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Victoria is a lifestyle writer with expertise in scribbling a lot of unnecessary words, walking a dog for miles and miles, getting bites from her pet squirrel and choosing tea for her next cup. You could at least say that she’s an avid tea-drinker.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your College Roommate

Picking out which college to attend is one of the more traumatizing decisions a high school graduate will face. That is, until you get to choosing your college roommate for the semester. That advanced math class you signed up for, a bit too enthusiastically in retrospect, might seem a bit challenging, but it’s nothing compared […] More

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Live a Healthier Life by Simplifying Your Diet

Student life can be so much stressful at times that you can even forget to eat or turn to the fast food solutions and frozen meals. Snacking on processed food full of saturated fats also doesn’t help, while cooking is something you see as difficult and demanding. After a while, you may notice you gain […] More

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The Student Ambience: Apartment Incorporated with Motivation

Let’s face it! When being a student, you spend most of your time in your apartment or dorm room whether you like to admit it or not. It’s not just a place where you can sleep and socialize, but most importantly, study as well. Since many experts claim that the student ambience could influence your […] More

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