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Family Too Close For Comfort? Ways To Avoid Those Situations.

There comes a time in your life where you feel like family is just so close. You love them, but you don't want to get that close. There are ways to avoid that awkward feeling though.

#1 - Music

Family can be really annoying or just over loving. But you can't take it and you don't want to explode on them. So just listen to some music. Its calming and relaxing and will keep you from exploding your emotions everywhere. Perfect at home getaway.

#2 - Nature Walk

This is another at home getaway. Nature walks can be so rewarding if you have them where you live. Not everyone has places to walk through in the woods. So take advantage of it while you got it. All you got to do is tell your family you're walking and leave. Simple as that. 

#3 - A Car

If you have a car or a truck, then you have the perfect way to avoid family members. Go for a drive. Get out of the house. You pay for the gas and insurance so you have a right to go out whenever you want.You can go anywhere you please and as long as you want. 

#4 - Move Out!

Yes, move out! If you are financially stable and have a car, then you should move out. Its freeing, really. You don't have to worry about waking someone up when get back late. You don't have to worry about going to the store for someone constantly. You will have your own rules. Stay up as late as you want and sleep as much as you want. 

Feel More Feminine. Tips For Trans Women

Sometimes, trans women are faced with appearing too male and this can a have a huge effect on their self esteem. Some of you probably can't start hormones yet because of various reasons. But there is ways to help you feel more comfortable in your skin until that happens. 

#1 - Hair

If you are a trans woman then hair can be your best friend. There is many options as to make it feel more feminine to you. You can grow it out long, which can be a slow process for some. But there is the option of a wig. You can choose from any type of wig that you feel like is more you. It has endless styles and colors to pick from. You can also color your hair. 

#2 - Nails

Painting your fingernails! You can express yourself through your nails. Its an awesome and creative way to feel more feminine. If you have girly hands then its just perfect. There are so many colors to use and to mix. Keep them filled and trimmed and your good to go. 

#3 - Accessories And Clothes

Accessories and clothes are the best way to feel feminine. Find a cute sweater, some jeans, and add a necklace or bracelet. Its a cute and simple fall look. There are all sorts of clothes out there for you. Find what you feel comfortable in and go with it. 

#4 - Makeup

Makeup will help you achieve the feminine look that you wish to have. Its very easy to look feminine with makeup. And it makes you feel beautiful, but not that you already are. Piece of advice, get waterproof makeup just in case you go partying. You'll thank me later. 

Got Razor Bumps On Legs? Try This Method

Ladies, we all shave our legs. Unless we're lazy and just let it be for like a couple of days. But when you do, you might get this thing called razor bumps. And they're so annoying and ugly. Then you just put on pants and forget they are there.

Well that's not fair. You want to show off those pretty legs of yours. But the razor bumps act like they're in control. There is a way though, that you can keep them from coming back after a shower.

Step 1: Use Cold Water To Rinse

After you shave your legs, it is best to rinse them off using cold water. The cold water will actually tighten your skin. You will notice your legs don't burn after you use cold water, whereas, hot or warm water will cause them to burn. Most of you like cold showers so this won't be a problem.

Step 2: Pat Your Legs Dry

Okay, after you rinsed your legs off and get out of the shower, you need to pat your legs dry. This will go hand in hand with the next step.

Step 3: Moisturizer

The last step is easy. Just apply lotion. When you pat your legs dry and then add lotion, there is still a little water on your skin and it blends with the lotion on your skin. Oh, and a tip, don't use scented or else your skin will burn. Use non scented lotion.

Horror And Thriller Movies To Watch This Halloween

When the air gets crisp and the leaves fall to the ground, you know its close to Halloween. And with Halloween comes great horror movies that will keep you up at night. Maybe you don't feel like going out for Halloween and would rather stay at home. If that's the case, go get some horror movies and have a marathon. There are some horror and thriller movies that are worth the watch on Halloween.

Number One - The Halloween Series

We all know Michael Myers. These are classic thrillers. They will have you on the edge of your feet. Have you yelling at the screen. And have you screaming for dear life. If you like killers that lurk in the dark then this is a great movie series to watch.

Number Two - Scream

This is another great series. It involves a young girl and her friends being terrorized by a mysterious killer. It's one of those, if I go this way I'm dead and if I go that way I'm still dead. There is a whole lot of mystery in this one. But it is worth the watch if you like mystery. 

Number Three - The Conjuring

A malevolent entity has made itself known in the Perron family's house. They then call on Ed and Lorraine Warren (paranormal investigators) to come help them rid their house of this entity. This movie is great if you love demons and spirits. It'll get your haunt on

Number Four - The Exorcist

 The exorcist movie is about a young girl named Regan who starts acting out of character, and begins to levitate and speak in tongue. Her mother thought it was something medical, but she was wrong. A priest comes and believes that she is possessed by the devil. This is another good movie about demons and spirits. 


5 Reasons Why Cats Are Great To Have

Cats are very mysterious in their own way. They love to chase butterflies and use the scratching posts. They can be great companions and here are five reasons why.

#1 - Bathe Themselves

Cats are so OCD about their fur. They will literally lick themselves all day just to get clean. They all bathe themselves so you don't have to lift a finger. 

#2 - No Rodents

They will chase away or eat any small creature resembling a mouse. You will never have to worry about mice or rats coming out of the wall or wherever and get away. Cats are super observant.

#3 - Unconditional Love

Cats can be very loving. They will rub against you letting you know that either they love you or they're just hungry. Giving you a head bud, meaning you are theirs. You can push them away and they'll just come right back.

#4 - Love To Play

Cats love to play with things that move. And they're so adorable to watch. Not all cats are active. Some of them get fat and lazy, but are still lovable. An active cat or kitten will have you playing all day long.

#5 - Protective 

Cats can become very territorial over their owner and home. They may be smaller than other animals, but if driven to, they will do whatever to keep you protected. Scratching, hissing, and biting to name a few.  

3 Things That Go Together To Make A Fall Outfit

Listen ladies, Fall is here and its time to bring out some really cute fall clothing. The weather is not too hot or too cold. It's a perfect mixture and so are these three things that can make a cute outfit to go with the weather.

#1 - Boots

Boots are a nice touch to a fall outfit. You can pick whatever color works best for you and they'll go great with mostly anything. If you're going to a fall festival on a farm, boots will be your best friend. And you'll look fabulous.

#2 - Jeans

Who doesn't love jeans? They're comfortable and show a little booty if they're skinny jeans. Jeans with tears in them can be a great asset to this outfit by showing a little skin, especially after shaving your legs.

#3 - Off The Shoulder Top

This is a great top to show off those shoulders. And it can also be freeing. You can choose from long sleeve or short sleeve so its the best of both worlds.

Also, fall is in the month of October. That means Halloween! So doll yourself up with some Halloween accessories. Maybe turn your fall outfit into a costume!

Do's And Dont's When Talking To A Transgender Person

 There's a right and a wrong way to communicate with a transgender person. Sometimes these situations can lead to hurtful words and make that trans person feel bad about themselves. If you are someone who doesn't know what to say or do then here's some Do's and Dont's for you to know.


1. Call them by their chosen name, not birth name.

2. Use the correct pronouns. Ex, Trans Man: he, him, his. Trans Woman: she, her, hers

3. A compliment. Be it their clothes, hair, shoes, or their personality.

4. Make them feel comfortable by considering them as the gender they appear and identify with.


1. Don't bring up their past as the gender they were before unless they say something or is okay with talking about it.

2. Don't point out their flaws. If they don't look entirely like the gender they identify with, then that's their business. They are comfortable with that look.

3. Don't make them feel unwanted.

4. Don't ask them what their gender is. If you are really unsure then ask them in a polite manner.

5 Tips For Staying Positive When Things Are Not Going As Planned

When things start to go wrong, you may likely start to think negatively about it. You begin to question everything you do. It's okay to question things, but if it makes you want to give up, then it must stop.

When positive energy is incorporated into your goal, beautiful things can happen. It's that potent. It has the power to change your life.

But if you allow negative energy in, then it will destroy all your hopes and dreams. That will result in making matters worse than they already are. So here are some tips on how to keep that positive energy flowing inside you when things don't go the way you expected.

1. Write your dreams and goals down on paper. Somewhere you won't forget that they are there. When things take a turn for the worse, just take out that paper and focus really hard on your goals. Visualize them in your head coming true. Feel all that positive energy surrounding you and embrace it.

2. Drive! Go for a drive to the store or through the backroads of your town. Driving gives you a chance to clear your head. It gives you time to think about everything and come up with a solution through being positive. Go by yourself or take a friend who is always positive. 

3. Go to the gym. When you find yourself getting frustrated and angry, then go work out. The gym is great for blowing off steam. If you're not one for gyms then go running. That's a great way to work out your frustration and get you thinking positive.

4. If you are a religious person, then pray. Prayer can be comforting to some. It's like having a friend by your side. A positive one at that. 

5. Surround yourself with positive people in your life. Supporting friends and family members can have a great impact on your positive energy. They will encourage you to follow your dreams and accomplish your goals. 

Being LGBTQ In Religious States

Being LGBTQ is hard in society, but we have come a long way for a lot of our rights, and acceptance has grown. But what about those that live in religious states? How do they handle being different in a place where that makes them feel like a threat.

Mississippi, Alabama and other southern states are the most religious in the U.S. This makes LGBTQ people at high risk for discrimination. Earlier this week a law was passed in Mississippi (HB 1523) to allow discrimination against LGBTQ people. With this law, religious people are allowed to refuse service, jobs, marriage licenses, and adoption to LGBTQ individuals.This is still worth fighting against.

You see, it won't be long until this law is passed in another state. Living in a place where you can't be yourself is devastating. Everyone deserves a chance to be who they truly are. Religion shouldn't have a place in saying so. Respecting other's beliefs is one thing but using it against another person is unmoral.

There are ways to fight things like this peacefully and with love. Embrace your differences and individuality. In the end, we win together.

Which Type Of Halloween Creature Are You?

We all know Halloween is getting close. The excitement builds up as each day nears to the day. Which means candy and costumes.Slap on a costume even if you're 20 in college. Candy is candy!

Want to know what type of creature you are? Then take this quiz to find out.