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10 Amazing Places to Visit Via Google Street View

Google Street View gives us all the opportunity to explore places we might never get to visit in real life. With nothing but a computer (or a mobile device) and an internet connection, you can go and have a look at some of the most amazing and remote places on Earth that are accessible via Google Street View.

Check out our top 10 below!

If Cats Ruled the World

Start your Monday off right with the funniest cat video you'll ever see!


If Cats Ruled the World has incredible shot sequences that will make you watch over and over again! Cats typing on a computer never gets old!! #MyCatFromHell


Looks Like You Need to Travel to Cuba Sooner Than You Thought

Just when you start planning a trip traveling to Cuba for a summer vacation, new presidential directives aim to bring in tougher policies toward Cuba. Not so fast my friend.

President Trump unveiled the directives Friday in Miami and ultimately giving the Treasury and Commerce departments 30 days to come up with a concrete plan.

Here's what you may have to look forward to:

— Tighter enforcement of rules requiring Americans to produce proof of valid travel to Cuba (such as receipts) under allowed categories.

— A reverting back to old policy of visits only being permitted with groups licensed by the Treasury Department.

— Americans who travel under permitted categories, such as education, will be subject to an audit by the Treasury Department.

— Commerce will be restricted with the business and commerce wing of Cuba's military.

— Will make it difficult for U.S. companies to expand their business in Cuba.

If you've been dying to visit Cuba, now may be your only chance do so without a hassle. Because hassle and stress are the last things you want to deal with when traveling outside the country!

New Mexican-U.S. Beer Mocks Trump as Frowning Mariachi

Mexican and U.S. brewers have reinvented U.S. President Donald Trump as a gun-slinging mariachi folk musician to promote a new beer celebrating cross-border cooperation.

The label of the new Amigous Cerveza craft beer, showing a frowning Trump in a sombrero, his trousers held up with a swastika belt buckle, mocks his divisive campaign rhetoric against Mexico and his pledge to build a border wall.

The rear label declares that the 71-year-old New Yorker belongs "in a mad house, not the White House."

"We knew that a Trump label was going to be controversial, but it's been selling extremely fast," said Luis Enrique de la Reguera, chief executive of brewery Casa Cervecera Cru Cru.

Launched in May, the beer that misspells "amigo" to poke fun at a bad American pronunciation of the Spanish word for friend, surprised its creators. The original batch of 1,200 bottles and 400 liters on tap sold out in the very first week.

A kind of New England Indian Pale with a dash of mango, the beer was dreamt up by Cru Cru, Mexican partner Error de Diciembre and Epic Brewing of the United States shortly before Trump's election victory on Nov. 8.

Trump sparked dismay in Mexico by saying the country was sending rapists and drug runners across the border, and angered business groups by threatening to tear up a joint trade deal.

Source - Reuters

Are We Finally Getting the Mayweather vs McGregor Fight??

The super-fight between undefeated boxing star Floyd Maybeather and UFC World Champion Conor McGregor is inching closer... or is it?

When & where is the fight?

We can assume that the fight will take place in Las Vegas and rumors suggest in late August, specifically August 26 because Mayweather Promotions have booked the MGM Grand for that night for an undisclosed ‘boxing event’. Mayweather’s promotional company has also booked out the venue for July 29, but that date is most likely being used for the Mikey Garcia-Adrien Broner fight.

Not so fast

Over the weekend, some news broke that an August date doesn't have a chance to be a realistic timetable for the fight. If they can't get a deal done for the date, it is believed the fight will be pushed back to November due to scheduling issues at the venue and the reluctance to "compete for mainstream sporting fans' interest against postseason baseball in October."

Mayweather has said he would return only to face McGregor in a fight that's expected to challenge many of Mayweather's financial and PPV records.

McGregor, who last fought for the UFC in November before taking a six-month break for the birth of his first child, recently applied for a boxing license in Nevada, though his application has not yet been completed.

Potential purse $$

The rumor is that the fight will have a 50-50 purse split. UFC President Dana White has said, depending on how much the fight sells and if it sells like it should, Floyd should make about $100 million and Conor should make $75 million.

The good news is that talks are reportedly progressing, just not at the speed we want. The bad news is that we still have no idea if this fight is actually going to happen.

Deja Vu? It’s 3-1 Warriors — Again

Going for perfection in the playoffs will have to wait for the Golden St. Warriors. Game 4 was their chance to end it early, to become the first team in league history to finish 16-0. But, just like last year, Golden State will go into Game 5 of the Finals in Oakland with a 3-1 lead. It may be highly unlikely that the Cavs will win the next three straight games to become the first NBA team to ever come back from a 0-3 deficit, but now it's a possibility.

The Cavs had to play their best game including breaking a NBA Finals records of three-pointers, and almost scored 140 points to beat Warriors. Home court advantage and pride finally came about for BelieveLand - you don't need a humiliating sweep and seeing the Warriors pop champagne bottles on their floor like they did back in 2015.

Now the stage is set for the Warriors to dismantle the Cavs on Monday while they celebrate a second championship in three seasons. But last year something crazy happened at this pivot point in the series. If it happens again - the Internet will explode like you've never seen before!!

Which of the 13 Reasons Why Hannah Killed Herself Are You?

Which of the 13 Reasons Why Hannah Killed Herself Are You?

13 Reasons Why is one of the most popular on series on Netflix. Although the show has received high acclaim, it has attracted significant controversy over its graphic depiction of suicide, rape, and other mature content.

Hannah leaves 13 recorded reasons; people she feels wronged her, why she took her life. These simple questions will reveal which character you are on the show and how your personality would have led to Hannah's death.

Answer These Q’s and We’ll Give You a Music Festival to Attend

The music festival season is well underway, including the popular Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this weekend in Tennessee. It lasts all summer and there are plenty of good ones left to attend, but most likely you're going to have to travel. Based on your personality, we can tell you which music festival you need to attend. Answer these questions to find out!