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Favorite Mods to Fallout 4

With E3 ending on a happy note, speculation begins now on WHEN is stuff coming out, instead if just What is coming out. As I covered before, the Bethesda massive hit game Fallout will be introducing it's successor Fallout 76 later this November. I am a huge Fallout fan going back to Fallout 3 and it's introduction of the currently mold us fans think of when you hear the name Fallout (If you were into 1 and 2, congrats for being awesome). It wasn't until later on that I learned that with Fallout games, you can download and install mods to make your game and the journey a whole lot more fun but in new ways. With the new game coming out and people already thinking about ways to personalize it, I look back fondly over the last game in the series, Fallout 4, and more specifically the mods I downloaded for it that ended up being incredible! So here is a look at some of the mods I had for my game that worked out so well.


Project Lunar

by StupidDunmer

This is an interesting one as it was a leftover over a mission-based mod that sent you to a moonbase! There wasn't a lot to it, mainly because it was abandoned before it was finished. But that is where other mods came in for me. While scrapping just about everything, I just created my own moonbase and had fun just building stuff without pesky mutants or enemies getting in the way. A fun and a great way to just build and not have to worry about things you normally would like defending your new creation or having it full of people you may or may not have wanted. Although not a fleshed out quest, it started as something else and became a creators paradise while bouncy around on the moon!


Woshin's Immersive Power Armor Garage

by Worsin

Being able to make your own paint designs on the power armor is pretty cool too. Especially when it beats the standard stuff included with the game. While this series of mods gave my system some fits, it still worked out really well in the paint labs. The mod puts in a whole slew of new paint jobs and color designs from Camo, Cyber, Chrome, Color combinations, and a whole lot more. Some of the extensions didn't come out so well as some wouldn't even load, but man the stuff that did is amazing!


Radio Mods

This is kind of a cheat and a catch-all. The radio running is a part of the Fallout experience and can break up some of the dead air when there is nobody around to shoot (or clunk on the head if you are into that style), but getting new music and voices on your radio made things all that much more fun and passed the time away as you are building your ungodly tall tower for no other reason than you just can. Everything from radio talk, new music, and even radio plays can be found and most of it will keep you entertained, no matter what you are doing.


Scrap Everything

by Shadowslasher 410

Oh yeah. This mod gets a lot of hype in the Fallout modding universe, and it deserves every bit of it. It is a mod that gives you the ability to scrap things far beyond what the game intended. Trash? No problem, Bodies? yup. Unwanted houses? All good. I literally cleaned out the home base settlement of EVERYTHING with this mod and little patience. If you can build there, you can scrap stuff too and clean up after yourself!

So while many of us wait for the new game to come out this winter, crack open the older game and just have fun!

The Weekly News Round Up!

It's Friday so that means another week of some of the top stories around the internet with The Nacho Weekly News Round up! We are in the middle of June now so the summer heat is getting to a lot of us, but at the same time you or anyone younger may be done for school for the summer, or even better graduating! Word of advice from someone who has been there (A while ago now) after school life is not an easy one or is it even close to what School or even College prepares you for. Life can be hard for some, but getting to that point IS a big step, so if you are graduating from High School or College, pat yourself on the back because you did awesomely!

One of the biggest stories in the last week has been the death of CNN host Anthony Bourdain. The traveling chef and host always did things his own way, even if he had some rough times in his past. Both at CNN or the Travel Channel have been running memorials for their fallen host and personality that did things his way. No matter which channel it was on, he will be missed, even if his work will live on. Gonna miss you and much respect!

A big story for the gamers out there is the big E3 conference that happened this week with all the big gaming companies announcing upcoming games and titles. We covered a little bit of it with a look at the next Fallout video game, but most expansive coverage can be found with our friends over on IGN. They have a round-up of the best from the convention and a lot more of what was shown off there. Gamers, the future is looking REALLY good. I am anxious to see what Fallout 76 has to offer!

The rules for Net Neutrality ended this week, which freaked a lot of people out, but in the days around this point, there hasn't been a huge amount of change. Forbes has a story on the change of things and how things aren't going to be instant. Who knows how this will really turn out.

Oddly enough, the same day the rules ended for Net Neutrality ended here in the states, Netflix went down and spooked a bunch of people here in the states. In my group, it was noticed but treated as a joke that the two were connected that closely. Geekwire has a look at the situation. I don't actually have a Netflix account, but many of those I talk to do. I figured it was just a service hiccup as usual.

Remember John Williams? The guy who accused of the first shooting death of a State Officer in the state of Maine in 30 years and lead to a Nationwide manhunt only to be caught not too far away? The jerk cleaned himself up and made his first appearance in court over the incident (thankfully with clothes on) and entered a "Not Guilty" plea. Portland Maine's own Channel 6 WCSH is carrying the story and the multiple stories surrounding the nightmarish incident.

In a story of changing laws, The age of consent laws in Japan has been changed with a March vote now going into effect. Soranews24 has the story on how there is going to be changes across the board as many parts of the law will now define the age of adulthood at age 18 instead of 20. The previous laws are over 100 years old now, and with younger people going out into the workforce and getting medical procedures done, it will make their lives hopefully easier.

In a sports story, the World Cup of Soccer has kicked off from another year. The World Cup is one of the biggest events in the world! With the coverage and the scale of the vent, even marginally soccer (or Footbol) fans will be paying attention for the next month. I'm kind of a tournament fan myself so I'll be keeping an eye on things, even if I'm not a huge soccer fan normally.

And with that, That is the Round Up for another week! Keep your eyes open and Keep reading!

What to do about the Washington Redskins?

It's a visible problem that plagues the NFL today. Sure there is protests, fan disinterest, and the looming XFL relaunch, but for a long time people have complained about the name and identity of Washington D.C.'s football team, the Washington Redskins.

You probably know what this is.
THAT logo.

The team has been around since the early 30's and has done its fair share of winning over the years. It has 2 NFL titles and 3 Superbowl wins to its credit. The Team itself is not the problem for the fans or the fans of the NFL over the years.

It's the name and the image that gets to people, and it's one that I think needs to change.

The image of the Indian chief used as the team's logo isn't exactly a friendly one, especially if you have Native American Ancestry. Even if you don't, it's not exactly a shining image to put onto a sports team. It reaks of the olden days when ANY league is sporting in the US named half their teams after Native Americans, tribes, warriors, and whatever. It's a sign on the times from a team name created in the 1930s. And the name. Redskins is not a great thing to call anybody, let alone a sports team that is worth a lot of money.

There has been an outcry for years about it, but there is still is, the Washington Redskins, with the same mascot, year in and year out. This isn't about the fans, this isn't about the players, but could something be done to change what the team's image has become?

The look as it is now
The Team helmet


The old standard

The first step that would probably have to happen is setting aside "tradition." The team is narrowing in on 100 years of play, and that is a lot of history to have behind you. But being historical does not mean that something has to last forever either. Old stories of how the team arrived at that name really don't mean anything to a lot of people, especially since they were formally The Boston Braves. They just kind of took the lateral with the name change there. It worked then, but as time goes on, it is looking more and more obsolete. History is one thing, but things do need to allowed to change.

The name probably will need to change. It does not matter where the team is located to change a name like that. To a lot of people whether they are familiar with the NFL or not, the name "Redskins" is just an old-time racial epitaph. Teams have changed names all the time over the course of Football history, but why does THIS one have to remain the same? There aren't that many people demanding the Decatur Staley's name be brought back. No one is saying the that Houston Texans be called the Oilers "for history sake" (and yes I know the Oilers became that Titans) but whenever the subject of a name change comes up, there are those who refused the idea because the name had been around since 1930's. Leave it up to fans and the people who live in D.C. (or wherever they end up going) to decide a proper new name for the team. Supposedly that is how many of the other teams have chosen their team names through history, why not go there and give something to connect the people to the team? Give them some ideas and let it go to town!

New Ownership may also be needed. It's been shown that the current ownership doesn't really care about what people say about the name or the image, as long as they get paid to run it. Maybe that is the problem as well. Sometimes a change of leadership is needed if the ones in charge don't want to do anything. Of course, nothing illegal is going on either. So, it would take a lot of money to get a true change of ownership involved.

it gonna happen

At the base of it though, is a change in the image. More than just a name, but that logo should probably be retired as well. Most school sports teams that have these kinds of names are changing there's, So are the Cleveland Indians. Why not one of the biggest in the nation? Money mostly. But when it affects your bottom line because you want to dig your heels in the sand, it's not really a hill to die on.

If this issue is to ever get solved, CHANGE is the biggest thing people need.

Maine to offer non-binary gender option on state licenses & IDs

It may not seem like something that a lot of people will talk about. It's not Earth-shattering and won't be breaking news on the news networks. Heck, it may not even get a mention. But a lot think this is a step in the right direction.

Maine ID
a SAMPLE of a Maine ID

The State of Maine recently started to make a change to driver's licenses and State IDs to have a mark that signifies Male, Female, or an X to say Non-binary. In other words, Maine residents do not have to be assigned a gender on legal identification anymore and can pick a third option, at least on their IDs.


Now, of course, there is more to this story, any change like that in state politics usually has one. The big picture is that Maine State IDs weren't worth much anymore because they did not follow the code of the Federal REAL ID act that makes state IDs and driver's licenses up to code for things that require government issues identification to acquire, most notably getting onto and Airplane and things like that, starting next year.


Now, the mark is not made mandatory on the card and is signified by a sticker saying "Gender has been changed to X -- non-binary.". While it's a start that the state at least recognizes that non-binary people exist, a sticker is not a permanent solution. Stickers wear off and fade. Nothing has been said about how to replace these stickers or anything like that yet. THAT will probably be dragged on while the old white guys from a previous generation trying to figure that out, only when they are pressed to do it. THAT is how Maine politics work.

I swear it's our current governer
Make your jokes now

But, at the same time, Rome wasn't built in a day either. I'm not going to write that I think a sticker will solve everything in the state. But if it gets you by and gets you on a plane or lets you do whatever you want to do requiring an ID to get it done, It's a step in the right direction, hopefully.


Maine is not the first to do such a thing either. Oregon and Washington D.C. offer non-gender assignments on their cards as well. So if anything does come up (and here's hoping it doesn't) us in Maine would not be alone in figuring out how to solve some problems and hope to find ways to fix them relatively quickly.

A start

It may not be the answer some are looking for, and I get that. A person's identity shouldn't be reduced to a sticker or a letter. People are much more than that. But, it will have to do for right now. Some people just aren't an M or an F, but something has to be put down on those little cards too. Most who see it won't remember much of it, the counters and admission lines people won't give a damn as long as it is not fake. I have been there, there are literally lessons you have to take to identify fake IDs. They will not let you sell anything unless you have passed that training.

Totally fake
Not real

As I said before, this is a start. Is it perfect? Probably not. There WILL be problems that come up, they always do. Someone always figures out how to cheat the system somehow. But as with most other things, Mainers will have to cross that bridge when we get to it. We aren't exactly a progressive state so things, unfortunately, are going to happen. Here is to hoping that enough people see what has been going on and progress can be made.

Is Fallout trying to squash creativity?

With the news that the next Fallout game on its way this November, it got me thinking. While what is included in the game is a highlight for many players, I get jazzed on what the players actually create for themselves. Be it new weapons, new characters, new ways those characters look, new questions, or whatever else, those creative enough to create these mods and those of us crazy enough to try to get them to work right and play them both get rounds of applause from me. Creativity is the spice of life!

The Pony Mod
Pony Mod!

And Bethesda, the makers of the Fallout games, doesn't exactly stifle creative energy from its fans and players, it seems like it is trying to squash our creativity, or at the very least take advantage of it.

The logo

It's was something I noticed with Fallout 4. Besides the customizing issues with the gamer types (I'm on Steam, but still heard of what happened), even stuff dealing with the pc players made me wonder. Remember that console players were having problems installing mods? Were the Sony issues with not being able to add mods ever even solved? On my end, we had the "creation club"an officially sanctioned way to get approved mods directly from Bethesda (so they said), but you have to actually pay money for them. I remember getting into some of that as a player who likes Mods (on the second time around at least) and seeing what this mess was turning into. I never even tried much after that, I'll stick with Nexus modifications thank you.

The NEW Game logo
Fallout 76

With Fallout 76, nothing super official has been leaked as of yet. Sure, there are E3 demos, but that isn't set in stone, and it's not like Bethesda promised us loads of stuff before and had it either so glitchy that no one cared, or that they twist their own words enough but still don't keep the player's interest. The game was announced the be multiplayer and online only, but how much of that would be true and how will that affect how modifications are made?

Striking a pose
Have fun in a group!

That last question is more for the tech-savvy people to figure out more than I could. There is the Nexus Mod Manager that does make things MUCH easier, but I remember installing these things into the game manually and praying that they worked all right. Even with the manager things didn't always work, but at least you could delete them a who lot easier.

Nexus Mod Manager
A BIG help!

Maybe I'm overthinking it too much. Mods have been made before for online games like this before and the world didn't end. Usually, when Gamers think of mods we think of what Sony and Microsoft DO to people who start modding their system or games in weird ways. Usually in Bans or some such. No one wants to get banned from Sony, Microsoft, or even Steam or Bethesda. So if Mods do happen for Fallout 76, creators and users may just have to get even more creative in how they are used. Not a huge deal when you consider the people behind the mods themselves are tinkering with computer files and coding, especially ones on an online "dedicated" server.

Her name is Misty
Yes, this is my character

To be honest, that might not be such a bad idea if you are on the player end of things. I don't know how many times I downloaded a mod just to find it didn't work or was in the wrong order. Then it's a ton of time moving stuff around or whatnot and not actually playing the game. Maybe this might cut some of it down. But at the same time, I don't want to eliminate it either. We will have to find out after November I guess and see where things go and what happens.

Could be worse!

Personally, I wouldn't mind a new Body Processor in a constructed settlement. Cleans the place up a bit and lets all us creative types have some fun!

This is a place I built!
Seriously, a processor for corpses

War may never change, but games and gamers sure do!

The New Fallout E3 Presentation

It's that time again as Early June brings us the E3 Electronics and gaming conference. And with E3 comes the presentations from developers all around the world of the new stuff they have to offer fans and show the public what they have in store for the coming year and beyond.

One of the big presentations held every year is Bethesda. The east coast game developers who have had a pretty good track record not only with these presentations but the titles they have under their belt are what brings fans to their screen every year to see the tradition of what they have to offer in the next year, and once again they did not disappoint with the highlight of the conference (at least to me and many others), Fallout.

Bethesda's presentation was held on a Sunday night. It was around 6:30 pm for the West coast crowd, but I'm on the east coast watching the presentation live on a gaming Twitch (She's a big Fallout fan too). There were the usual updates from their other games like Doom, Elder Scrolls, and some of the others, but we, and the crowd that was there live, were there for one thing. Company bigwig Todd Howard once again was in front of the audience to make the introductions himself. To the applause of the crowd and us at home watching, he finally got to the presentation which was more a series of videos showing off the newest offering to those of us wanting post-nuclear fallout in our adventures.

A lot of the early announcements were actually stuff we already knew from the release commercial that was shown weeks ago. The newest game was Fallout 76 and it took place EARLY in the game's story at the place where a lot of it got its start, West Virginia, 2076. The FIRST of the vault reveals into the new and irradiated world.

The next big announcement was that it was going to be online and group play of some sort of fashion. No details were really given other that you can find others and that the game would be easier in doing so. I don't know about the live crowd, but many of us located elsewhere were politely clapping at our screen and wondering how long it would take for this "New" online feature on dedicated servers to crash and ruin the whole thing.

But we aren't being jaded about this either. just cautious of the hype. This isn't the first Fallout game either.

Another aspect was the feature introduced in the last game, the building. Some people loved it, some hated it's very existence, but it will be there. Todd introed it by saying you could "build anything and move it anywhere" but I'm not sure how much of that is actually going to be new content or not. What is NEW and different, is now you have the option to actually NUKE settlements. One of the selling points of this presentation told of how you (and some friends) could get together to have launch codes and could NUKE and nearby settlement into ruin. A fun idea, but let's see how that comes out in practice and wait until the bugs start to appear first. We could end up dropping the bomb on Megaton again if things don't work right!

Part of that was also a showcase of many of those that will "stop by" these settlements you built too. Robots, Super Mutants, Raiders, Dragons, Giant mutant Sloths, and a bunch more that you'll have to try and kill with a revolver going backward and 60 miles an hour... while they are flying....and you are running out of ammo. Have fun with that and Welcome to Fallout!

But something else was introduced this time around too. You can take pictures! Snapshots of you, your friends, and your conquests can now be snapped and saved for posterity. Assuming this part actually works and isn't immediately bugged into next week, this could be a fun feature and at the very best we will have sites and forums filled with people taking pictures of themselves for everyone else to look at. I actually wouldn't mind bringing back my Fallout characters for a throwback if it meant getting some more pictures!

And Besides being "totally online" (we've heard that before too) the release date? November of THIS YEAR. Once again right before the Chrismas rush.


War Never Changes.

The Weekly News Round Up

Hello, once again readers! It's the end of another week so it's time for another Weekly Round Up of stories followed around the web. It's been another interesting week so let's take a look!

Here is a story from the J-list Blog (it can be an adult site, proceed with some caution) about how lanterns were made for the two characters from Pop Team Epic...and then summarily started a huge fire in the middle of a festival of lights. No one was hurt, but chalk that up to some terrible irony.

NFL player of note and infamy Colin Kaepernick is lawyering up. Surprised it has taken him this long. Poor Guy. But in his situation, do whatever you got to do and if it means getting the President to take the stand. Go for it!

In Football news of a different color, Former NFL Quarterback Oliver Luck has been named the new commissioner of Vince McMahon's XFL project that will supposedly take the field in 2020. I have nothing against Luck as this is the first time hearing about him, but honestly, I think the XFL relaunch is another sinking ship and another billionaire wasting their time and money in another scam. But whatever happens, his name is attached to it forever more

CNN has the latest on the death of fashion Designer Kate Spade. We covered it here too so her death is being noticed. Such a sad end to someone who was doing so well (on the outside apparently).

CNN also has the story of the woman who caught a Foul ball IN HER BEER. Arena beer isn't the best stuff in the world, but I think she deserves to chug away on that drink. Good catch!

This one is incredible. NPR has the story of how someone stole an armored vehicle off an army base and led police on a chase for 2 hours. I saw someone passing around a Tweet about it and wondering just what the heck is going on. Never thought the whole thing would go viral.

In more entertainment style news. The Hallmark Company has announced they will be releasing 34 Christmas movies this year. Yes, 34 of them. This year. Those movies never did anything for me, but SOMEONE has to be watching those right? I'd say it was a return on the investment but...

Soranews24 has a story on the soon to be released Japanese bottles of Coca-Cola Clear.  Yeah, I remember Pepsi Clear too. And to little surprise, it tastes just like nothing evidently. So...what's the point? Anywho it seems like it is being limited to Japanese shores instead of the United States, so it won't be my problem to try and understand!

TMZ  has a story about the death of the last surviving munchkin for the 1939 classic film "The Wizzard of Oz". Jerry Maren was 98 years old and a huge part of history. To you, salutes!

Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran has been getting a lot of hate online. I don't believe any of it is justified but the LA Times has an article about how people are coming to her defense. After what she and others have been through, it's good to report what is being done about it. So here is hoping for more and more prominent roles for here in the near future!

This is a late-breaking one, but the WWE has fired a Global Vice president over some posts his wife actually made that got some attention for being unTwitterlike. Guess the wife was using her twitter identity to say some things I am not going to repeat here. Not like the WWE itself is known for being all nice and friendly either.

AVClub has news on MIT Students are creating EVIL Artificial Intelligence. I'm pretty sure that is how Fallout 4 ended up, wasn't it? I'm gonna have to invest in a mini nuke and a large hammer made of rebar and cement aren't I?

A local show here in Maine of all places has a look at an older story they did on the Death of Bobby Kennedy on the 50th anniversary of his death after winning the California Primary. Even now that video is a hard to watch (You can find that on Youtube). Things may have been much different, but regardless, it deserves some mention on this anniversary.

And that brings up to the end of another Weekly News Round Up for this week. Once again, keep your eyes open and keep reading!

The Miss America Pageant is doing what?

It's a bit of news that crossed my way not too long ago. The Miss America pageant is ditching the swimsuit and evening gown competition portion of their programming. It's news that isn't entirely unexpected as it has been called for after years, if not decades. But at the same time, it is still surprising that they are actually going through with the idea.

The olden days

At the heart of it, no matter what they call it or what they WANT to turn it into, it's a beauty pageant. These women aren't up there to solve trigonometry or convince anybody they can sing or dance or anything like that. The "talent" portion of the show many times was looked at as kind of a joke. The prevailing opinion, whether true or not, was that these women got up there in a bathing suit or an evening gown, waved pretty, answered a few generic questions, and judges whittled it down until we had a winner for a year. Someone got a crown, a sash, and the Tv people got some old guy to sing to them in a video clip that would air forever and ever reminding you of that time someone you didn't know got an accolade that carries as much water as a brick of Swiss cheese.

And not the gas!

So what happened? A LOT OF THINGS!

Even as someone who isn't into these things at all, times are not only changing, but they changed a long time ago. One of the biggest reasons is TV ratings for any of these pageants was going down over the years. In the days when you only had 3 or 4 channels on TV and nothing else to do otherwise, these shows did well, but with more channels, more programming, cable, Sattelite, DVR, and the internet, Watching women parade around in swimsuits and evening gowns were falling by the wayside. You can get that stuff, and a lot more, just be a click of a mouse or a remote now. You just do not need four hours or more of that stuff anymore. People were on to other things.

It is a changing!

And speaking of people, their moods have changed too. These kinds of things just aren't looked at as much as they used to. This is not anything new either. On both sides of the gender gap, pageants just aren't as favorable anymore. Sure, sometimes it is called for by some crowds and appreciated, but in this Over the top style and broadcast on TV every so often? Not nearly as much. Most pageants themselves have been going to hard times.

Science is cool!

And so have a lot of the people who have been watching. The days of a little girl growing up to wanting to be a Beauty pageant winner or a princess isn't exactly the reality for a lot of the kids out there. They all have their own dreams and goals to live up to. Not some unobtainable goal that someone else dreamed up from a bygone era. There has to be some sense of reality into this, something relatable. Maybe those out there aren't finding this stuff relatable anymore.

Ripley's never gets old!

And there is also a lot of the outside stuff as well. Our President openly admitted to walking in on Contestants as they were being dressed. Even knowing what was going on at some of these gives me the shivers. I'd not want them up there either if I knew what kind of crap was going on.


Also, and quite a few places need this now, it needed freshening up. Update the image and get new people to take a look at things and give it something new. At the very least it is generating some buzz online and in the news, and after the horrible news and some of the horrible people that seemed to be involved with it, a change in an image may be the beginning of something new.


Probably still won't watch any of these "contests" but someone might, get a fresh image and maybe even do better. We will have to see.

Tragic Ballpark Incident leads to end of 1968 Murder Story

It is one of those news stories that just gets worse as you go along. It's one that just has no real happy endings and you are just amazed that something like this can happen.

It takes place in a small burg here in Maine called Sanford. Not one of the biggest towns you will ever see, not even here in Maine. But one of the things Sanford actually does have is a baseball field, more than one actually. Lot's of places have those, this one was in the middle of the local Park. Nothing of note would have happened until a 50 something-year-old woman DROVE her car onto the field and started tearing around the bases. All this while a youth Baseball game was taking place.

The front gate
The Sanford Ballpark

Yeah, it's as bad as you would think it is.

Too say utter chaos happened is beyond an understatement. While this wasn't a park jammed full of people, there were a lot of kids there and while the ones who were actually on the field ran for their lives, the ones in the stands were screaming and many of them will never be able to get that sight out of there heads for the rest of their lives.

And in the process, someone was killed.

The victim

Douglas Parkhurst, aged 68 was there and when this chaos broke out, and from what witnesses say, he was attempting to close the gate to the park when he was struck and ultimately killed. It was said that the woman was trying to flee and not get caught but that she was being stopped, in part by Parkhurst.

Not getting a name from me

The woman behind the wheel (who i am not going to name) of this was arrested. The game was being attended by a bunch of off-duty police officers and emergency medical personnel, so her being picked up was hopefully going to happen after doing something like this. She is being charged with Manslaughter and also being under the influence.

But here is the part of the story that no one had seen coming. In the days since this nightmare occurred, it turns out that Parkhurst had confessed to something HE may have done back in 1968.

Carolee and a murder finally solved

It seems the story had broke that the Vietnam war Vet and grandfather had confessed 5 years ago that he had struck and killed a young Carolee Ashby in a hit and run collision on Halloween Night of 1968.

Laid to rest

The case of Carolee had been reopened in 2013 after investigators in New York were looking into the unsolved murder. Parkhurst had actually been a suspect in the girl's murder with an examination of his then Buick at the time showing the damage, but police never followed up on it. When the case was reexamined, he confessed in a four-page report.

So why was he never brought in for anything?

The stature of limitations. The crime was over 40 years old and I guess something like that has its own limitations. He had left New York anyway and was living in Maine after his identity and the confession were revealed. He still confessed to hitting the girl, while drunk, and apologized for it.

That isn't going to being Carolee back, nor will it absolve him of taking her.

But I'm not the one who can really make that call either. It can be called cruel irony, payback, or him doing what he felt he had to do. But now he is gone too. The one who took him is sitting in jail somewhere and hopefully, she WILL face some repercussion for getting smashed and driving onto an active Baseball game. His death is bringing about a manslaughter charge in the incident, and I'm sure more will be coming.

So, I'm not sure this story has any true heroes from this point of view. The other police, emergency personnel, and everyone else who made sure this did not turn out and I thank them for all they did during the whole thing.

But this, I guess you can make up your own mind. No court date has been set, but more is to come whether we want it to or not

The Movie Announcement We all Saw Coming

It finally has come upon us. The secret movie that most people saw coming has released it's first movie poster. It's the Lego Movie 2. It's scheduled for release in 2/8/2019.

The second one
The NEXT Lego Movie

I know, not the biggest surprise you have been made aware of. Anyone even vaguely familiar with The Lego Movie knew a sequel was going to happen. I'm pretty sure Lego themselves even announced it was on its way. In this world now where franchises are the key to movies, it was just kind of assumed it was going to happen. And here we are.

A whole lot of Lego
We're Here

But, that doesn't mean it will be bad or not worth seeing.

It was!
Darn good movie

I actually got into The Lego Movie, even if I never saw it in theaters. I watched in on Cable Tv instead (I'm fairly sure it was on Cartoon Network when I saw it first). It had a decent storyline of taking the average guy and making him into something special. That is a good story with a lot of possibilities, and you know what? They took advantage of it and the world it took place in. If you don't have that it doesn't resonate. If it doesn't resonate, no one buys it and you make no money. Sure, it had the usual bells and whistles to help things along with a brand that most EVERYONE knows, celebs to provide the voices, and a kicking soundtrack (How many of us tried to scrub "Everything is Awesome" from our heads?).

Lego symbol
We all know it!

But at the base of it, you need good characters and a good plot, plus an easy way to explain it to people. It worked. Nearly $470 million dollars of reasons why that worked. It had that connection that most of us had, even if we didn't have a clue about any of the modern stuff. We KNEW about Lego, and it worked.

The Lego movie
That good of a time

I'll admit though, to me the film wasn't perfect. It was sold as THE LEGO MOVIE, but I didn't care for the live action stuff with the son sneaking into an overprotective Dad's Lego collection. It felt added on and more a distraction to me than the movie itself. I also am not a fan of Will Ferrall. I must be in the minority because the movie did incredible business.

Lots of money!

But it's time to do the next one.

Lego the movie
Don't get confused

I haven't heard any script ideas. But building off of the first movie should be the priority, but not reenacting it either. Retreading the story, especially one for a movie that did so well, will get you a one-way ticket into bankruptcy.

The Bomb

They shouldn't try to get too modern or "new" either. Go with what people know. Not what you want them to buy next. Transformers and He-man both tried that it didn't work. New things can be introduced, but you need to do it into THAT world. Into the fans world not your own. Not the other way around. That will get you into trouble.

Emmett was new!
New things can work

And related to that, it IS an established brand now. Even without the Batman and Ninjago related stuff, the name is an established brand. BUT it doesn't mean that the sequel can coast along and act like everyone knows everything that is going on. It's not a given that all those people who saw the first Lego Movie will be coming back. It's very possible, but it is not a given. Don't make it too complicated and then just throw your hands up and go "It's in the first movie" in trying to explain anything.

And as fans, especially those who are going to see this movie in theaters or however else you saw that movie the first time, don't expect things to be the same all around. By the time this movie sees theaters, it will have been 5 years since the original was released. Magic can't be replicated on the viewer side either. Make new experiences instead of trying to relive the old ones.

Have fun with it!

But most of all, Let's all have fun with it! Legos are meant to be FUN, and so should the movie. For everyone