“All I Want for Christmas is You” breaks a record

Get THIS song out of your head!

It’s that time of year where Christmas music is played repeatedly on every format, from bugging the crap out of retailers and customers, playing on music stations on TV, to playing on the radio. It is everywhere. One of those Christmas songs is Mariah Carey and her hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

The album

The song has been out since the mid 90’s and for better or worse people still remember it. The high register of Carey has been going for over 24 years and for some reason, the song broke the record on Monday for most download song on Spotify in one day. The song was downloaded 10.8 million times! That is a whole lot of downloads! The previous record holder was the late singer XXXTentacion. His song “SAD!” was downloaded 10.4 million times when he died in June.

Carey seemed to be surprised by this as she seemed shocked in a Twitter post about the news.

Wait… What?! 😳😳😳 https://t.co/C2zw3hGQeK— Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) December 25, 2018

Interestingly, the song also by becoming the highest rated Chrismas song on the Billboard Top 100 charts in 60 years!

Admit it

The song first was made in 1994 and has had an interesting story behind the scenes as Mariah Carrey and the co-writer of the song, Walter Afanasieff, haven’t spoken to each other for a number of years, supposedly sparked by Carrey’s divorce from her then-husband, Tommy Mottola, the former head of Sony Music. Afanasieff claims that because of an exclusivity deal in working for Mottola, he was not allowed to really contact her. 

Afanasieff claimed, “I was under an exclusive contract with him. So, she left the building — she wasn’t even on the label anymore — but I couldn’t go and work with her because he wouldn’t let me. So she found that to be a little bit of a slap in the face.”


Mariah Carey has also sung a version of the song in 2011 with Justin Beiber. However, it is the original version with Carey alone that is the real hitmaker. The song is certified as Platinum in numerous charts around the world. The song has also been covered many time including artists like Shania Twain, My Chemical Romance, Miley Cyrus, John Meyer, Lady Antebellum, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, and a whole lot more. Carrey released a children’s book based in the song in 2011 and a cartoon based off the song in 2017.

The song has also laid claim to the 11th best-selling single of all time for us that still chart physical copies of hits. It has earned her somewhere well over $60 million in royalties as of 2017, so I’m sure it is a lot more now.

The song makes the charts every Christmas time since it’s original release. In 2017 it peaked at number 9 on the Billboard charts and was then the first holiday song to enter Billboard’s top ten since the year 2000 and Kenny G’s version of “Auld Lang Syne.”

Mariah Carey

It has become an American institution and is played by just about everyone this time of year. It is a frequent hit on radio stations and played in Malls and other businesses during the Christmas time. It played during our Christmas activities as well were all under the tree. So have a little joy in your heart and play that song again.


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