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How to Properly Prepare for Exams

Every single college student knows how stressful it is to study for exams. Only one of those can cause so much anxiety, and now imagine getting ready for the finals. Long days of studying, sleepless nights and countless pages of books. And the worst thing is that at one point you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. So sometimes a little extra help is needed. Even the tiniest tips and tricks might do the job. Some might say that it’s impossible to find the best way to study for finals. I say they are completely wrong. With this short guide, you’ll see that things are much easier than they seem to be. Check out all the best tips on how to prepare for your exams.

How to Properly Prepare for Exams books

Start Early

You don’t want to leave everything for the last minute. Always plan ahead of time and give yourself enough days to focus on one exam. Over-studying and going through the whole material way to fast, won’t get you anywhere. It can only confuse you and make you more anxious. So don’t forget to properly plan your time. If you need to, you can even print out a calendar and fill it out with a schedule. Put it someplace where you’ll always see it. Time management is of utmost importance.

Create A Good Environment

We don’t all perform the same at different places and different times. That’s why finding the best environment to study can really change things. Some students love going to the library, while others really enjoy staying in their room and preparing for exams there. Make sure that you have everything you need right next to you. Pens, pencils, books, they all have to be on the table. You don’t need any distractions once you start. Phones, tablets, and laptops should be off because these days they are literally on your way to great grades. There are some students that really enjoy learning with some music in the background, so you might find that also helps. According to studies, you should change studying locations from time to time.

Get Enough Sleep

In other words, forget about all-nighters. This is literally the worst thing you can do to your mind and body. Staying up all night to study won’t do you any good. The chances are, you’ll be exhausted the following day.

Take Breaks

You have to learn how to learn properly. The brain also gets tired. So avoid focusing on one thing for hours and take regular breaks. The ideal way to learn is to focus on the material up to 50 minutes after which you take a break of 5 minutes. That way you avoid overdoing it and overwhelming your brain with information.

How to Properly Prepare for Exams books

Study Groups

If you have friends and colleagues that are taking the same exams as you, you can create a small study group where you’ll actually help each other. There are students that are really bothered by the tiniest sounds or presence of people, but talking to others about what you’ve learned can be very helpful. Plus, saying things out loud will really help you memorize them faster.

Eat Brain-Boosting Foods

This is the right time for you to focus on a proper diet. First of all, you have to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. When I’m saying brain-boosting foods, I mean foods rich in anti-oxidants that will improve all your cognitive functions. Among them are nuts, blueberries, broccoli, salmon, dark chocolate, avocado, beets and more. In other words, avoid carbs and eat much more fruit and vegetable. Always have three regular meals in a day plus snacks.

Best Low-Budget Destinations for 2018

Traveling is the best thing you can do with your money. Visiting different sides of the world is becoming easier every day. People couldn’t even imagine traveling to China from the USA in the past, these days all you need to do is book a flight. And what’s even better, there’s plenty of affordable cities that will provide you with the best low-budget vacation ever. And most of the times, these are the travels that you’ll remember forever. You don’t need to spend too much money to have a great time. Take a look at these low-budget destinations that will make you fall in love at the first sight.


Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. And you’ll be happy to hear that it is extremely affordable. Starting from the hotels, to restaurants and supermarkets, it’s all very inexpensive. Actually, the whole country of Spain is both amazing and affordable. In Barcelona, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food at every corner, fun bars, and the best sangria ever. At the end of the vacation, you’ll see that you’ve spent far less than expected. In the meantime, you can sip on cocktails at Barcelona’s sandy mile-long beaches or visit a number of unique museums.

Best Low-Budget Destinations for 2018 Barcelona


This exotic location will take your heart away. But, there’s one more thing you need to know about Zanzibar. This African island is affordable in many different ways. First of all, you can find a great accommodation for a fair price. If you are interested in resorts, there’s plenty of those. Another way to go is to get an Airbnb, which is a very inexpensive option. It is definitely the ideal location you can choose for your honeymoon. If you don’t want to spend too much, but still get the vacation of your dreams, Zanzibar is the place to be. Everywhere you turn there will be a white sandy beach waiting for you, with welcoming locals and tasty food. The only thing you have to worry about is the flight tickets, but if you book them on time you’ll also get them for an affordable price.

Best Low-Budget Destinations for 2018 Zanzibar


Another great destination for a low-budget vacation in 2018. Mexico tops all the lists for affordable travels. This country offers a little bit of everything. Every single tourist that has traveled to Mexico leaves with so many positive experiences that it’s hard to believe. First of all, you’ll find an amazing mix of things to do. History is definitely something that Mexico is rich in. Plus it won’t cost you a thing. The drinks and food are extremely inexpensive, and you’ll be surprised to hear that one room for the night can cost less than $30. The flights are usually very inexpensive if you get them in time. There’s also plenty of resorts that offer great deals.

Best Low-Budget Destinations for 2018 Mexico


Nepal will literally take your breath away. And it will all be very affordable. This gorgeous place is ideal for a low-budget travel. It is becoming a very popular destination, mostly because of its diverse spirit. When you visit Nepal you’ll find out why. The most amazing thing is that the prices for rooms start at less than $10. Nature is breath-taking, with Nepal being surrounded by the Himalayas. If you love hiking, you’ve come to the right place. The stunning and unique temples are just another one of the reasons for you to plan your vacation here. You won’t need to worry about spending too much on food and drinks. Among other activities, you’ll find fun are kayaking, safari and much more. Plus, you’ll get to experience a unique culture completely different from what you’ve seen so far.

Best Low-Budget Destinations for 2018 nepal

Super-Successful Celebrity College Dropouts

Graduating from college sure does increase your chances of getting a great job and a good salary. But not enrolling to university doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with the worst possible jobs. With the right ideas and talent, anything is possible. Of course, getting a degree is always a good idea, but there is plenty of celebrities that only finished high-school and are now worth millions. Check out all of these stars that dropped out of college, but still managed to make a fortune. Don’t consider this as an encouragement not to get any further education, but if you have a dream you should definitely pursue it.

Mark Zuckerberg

Dropping out of Harvard turned out to be a good idea for Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of Facebook launched the popular website while he was a student at Harvard. He actually did it in his dorm room. The first purpose of Facebook was to be only used among students at the university, but it spread so fast, that Mark had to leave college right after sophomore year. He wanted to completely dedicate to his work so that was it with college. Today, he is the youngest billionaire in the world, with an estimated fortune of over $4 billion.

Super-Successful Celebrity College Dropouts Mark Zuckerberg

Ellen DeGeneres

You might not believe this, but Ellen dropped out of the University of New Orleans after only one semester. The comedian wanted to completely focus on her career and decided to leave university. Things weren’t as easy as she imagined in the beginning. DeGeneres had to work a number of different jobs including a vacuum salesperson and house painter. Eventually, she started doing standup shows at many different pubs and clubs, until her career skyrocketed. Back in the 1980s, Ellen appeared at several popular night shows, and in the 90s hosted her own sitcom. Today, DeGeneres has her own show with millions of viewers from all around the world. Her estimated fortune is around $400 million. Not bad for a college dropout.

Super-Successful Celebrity College Dropouts Ellen Degeneres

Oprah Winfrey

Yes, you read it right. Even Oprah dropped out of college. According to most Oprah is considered the most influential woman in the world. The thing you might not have known is that she didn’t even graduate from college. She was enrolled at the Tennessee State University but was asked to do a radio show on the Nashville station WVOL, so she took the opportunity. Shortly after that, Oprah started her own show, which turned out to be the highest-rated day talk show in the American history.

Super-Successful Celebrity College Dropouts Oprah Winfrey

Steve Jobs

One of the greatest geniuses of our time, Steve Jobs is just another college dropout. This mastermind was enrolled at Reed College in Portland but decided to leave only after one semester. After that he did some traveling and adventures, to eventually come back to the USA and found Apple with his friend Steve Wozniak. As a part of his education at Reed, Steve took a short calligraphy course that later served him as an inspiration to introduce different fonts on his first computers.

Super-Successful Celebrity College Dropouts Steve Jobs

Brad Pitt

Brad’s first career choice wasn’t acting. The popular star, first enrolled at the University of Missouri. He wanted to pursue a career in journalism, but that obviously didn’t happen. Shortly after dropping out, he started looking for acting jobs and soon became one of the most sought-about actors in the industry. Today he is an Oscar-winning actor and has a number of iconic parts on his resume. So in other words, things don’t always turn out the way you plan them to be. They get even better. With hard work and a strong will, anything can be.

Relaxation Techniques for A Full On Zen Mode

Stress is an everyday component of everyone’s lives. And what’s worse, most of the time it appears as a result of other people’s actions or things you can’t even predict. There are many persons out there that are very good at coping with stress and anxiety. They find the perfect mechanisms to loosen up without needing that extra help. But also there are the ones that simply get overwhelmed by anxiety and have difficulty in getting their emotional health together. Luckily there are many relaxation techniques you can try, to get rid of those bad emotions.

When you are stressed, your body goes through significant changes that can actually take a toll on your health. By relaxing your blood pressure lowers, your heart rate returns to normal, muscles relax and the breathing becomes slower. When you start practicing relaxation techniques, you’ll notice that all of the above will happen much faster. That’s why if you are under stress you should try out one of the ways to relax without too much effort.

Relaxation Techniques for A Full On Zen Mode relax

How to Find the Right Technique?

Every single one of us has a different way to unwind. Some love listening to music while others prefer to stay in silence. You’ll find a number of relaxation techniques, but not all will work for you. You can always try out several different ones until you find the one that actually does the job. If you prefer being in a group, you can always sign up for a class, where you’ll do everything with the support of other people. The three techniques below are also the most popular ones. They do wonders for a number of people, plus they are extremely simple.

Deep Breathing

It might sound funny to many, but the breathing technique is the oldest one around. By learning to control your breathing, you control all of the other functions that are out of order. In the beginning, you will really need to concentrate and practice how to do deep breathing. You can do it literally anywhere, with or without other people around you. You can also combine it with other techniques with time. The whole point is to learn how to take deep breaths each time you feel stressed. These breaths provide the body with a lot of oxygen. Always breathe from the abdomen and breathe as deeply as you can.

Relaxation Techniques for A Full On Zen Mode

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Another very popular way to unwind. The whole point is to practice tensing and relaxing your muscles so that later you can recognize easily when they are actually tensing. During stressful situations, muscles tend to tense all over the body, without you even realizing. By practicing with your muscles, you’ll later be able to notice when a part of your body tenses under pressure. That is when you’ll immediately know that you need to relax. Just like the previous one, the progressive muscle relaxation can be combined with other techniques. It is extremely easy to practice. You should do it on different muscle groups

Mindful Meditation

This technique is currently a huge hit among people. Since the body and mind are closely connected they share a special bond. The way of healing the body is sometimes the mind. This meditation will stimulate you to have only positive thoughts and to understand that you live in the present. It is often used to relieve anxiety and stress. The important thing with mindful meditation is to only think about the moment you’re living in, without overthinking about the past or future. All you need is a quiet spot and 10 minutes of your time.

5 Delicious and Healthy Snack Choices

Even when we are trying to eat properly at all cost, we all crave a little something on the side. The three regular meals in a day are never enough. That’s why snacks are the best thing that’s ever happened to humankind. These in-between meal indulgences are your chance to get out of the schedule and eat something sweet or crispy. But if you want to stay fit at all times, you’re going to need healthy snack choices. And you’ll be surprised to hear that there’s plenty of those. It doesn’t have to be a bag of chips or cupcakes to make you feel happy between meals.

Instead, you can reach out to some easy, simple fit choices that will also help you lose weight and burn fat. The struggle for a good body is a full-time one. There is no skipping meals, no eating junk food. So it’s good to know which types of snacks should make your healthy list.


All types of nuts are extremely healthy for you. They are not only delicious but also nutritious. You can choose a single type or do a mix of several different ones. Plus, they are easy to pack and you can get them anywhere. Nuts are packed in protein, fiber and healthy fats, which is all you need for a great body. Don’t get me wrong! Eating nuts won’t get you steel abs without exercise. So they will only help you on the way to looking great.

5 Delicious and Healthy Snack Choices nuts almonds

Dark Chocolate

If you are a huge chocolate lover, here’s great news. You can still enjoy dark chocolate from time to time as a snack. It definitely doesn’t taste the same as the regular one, but it is much healthier. It also provides many benefits to your body. Let’s start with the fact that it is highly saturated in cocoa (around 70%), which is very helpful in decreasing the chances of a heart disease and helps in lowering the blood pressure. Dark chocolate is packed in magnesium.  

5 Delicious and Healthy Snack Choices dark chocolate


One cup of edamame contains around 70g of protein. This vegetable is a great snack choice for so many reasons. The first one is definitely the high level of protein it delivers to the table. You can eat it hot, cold and even add spices. You can boil it, bake it or steam it. Edamame is rich in antioxidants which can help with regulating high blood sugar. Its high mineral ingredient list makes this vegetable the perfect snack material.

5 Delicious and Healthy Snack Choices edamame


The easiest snack you can think of. Oatmeal provides a filling sensation that will have you full for hours. After eating oatmeal, you won’t feel the need for another meal in quite a while. Oats are carbohydrates that are more complex to break down and suppress appetite. The beta-glucan in oats helps in slowing down digestion. Always opt for the most simple plain oatmeal, without any added sugar. You can always spice up the snack with some fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and even some peanut butter.

5 Delicious and Healthy Snack Choices oatmeal

Apple and Peanut Butter

The perfect snack combination. This meal is not only tasty but also very nutritious. We all know that apples are beneficial to the health in so many ways. They are available anywhere, and you can take them to work, gym and everywhere else. These fruits are packed in different antioxidants and will protect you from high blood pressure and heart disease. Apples are also rich in vitamins and minerals. When it comes to peanut butter, many are afraid to eat it because they think it is associated with gaining weight. But that is luckily not true. Peanut butter and apple slices will soon become your favorite snack.

5 Delicious and Healthy Snack Choices apple oatmeal

5 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

Every single lady out there is trying to find the best and fastest way to look great. But being a fashionable student or a working woman is never easy. Your time is always limited, so most of the time you have to do your best in only minutes. There are days when you simply can’t spend too much time doing your hair, so now you feel like a hot mess. Also, in most cases you can’t bring too many makeup products in your bag, so you have to bring only a few. If you have classes all day, and you want your lipstick to stay put, there is an easy way to do that too. That’s why is always good to know about those simple, life-changing beauty hacks that make things so much easier. Starting from a fresh looking face to a great hairstyle, these fun tips will really be game-changing for you.

5 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

Use Dry Shampoo for Extra Volume

We all have bad hair days. But dry shampoo seems to be the solution to all your problems. This is the hair product that every woman can turn to when she doesn’t have enough time to wash her hair. Even if your hairstyle from yesterday doesn’t seem like the ideal one today, you can easily fix it by using dry shampoo. Another big hack you should definitely know is how to boost the volume of your mane by using only a hairdryer and dry shampoo. First, apply the shampoo, they blow dry the hair and pay especially attention to your roots.

Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

This is a very simple, yet useful tip. After you’ve applied your lip liner and lipstick there is one trick that you can employ to make them long-lasting. Simply dab a little powder foundation over it and it will stay put all day. Powdered blush will also do the job. If you are flaunting a light lipstick, and you want to make it more intense, just dab your blush over it to get a fierce look. This way you achieve a long-lasting lip color and a fuller pout.

Use Lipstick as Blush

If you weren’t familiar with this trick so far, you’ve been missing out a lot. This easy hack will transform you into a makeup pro. There are so many gorgeous lipstick shades that you can also apply on your cheeks. Plus, if you are a busy girl you won’t need to take too many makeup products in your bag. The lipstick will give your cheeks a very natural color and a glowing, fresh look.

Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

This is the ultimate dream of every single lady. One of the most frustrating things you can see is a bad manicure. You’ve just painted your nails one day ago, and today they are a complete mess. There is one easy hack that might turn out to be very helpful. Next time you paint your nails, make sure to add a finishing touch. In other words, do one swipe with the brush along the edge of the nails. That way you’ll keep the rest of the nail polish protected.

Use Baby Powder for Thick Lashes

Probably one of the strangest tips you’ve heard so far. But it actually works magic with eyelashes. It’s not only easy but also extremely inexpensive. There’s plenty of lash-enhancing products or mascaras that can cost a whole fortune. With baby powder, you get that fuller look in only seconds. The procedure is very simple. First, you apply one coat of mascara, then dust a little baby powder over the lashes. You will notice the difference right after the second coat. The lashes will look thicker and fuller, so you can forget about buying falsies.


Five Crazy, Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

Everyone is familiar with the amazing benefits of tea. There isn’t a single person in the world that doesn’t like it. It has so many great tastes and aromas you can choose from. In the same time, it is extremely beneficial for your health in many different ways. You are probably drinking it several times a week, but have you thought about how and when tea was first discovered. You probably haven’t. This drink might sound like a boring one, but there’s plenty of fun details and facts connected to it. 

We are talking about the second most popular drink in the world, that tops everything except water. And there are hundreds of good reasons to support its popularity. Imagine a life without tea to keep you warm in winter and to cool you off in summer.

Five Crazy, Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea plantations

Tea Was Discovered by Accident

The legend says that tea was first discovered way back by a Chinese Emperor. Shen-Nung found out the tea exist by accident in 2737 B.C. He had a pot of boiling water when several leaves of tea fell into the pot. His servants didn’t really notice the leaves and served the emperor a cup of tea. He happened to really enjoy it and the rest is history. It’s quite an amazing story. What happens next is even more fun. The British actually stole tea from China. Until the 19th century, the largest portion of tea was produced and grown in China. It was then when British people started stealing and smuggling it from there and taking it to other countries. That is how this miraculous herb spread to other places, but up until today, China stays the highest producing tea country.

Teabags Were First Introduced in the Early 1900s

It wasn’t until the early 1900s when teabags were first discovered. Until then, people have been drinking tea for quite a while, but they still didn’t know they can pack it in small bags. Just like the discovery of the herb, teabags were also invented completely by accident. According to many, Thomas Sullivan is the one responsible for this life-changing discovery. He decided to pack his tea samples in small silk pouches and sent them to his customers. Most of them thought they weren’t supposed to empty the herbs from the teabags and they put the pouches inside the boiling pot of water. That is when Thomas got the idea he can actually make usable bags.

Five Crazy, Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

Tea Contains More Caffeine Than Coffee

It is completely true that tea contains more caffeine than coffee. But this caffeine doesn’t have the same effect on your body. Since tea is rich in antioxidants, they will control the process of caffeine absorption. In other words, you avoid all the negative effects that caffeine in coffee will give you.

It Takes 2,000 Leaves to Make One Pound of Tea

You were probably thinking that you can actually get tea from several leaves. The truth is that you need 2,000 tiny leaves to make just one pound of tea. This herb grows in the wild, but it is also commonly farmed. You can find the best tea in very high places. One bush of tea has to grow for around three years before you can try and harvest it.

Ice Tea Was Introduced in 1904

Until 1904 the world had no idea that ice tea exists. Can you imagine a life where there is no ice tea? This was the idea of Richard Blechunden, who was taking a part in a tea exhibition. But because of the extremely hot water, Richard got the idea to create a cold beverage for the visitors. That is when he added a lot of ice cubes in his tea and made everyone happy.

The Power of Positive Thinking and How to Practice It

The concept of positive thinking is becoming more popular every day. But are we all familiar with what exactly it means? Pretty sure we’re not. The power of positive thinking is not as simple as it sounds. These days it is extremely hard to stay away from negative thoughts and all the chaos happening around us. But there is always a way to cope with these situations and completely change your mindset. There’s plenty of people that find positive mindset ridiculous, but they are still not informed enough of all the benefits it can bring to their life.

This concept is very simple, yet complicated. It is already scientifically proven on many occasions. Once you start practicing uplifting thoughts, they will soon become your habit. It all starts with you. The first step is always deciding that you want to be happy. Once you do, you’ll only think about great things, you’ll want to be surrounded by only happy people and your life will turn around. Check out these useful tips that will lead your way to positive thinking.

The Power of Positive Thinking and How to Practice It

Always Wake Up and Go to Bed with Happy Thoughts

There is no point in starting your day angry, worried or stressed out. Each morning you should practice positive, uplifting thoughts. There’s plenty of good things happening, so find one to focus on and think about that. Forget about all negative emotions and your day will be more than amazing. Even if you don’t have a certain thing to think about, just tell yourself “This is going to be a great day”. Positive affirmation will really take you places.

Meditation or Yoga

These two activities are the best way to start your journey to positive thinking. They will inspire you spiritually and help you relax physically. Both yoga and meditation are extremely relaxing activities which everyone finds helpful in many ways. After you begin practicing your mind will only pay attention to the uplifting thoughts and will forget about anything negative going on.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Positive thinking won’t do you too much good if you’re only surrounded by people full of negative thoughts. That’s why you should really focus on hanging out with friends that have the same attitude as you. Sure it’s not always easy to focus on happy thoughts, especially when there are bad things happening. But make sure that most of the time your surrounding people are trying to be happy. Even at work, you’ll notice that some of the co-workers are always nervous, edgy and stressed out. Try to stay away from them, because they can also impact your mood. Instead, talk and exchange experiences with friends and co-workers that always see the bright side of things. They will also help you learn new things, positive stories and improve your views of the positive thinking concept.

There are No Failures

Stop looking at things that you didn’t succeed in as failures. There isn’t a single person in the world that is perfect. And when you want to keep a positive mindset, you have to keep this in mind. There are no failures, only experiences. Some of them will be not so good, others will be amazing. There has to be a balance for everything. These so-called failures will help you become a better person. The following time, you’ll know exactly what you have to do. Instead of getting fixated on the idea that you’ve failed, start thinking about what you should do next time. When you have only positive thoughts about something, you’ll succeed much faster. It means that your mind is already set to do it and there’s nothing that will get in the way.

Get a Better Sleep with These Simple Tips

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for both your physical and mental health. We all have a different sleeping pattern, and sometimes it doesn’t even depend on us. Maybe you didn’t expect that you’d have to do extra work at home, or that cocktail night would turn into disco night. That really affects your sleeping pattern so you might end up being tired. Other people simply struggle with getting a proper sleep for different reasons. Thankfully there are several tips and tricks that you can involve in your lifestyle to improve your sleeping habits.

Even the simplest changes will bring you a lot of advantages. You will feel more refreshed every day, able to do all your work or studying without having to overdose on coffee and both your mind and body will feel amazing. If you have a lot of struggles with getting the proper sleep that you need, in the beginning, you can start by going step by step, and let your body accommodate the changes.

Stick to a Schedule

Try to have a fixed sleeping schedule that will stay the same every single day of the week. Some of us want to sleep in, but if you want to get a great sleep, you need to stick to the habit. Staying up late one day and going to bed too early the next one will really alter that schedule. There’s plenty of things that can keep you awake and exhausted at night. Some of those are the very unhealthy habits, stress, work and more. In spite all of these distractions, you can still set up a schedule that will soon transform into your routine. In the beginning, it definitely won’t be easy, but after a short time, you’ll find it to be a great method. Your internal body clock will soon be set at that certain time, so you won’t even need an alarm in the morning. That way your body will feel rested and full of energy at all times.

Be Careful with Naps

Naps are great, I know. The only thing is that they can really interfere with your sleeping schedule, especially if you have trouble sleeping. Power naps are sometimes a necessity during a hectic day. Your brain might get overwhelmed with work or exams, so it needs a short sleeping session to get back on track. You really have to make it short and efficient. Naps should only take 15 to 30 minutes, and that’s all. If you take a longer nap, that will definitely interfere with your night schedule and keep you awake in the late hours.

Choose a Relaxing Ritual

Some people need that extra push to unwind at the end of the day. We’re all exposed to stress and anxiety throughout the day, whether we like it or not. That can really affect sleeping patterns, especially if you’re still thinking about these things before going to bed. There’s plenty of relaxation techniques that will help you eliminate all the nervousness. Even deep breathing is a great way to start. There are also people that find exercise very helpful in getting a better sleep.

Stay Away from Lights

Make sure to expose your body to plenty of bright light during the day, but avoid blue lights at night. The worst light you can expose yourself to at night is the blue lights that come from screens. So that means no phone, iPad, laptop or even TV, before going to bed. They can trick your brain into thinking that it’s still daylight and ruin your sleeping schedule. So try to stay away from screens 1 to 2 hours before going to bed. If you still have to do it, get an app that will change the type of light that your devices emit.

World’s Best-Kept Secrets

Secrets are sometimes the road to success. And sometimes they can make you a fortune. Take as an example Coca-Cola, one of the most popular companies in the world. They’ve literally made money by being original and not letting anyone else know their secret formula. There are also the secrets as a part of the world’s history that we’re all dying to know. But such thing will probably never happen. Check out these four secrets that have been a mystery to the world since forever. 

The Recipe of Coca-Cola

After so many years of speculation and false reveals, the recipe of everyone’s favorite drink Coca-Cola still remains a mystery. One of the world’s best-kept secrets keeps attracting attention. The myth says that only two people in the world know the exact recipe for this bubbly drink. These two Coca-Cola executives are not allowed to be located at the same place, and not even fly the same plane. This way the company wants to avoid to lose both of them in case of a disaster. The original recipe with all the exact ingredients is kept in a vault in a SunTrust Bank located in Atlanta. To keep the bank silent and to avoid leakage, Coca-Cola awarded SunTrust with around 50 million of stock in their company.

Back in 1977, Coca-Cola decided to back up from their deal in India, because the country requested that the company revealed their list of ingredients. You can obviously tell how dedicated they are to keeping the secret. Coca-Cola is actually the product of Dr. John Pemberton from Georgia, who first created the recipe in 1863. Since then, it went through several changes.

World’s Best Kept Secrets coca cola recipe

KFC’s Original’s Recipe

Another giant company that has been around for quite a while. KFC is not only the favorite chicken meal to Americans, but it is also available all around the world. The world’s fourth-largest food restaurant chain first introduced their unique herbs and spices recipe in the 1930s. The thing is that today the ingredients list is extremely protected. It includes exactly 11 herbs and spices, which are today written in a list and safely placed in a safe. This secret is well-kept in Louisville, Kentucky in the company’s headquarters. The rumor is that only two high-ranking employees know the full list. They do get the spices and herbs from different suppliers, but there is actually a computer which does the mixing and the final job.

World’s Best Kept Secrets KFC recipe

The Origin of HIV/AIDS

For some a huge plot, for others just a virus that originates from somewhere. The actual way of how, when and where the HIV virus first appeared is also considered to be among the world’s best-kept secrets. For a number of people, the theory that it appeared in Africa is just a story to take people’s attention away from the truth. According to scientists, HIV mutilated from a different virus that was thriving in Africa. But there is no knowledge of how and when it did. The other side of the story is a darker one. The word out there is that HIV and AIDS were actually created in a laboratory by scientists. Also, there is an opinion that the cure for these two conditions is already discovered, but it’s been kept a secret.

World’s Best Kept Secrets hiv aids

The Death of Adolf Hitler

One of the most talked about villains in the world, Adolf Hitler presumably died by taking his own life. At least that is a general opinion and an official statement. Hitler killed himself on April 30th, 1945 in an underground bunker. Once he realized that there is no chance of winning the war, he took his own life. There is another theory that is more than interesting. The word is that FBI discovered documents and evidence that point out to the fact, that Hitler actually escaped from Germany before the Red Army got to the capital of Germany.

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