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7 Unique Tricks To Achieve Better Success In Your Study Life

Areyou looking for useful study tips? Then, you are in the right place.As a student, you sit through the same classes with your colleagues,have the same study plans probably, but get different grades.

Wonderwhy? We all have different ways of grasping a content. What may workfor another may not be so for you. All in all, you still need to workon your college admission essay.Below are ways to better your study life:


Whenyou plan your activities, you may not have to waste time ponderingwhat to do next or forgetting to accomplish an important duty.Schedule time for extracurricular activities, studies, andpreparation for exams.

Havea timetable of what you will read and at what time. Purpose to stickto it. Set a timeline for when you want to have the final draft ofthe statement of purpose writing.


Maybeyour roommate loves to study while playing loud music. On the otherhand, you grasp material better, in silence. Well, you are you. Don’ttry to be someone else. Do what works for you.

Itis your success that will matter at the end. Not theirs. So, focus on yourself.

3.Knowyour learning style

Bynow, you most likely know you kind of ideal study technique. If not,then you have to explore the different methods and find out whatworks. Some people are visual learners. They enjoy learning byseeing.

Othersare auditory learners. They are better at reading out loud anddiscussing issues. What is it that you find as ideal for you?

4.Havea Routine

Youwill accomplish more by having a routine and sticking to it. Set atime every day possibly, when you go through your notes. Scheduletime to work on your assignments, etc. With a routine, you will haveenough time to do other things.

Rememberto know when you function best. If you are a morning persons, wake upearly to read your textbooks and more.

5.Startwith the most difficult subject

Whenone has a difficult task at hand, it is easy to push it for later.However, you should always start with the challenging issue when yourmind is still fresh, and willing to study. It will require most ofyour mental energy and effort.

Onceyou are done, it will be easy to continue with the less complicatedtasks. It will help you improve your academic performance, and youwon’t find a reason to put aside the problematic subjects.


Ifyou visit the study room of a student, especially during exam time,you may be in amazement at the clutter and disorganization in play.Disorganization only consumes the time you would have put to betteruse in studying. Teach yourself how to be organized.

Keeptrack of pending assignments and homework that you need to submit,the following day.

7.Findjoy in Studying

Yourinterest in a subject will make it easy to understand even thoseconcepts considered most difficult. Your passion will drive you towant to understand it. Find something that intrigues you in everysubject.

Itwill help you learn and understand quickly. With the right focus onyour studies, learning will become fun, so will the search for sopwriting services. It’s not about cramming but understanding.


Samestudents and subjects but different grades. With the right tips to incorporate into your studies, then your academicperformance will improve.

Your First Steps after Graduating College

Graduating college is such an exciting moment, but there is so much more to come after that moment is done. It is the time you are starting your career or going to university. Many college graduates are confused about what to do after college and it is completely understandable. There is so much advice on how to get into college, but not so much on the days, months and years after. You have so many options available to you that you might not have considered. Here is a list of some of the things you might want to get into after you graduate college.

Go to University

Of course, to the level headed person, the first step would be to go to University. You have your statement of purpose graduate school ready and the world is your oyster. Just remember that getting into University is not the same as getting into college. You might have to put in some more hard work, but nothing is ever impossible. Just make sure that you choose the right curse, because this is going to determine your future, more than anything else.

Do freelancing

After you finish college, you might want to take some time off to breathe. Many of us still need to make some money though and freelancing is a great choice. You still have your freedom, but you make an income to help you pay the rent. It really does not matter what you choose to freelance in, as long as there is some money coming in. You can look into becoming a nanny, dog walker, writer or graphic designer. If you have a passion for photography, ask your friends if you could shoot their weddings, birthdays or graduation picture. It is all about being creative and you do not have to know how to do a format statement of purpose for this job.

Pursue your passions

You know that a real job is waiting for you at the end of the line, but you do not have to face that reality just yet. After years of being a student, perhaps it is time to take care of yourself and pursue your passions. What is something you always wanted to do? Go and volunteer at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter, or take that writing course you always wanted to but never had the time for. Forget about the format statement of purpose for a while and do what you always dreamt of doing. IF that means traveling the world for one year, then do that.


There is no need to rush into a job after you finish college, which seems like the logical thing to do. If you can afford to, you should take this time to enjoy your freedom. There will be enough time to chase your career after this time is done, so for now, take a breather. If you cannot afford it financially, look into the freelancing options, which is what most people are striving for right now. You can also start an online business, which allows you to earn money and still have your freedom.

Are Universities Actually Secretly Sexist

We would all like to believe that in this day and age, gender equality is not an issue. It specifically should not be an issue in educational institutes. If we are going to give females hope of succeeding just as well as men, there needs to be some changes made. Unfortunately, there is a big gap in female versus male professors at universities.

It has been knows for some time that females have to work twice as hard as men to be recognized. If only a statement of purpose for masters was seen the same way. Dame Athene Donald, a professor at Cambridge University believes that the lack of mentors and women not aiming high enough is to blame for the difference in numbers. It seems like there is always going to be a lack for females, but what can we do to close that gap?


Unfortunately, women have to fight harder than men to get to position of power, but it is not to say it’s impossible. If you set your expectations to high as a female, you might be disappointed. That is not to say, you have to lower your standards at all. In fact, this has to serve as motivation to do as well as any man ever could. Prof Paul Boyle has made it his mission to employ more female professors at Leicester, but the rest of the world hasn’t caught up yet. Shouldn’t the best statement of purpose win result in more success over gender?

Change the past

We already know that previously men got preference over woman, but we have to change the stereotype in order for the difference to last. Harvard and Oxford Universities have their first female heads and this is changing generations. It only takes one person to do it, for others to believe it can be done. For Louise Richardson to be the first women to be the head of Oxford University in 800 years, sets the standard for the other women with that dream. It is never impossible, until it is done.

Career breaks

Women are more likely to take breaks in their careers to raise a family and this has not been the norm for men. We see it happen every day and it is most likely not going to change anytime soon, unless we allow the change to happen. Employers look at these numbers and would most likely employ a male knowing what the future holds. This is plain out discrimination, even though it is expected for a woman to stay home and raise her kids. A professional statement of purpose should not depend on the gender, but rather the quality of work. One should also not assume about what the future would hole, but instead, give the opportunity to the best candidate in the moment.


Females are just as capable as their male counterparts. Unfortunately, the world hasn’t caught up yet and especially not universities. This article should have been about how universities are not sexist, but as time continues, it still is a sore subject. Who knows what lies ahead of us. At least now, women are fighting for equal rights and it is definitely a step in the right direction. We all have to stand together in this issue. Male and female should be on the same page, fighting for this to be an issue of the past.

The Question We All Think about: Is College Worth It

Are you preparing to join college? It comes at the expense of finding ways to finance your studies. A study by Pew Research Center shows that over 70% of Americans see paying for a college education, as expensive.

Ina survey by NBC and Wall Street Journal to gauge the level of faith that people have in college education shows, a whopping 47%, do not believe that college is worth it. Many of those who held the belie fare those who dropped out of school, went through a 2-year program or didn't attend college at all. Getting college education gains you knowledge and experience on different issues, e.g., essay writing service UAE.

However,recent data shows that there is an increase in the level of student debts in America. It is now at $1.4 trillion, i.e., an amount higher than what we owe on car loans and credit cards. Though many believe that a college education will earn you a good job, a study by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, on National Financial Capability in 2016, shows that; 53% of those with student loans would change their borrowing decisions in the past, given a chance.

What are the benefits of a College education?

Increased chance of employment

The Burning Glass Technologies released a report that addresses the issue of a college degree and the workforce. In this study, it shows an increase in the number of employers who recruits new workers using college education as the rule of thumb.

It is what Economists refer to as “degree inflation,” which is a common trend in the job market in America.

Improved earnings

While not all graduates gain meaningful employment straight from college;having a college degree is shown to improve one’s earnings.According to Rafiq Dossani, Director at RAND, on average, the real rate of return on an annual basis, on a college degree, is 7%. That's after adjusting it for opportunity costs.

Compared to high school graduates, men and women can earn over $500000 more,in a 40-year work life. It is enough motivation to keep looking for an essay writer help as you keep going with your college program.

Higher likelihood to receive retirement benefits

To live your old age days with relative financial freedom, you need to have a substantial retirement benefits package. Well, you don’t want to have to work even in the prime of your years, you need to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Are port by the College Board, released in December 2016 reveals that,in the year 2015, full-time workers in the private sector, 52% of them receivedretirement benefits package compared to those without a degree.

Having high student loans is problematic to students during their programs even after graduation. It can lead to stress and also affect one’s performance in their academics. Due to the highcost of college education,many may opt to forgo getting a degree.

It may get to a point where an individual chooses to get a low-quality education so as not to incur the high student debt. However, the benefits of getting college education outweigh its cost.


If you choose to pursue a degree; ensure that you follow through to the end of the program and finally graduate. Dropping out will lead to crippling you financially, especially if you have taken a loan. If possible as you seek essay about UAE help,find other ways to help you finance your education.

Tothe Question, is college worth it? I leave it to you after readingthrough the article.

7 Wowing Technological Breakthroughs of the Upcoming 2018

Every year we are surprised and impressed with the new technological breakthroughs.Although we cannot predict the future, we can take some of the previous developments and predict what is to come. Many of these new technologies can be life changing and other might just make things a little more convenient. No matter what impact these technologies will have, we are excited to see what is to come. 

  1. Laser pens for open wounds

This is truly an exciting breakthrough and will definitely be life changing. Imagine you are far from the nearest hospital and you get cut. This could lead to an infected wound and much more. This laser pen is designed to heal open wounds. You could simply keep it on you for in the event of an emergency.

   2. Miniature spy cameras 

Your capstone proposal might seem like an easy breeze compared to what some people are inventing. We already know the government has amazing gadgets that many of us might never see. These insect size cameras are going to change the course of history. I am sure this will be an interesting piece of technology.

   3. Fast data transfer

Now we already know that data can be transferred very fast in this day and age, but this is going to be a step up. We are talking about more than 100 gigabytes per second. This is going to help so many big organizations and also the average person who just happens to have that need. You might have a big capstone proposal that just needs to go through when you waited until the deadline.

  4. Crash-proof cars 

How cool would it be if we had cars that were crash-free? So many lives would be saved and the world would be a little less scary. This would also help people with anxiety about driving. It would also decrease the death toll when it comes to drunk drivers. Just an awesome invention to look forward to. This might not happen in 2018,but we hope it happens quickly. 

  5. Web 3.0.

We have seen the days of Web.1 and Web.2, but what will this one have in store for us? It might give us the ability to take social information and have it curated by personal algorithm. 

  6. Increase Wi-Fi access

It is predicted that there will be one Wi-Fi hotspot for every 20 people, which is very impressive. Gone are the days where you have togo to your local café to find a hotspot. This is an exciting new breakthrough. With many individuals using Wi-Fi to run their businesses, this will be welcomed. Now you can hire those capstone writing services in a blink of an eye. 

  7. Electric vehicle increase  

The usage of electric vehicles are said to increase enormously. This is not new to us in terms of it being an invention, but people are becoming more aware of the environment. The sales of these cars will increase in the year to come and hopefully will result in a decrease in the price. 


We look forward to what the New Year has in store for us. It is definitely going to increase the quality of living and many businesses will benefit hugely.