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Fabulous Beach Vacations Appeal to the Whole Family

It’s time to plan the family vacation and you’re running into trouble again. Just once you’d like to find something that everyone will love, but you don’t think you can find it; after all, you have the twins who are six years old, a terminally bored teenager, and a preteen daughter whose idea of the […] More

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Seeing Europe on a European River Cruise

European river cruises give you the opportunity to see a country up close and meet its people. To truly experience a country you have to spend time there, but that often involves road time, and driving the roads of Europe can be anything but relaxing. European river cruises allow you to travel through France, Holland […] More

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Take a Trip Through Italy’s Wine Regions

Italy’s strong reputation for wine is well earned, as it produces and exports more wine than any other country in the world. Its climate, soil and very old traditions make Italy a natural wine-growing country. Italy also offers the greatest variety of wines, ranging through nearly every color, flavor and style of wine imaginable. Some […] More

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