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Weekend Box Office Top 10 July 28- July 30

After an intense battle for No. 1, Warner Bros.’ Dunkirk gained yardage away from Sony Animation’s The Emoji Movie with the Christopher Nolan WWII epic taking the top spot with $28.1M after a $11.3M Saturday that was +41% over Friday. That number reps a -44% hold for Dunkirk in weekend two. Once again, never bet against Nolan. More

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20 Viral Videos of the Web That You Need to Experience!

YouTube has been around for a decade and there’s no shortage of viral video clips on the video-sharing website! Here’s our favorite 20 viral videos that you need to experience! #1 – Grape Lady Falls Go to 1:00 and enjoy! #2 – Star Wars Kid Walk the other way if you see this kid on […] More

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10 Stunning Photos of Riviera Maya, Mexico

Get your passport ready! I visited Riviera Maya, Mexico recently and found out why artists like Dave Matthews are returning to host destination concerts. The secret is now out for sure because every time I look on Facebook or Instagram, someone is posting from this beautiful part of the Yucatán Peninsula. Is it the turquoise […] More

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This Will Make You Wish You Lived in China

How many times have you said to yourself at work, “I could really use a quick nap to get me through the rest of the day?” Well, guess what? China has already beat us to that technology. For China’s sleep-deprived white-collar workers needing a place for a nap, a booming “sharing economy” offering a growing […] More

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13 Must-dos to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

While a lifetime bucket list is a good thing to have as well, a summer bucket list is a nice miniature version. Just knowing that you only have a few months to complete a ton of fun activities will give you the encouragement to actually do the list. Every time you have a free day, […] More

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Fake News or Real News? Can You Tell the Difference?

In the age of digital information overload, discerning whether information you read is fact-based or fake can be tricky. Don’t be that person that looks dumb for sharing fake news. Take the quiz below and see how good you are at spotting it. More

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