicologists study music in general and may specialize in music history. The general programs include a Bachelor or Master of Music degree with a concentration in musicology. Many musicologists work as educators and receive bachelor’s or master’s degrees in music education.


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