Are Watching Music Competition Shows Worth It?

For the past decade The USA has had a lot of competition shows on the air.  These are fun for a simple past time, and they are worth watching to find new or old talent.  When looking for music, there are three shows that are good for viewing.  They are “America’s Got Talent,” “The Voice,” and “American Idol”.

America’s Got Talent

It might be surprising to find “America’s Got Talent” on this list of musical shows, since it is actually a variety show.  Being a variety show though, there are many singers that compete.  Within the last few years the winners have been singers.  In 2016 the then twelve-year-old girl, Grace VanderWaal won the grand prize.  A million dollars and a show in Las Vegas.  She sings along to her ukulele when preforming.  The next year, in 2017 the then twelve-year-old girl Darci Lynne won the show doing a singing puppet ventriloquist act.  These girls may not be played over the radio, but if you are looking for a musical show to go to in Las Vegas, you might know just what kind of show to look for.  Going to concerts is a great way to celebrate music.

The Voice

The next show “The Voice” features vocalists trying to win it all by being coached by famous musical artists.  Not many of the contestants of the Voice have become that popular on the Billboard charts, but their coach counter parts are definitely worth looking into. They cover a variety of genres from country to rock to pop.  The country singer Blake Shelton has been coaching on “The Voice” for a while.  So has the famous rock/pop star Adam Levine, lead singer of “Maroon 5”.  Other coaches have included Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefanina, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Clarkson.  These people may not be the contestants, but they may be some of your favorites and by watching the show you will be able to learn about their personality’s and learn about their musical ideas.

American Idol

If you are looking for new music and hoping to find a fresh new artist, the program to watch is “American Idol”. “American Idol” also covers a variety of music genres, so you can find the music that suits you the most.  The judge Kelly Clarkson on “The Voice” which we mentioned before got her start on “American Idol”.  She was the winner in 2002 and has come out with multiple hit songs.  Many winners of “American Idol” have enjoyed much fame as well as some contestants who didn’t make it to first or even second place. The rocker, Chris Daughtery actually came in 4th place in 2006, but since then has enjoyed a lot of fame.  Many of his albums have been on the Billboards.  The country singer Carrie Underwood started on “American Idol” and she is another household name.  The list is extensive, so if you are looking for a new star come out, “American Idol” is the show to watch.

There are probably more Singing Competitions out there.  If you are wondering if they are worth it to watch, consider the benefits you get from the three listed here.  You might find a good concert to go to, learn more information about your current famous vocalist, or see a fresh new face.


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