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How to Earn Extra Cash and Still Be an A-Student

University times might be the best of your life but they can be lean. And how can you be expected to have so much fun if you can’t even eat a good meal, pay for life’s niceties or are racking up a mountain of debt because of your school fees? For that reason, many students take a job. Of course, the problem with that is that those jobs threaten to take important time away from your studies and in that way endanger your GPA. And that could just as big of a disaster.

So what are you to do? Should you go dumpster diving for anything salvageable and hope to make it through in that way? Fortunately, no. It turns out there are a lot of jobs that won’t necessarily hurt your GPA. There are even some which can really help your future prospects!

What am I talking about? Well, read on!

Work for the department

If you’re an A student then no doubt there are a few people in the department who are impressed by what you’re doing. So why not see if there is a job to be had there? Perhaps you can work as a teaching assistant or help in a research lab. These positions won’t make you rich, perhaps – but they do have the advantage that you’re working in an environment where you’re actually getting to apply what you’re learning directly.

In that way, you’re actually going to gain a far deeper understanding of the subjects you’re studying. Even better, you’re getting to know your professors far better than most students. And that often means that if you want to continue working at the university or want to study onwards and need funding help, you’ll be on the inside track to getting it.

Help students

Another great choice is to help other students with their studies. Perhaps they struggle to understand the material, or they need help writing so they too can write rewarded essays, or they don't have enough money to afford dissertation writers for hire.

The benefits here are similar to being a TA or working in a research lab – except that you get to be your own boss and get to decide who you want to work with. Even better, if you’re tutoring and helping people in the very classes you’re taking, then you will constantly be busy with the very subjects you’re meant to be studying.

And as you have to truly grasp something before you can teach it, that means you’re probably going to end up being even stronger in those classes than you’d be if you’re not studying.

Do a job where the main requirement is that you just be there

Another route you can consider is getting out of academia entirely and instead of doing a job – like a security guard, front desk at a hotel or working in a library – where most of the time your job consists of being there and not much more. Then, while you’re making money you can continue writing papers, studying your coursework and in other ways keeping your GPA up.

If this is your plan, do make sure that you actually ask of the places you’re at whether it will be possible for you to study. If you keep that intention hidden then you might find that your boss isn’t at all happy with you pouring over your school books while you’re at the job. And that can lead to serious friction.

Better to come out with it right from the beginning. Explain your intentions and ask if that will be a problem. If it will be, well then it’s time to apply somewhere else.

Participate in research

Okay, I’m not talking about medical trials (though that’s also an option). What I really mean is participating in studies in the social sciences. Particularly if you’re an undergrad with real ambitions to go the distance this is something worth considering.

Why? Because a lot of researchers don’t know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of experiments. You won’t have that problem. That means you’ll be far more likely to construct believable experiments, understand what will keep research subjects entertained and what kind of cover stories they’re going to believe and which ones they’re going to see right through and therefore won’t work.

Besides, there are often dead times in the department anyway. Why not make it a habit to fill those with those studies? It won’t make you rich, but it might just allow you to buy lunch.

Paid summer internships

Okay, you probably want to go off and see beautiful places over the summer and the idea of doing an internship isn’t at all appealing. At the same time, you should think about it. Often, a summer internship can be a lot of days a week – which means you can actually make decent money.

And if you’re an A student anyway, it shouldn’t be that hard to make yourself indispensable at the company so that once you’re done with the summer you can continue part-time at the company. The best part? If you choose the internship correctly you’ll constantly be able to apply what you’re learning. This will mean you won’t just have good grades, but will even have applied knowledge that most of your fellow students can only dream of.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of jobs that connect beautifully with your studies and even enhance what you’re learning there. All you have to do is think a little bit outside the box. In which sectors do they use the skill set your learning? Can you start working there before you graduate?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve got a great opportunity not just to earn yourself a bit of extra cash but even to set yourself up for an actual career.

Alternatively, find a job that isn’t too demanding and you’ll have time to study while you’re on the job. Then you’ll get paid even while you’re keeping those As rolling in. Now, who could ever complain about that?

How to Start Your Content Writer’s Career While You Still a

One of the biggest advantages of being a writer is that you don’t actually need to have any serious diplomas to your name. All you need is a few articles that you can show prospective clients and you’re well on your way to building up a career.

Of course, it isn’t quite that easy. You see, there is one big problem with content writing and that is that there is much competition out that. And though this might be the golden age for writing, you won’t notice any of that if everybody else is taking all the light. For that reason, you have to lift yourself above the dross, into the shining sun. Only then will you turn your dabbling at the written word into something that will make you serious money.

So how do you do that? I’m glad you asked.

Pay attention to the critiques of your teachers

When you’re a student you have something that most writers don’t get that much of – direct critical feedback. Now, not all feedback is equal. Some of your teachers won’t know what they’re talking about (at least not in terms of the written word) but some will. So pay attention to what they’ve got to say.

The first thing to note is that this means you can’t get defensive. You’ll want to. When anything we do is attacked we have a natural instinct to defend it. Resist that instinct with everything you’ve got. There are three big reasons for this:

  • If you’re defending your writing, you’re not focusing on what’s important and that is the opportunity to become a better writer.
  • The more vigorously you defend what you’ve written, the less likely people will give constructive criticism the next time.
  • Later on, when editors tell you they don’t like something, you have to be able to sit back and listen to what they’ve got to say. If you don’t. If instead, you start defending what you’ve written, then you can be sure they won’t use you again. Editors hate writers who can’t take criticisms.

So listen to what they’ve got to say.

Not sure if it’s actually good advice? Then use what I call the rule of three. The first time you hear it, it’s interesting but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take action. If you hear it again from somebody else unrelated, it’s time to get worried. Hear it a third time? Then you’ve got a problem. Take their suggestions on board.

Another good idea is when you find a teacher who knows what they’re talking about, asks if you can rewrite any essays that you’ve written where they have suggestions. The act of going back and forth with a teacher like that really up to your writing game.

Build a portfolio

There are plenty of online locations where you can now host your writing portfolio. So use them. This will make it a great deal easier to share what you’ve written with whatever magazines or websites you get in touch with. In that way, you can give them one or two articles that are directly relevant to what they’re doing and throw in a link to your portfolio, in case they want to see more writing samples. That comes across as far more professional.

Here’s a definite don’t. If you’re going to build your own website, don’t build one with or something similar at the end ( This comes across as hugely unprofessional. ‘What’, they’re going to think, you’re not even serious enough to register an actual domain for a few dollars? Then why should we take you seriously?’ Yes, people are judgmental. No, they shouldn’t pay attention to stuff like that. But you can’t change the world through wishful thinking. Better to play by the rules as they’re written.

Rejection is part of the game

When you start writing online you’ll get rejected. A lot. Don’t take it personally and don’t let it discourage you. Instead, see each of those rejections as a stepping stone. It’s something that you have to go through before you can write for a living – be it for a top end newspaper or a site that pays for college essay writing.

For that reason, it’s important that you change your focus. You have to come to see this as part of what you’re doing. Don’t take the rejections personally. Instead, see them as badges of pride. A good piece of advice is to set a goal to get so many rejection letters within the period of a year. If you set a goal like that, it forces you to keep trying. And when you keep going for it, you’ll be far more likely to actually get a real opportunity.

Stick with it

To build writing into a career takes time. First of all, you’ll need to make connections. You’ll have to find clients who trust you and who will come to you when they need writing done. That’s going to take time (and you’ll probably make your way through a whole bunch of clients before you get there).

What’s more, you’re going to have to get a lot better than you are right now. Sure, you’re probably pretty good, but you’ll need to be a lot better than that. And the only way you can do that is by writing. You need to write, and write, and write. Take it from me. I thought I was a pretty decent writer when I started writing professionally. Now, when I read back some of the stuff I wrote when I started out, it makes my toes curl. It is that bad.

Honestly, I can’t understand how anybody even hired me.

To get from there to here I had to write about a million words (that’s not an exaggeration). And yeah, that probably did take me 10,000 hours. And that means you have to write – a lot. So stop reading articles like this and get out there! Because if you ever want to be at the top, you have to climb up there. And as a writer, you do that with the tips of your fingers.

8 Best Universities to Make Career in Sports

Universities aren’t just for the brains. There are plenty of opportunities to work on your sport skills as well. Of course, some places are better than others. For that reason, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best options out there. These schools have been selected not just because they give you a great opportunity to partake in sports, but also because they allow you to get a real education that you can take into your sports career or any other career afterward.

In this way, you’ll be well rounded to take advantage of your abilities as an athlete, or the leadership skills you’ll learn to make a life and a difference on this road of life.

Stanford University

If you can get into Stanford University, then boy have you got it made. Stanford has produced 47 Olympians in the last four Olympics. What’s more, there are so many geniuses and clever people walking around that you can stretch your muscles, your athletic ability and also your matter.

That’s probably why they’ve won 27 national championships as well as making sure that 94% of the people who start at Stanford have a degree within six years.

The University of Notre Dame

Another great choice for your sports career, the University of Notre Dame rates well in terms of sports as well as in terms of academic achievement. The football team is obviously massively famous (and has an average attendance of 90k per game), but that is hardly their only claim to fame.

Since the year 2000, the Notre Dame women’s basketball has managed to get up to the Final for six times and walked away with the national championship once. Similarly, they excel at soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and fencing. Together these sports have taken six national titles and seven national semifinal appearances.

University of Michigan

Did you know the Michigan Wolverines have walked away with 54 conference championships in the last 10 years? That’s a lot! Then there are the 24 Olympians that they’ve had in the last four Olympics as well as the 25 million they’ve managed to raise for sports.

But that’s only really the tip of the iceberg of the University of Michigan because Michigan isn’t just a great sports university, but also ranks as one of the best all round universities in the country. That means that you both get academic help as well as getting a great sport education that will get your foot in the door wherever you may want to apply.

Duke University

Students at Duke University are justifiably proud of their university’s sports achievements. They’ve won a lot of awards and also raised a lot of money for sports. As of the most recent count, it was 30 million dollars. That’s a lot of dough to become the best of the best, don’t you think?

And it shows. Their football team, under coach David Cutcliffe, has managed to get a place in the in four out of five seasons. Now I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy if my school managed to do that! And then there is possibly the most hallowed building in college basketball, which is the 77-year-old Cameron Indoor Stadium.

University of Virginia

And then there is the University of Virginia, with their Virginia Cavaliers – which are of course one of the best teams in basketball. The team is so popular that the average attendance per game is over 10,000.

But that’s only a small part of their claim to fame. They have managed to get 51 conference championships, while on campus you can play a whopping 56 intramural sports, with a 12 million facility for squash alone. I wonder if the balls go faster if you play there?

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has won 10 national championships in the last 10 years, which is quite a lot. You might think that it’s the Tar Heel basketball team that’s responsible. They sure helped. In truth, however, their best sport by far is women’s soccer. They’ve won a stunning 21 national championships. This means that there is no other soccer team in the US what has more titles to its name.

The basketball, in the meantime, got 18 best final four appearances which is something that certainly can’t be sneezed at. Oh yes, and Michael Jordan came from there and he is arguably still the best basketball star ever.

University of Florida

The University of Florida won an impressive 16 national championships in the last 10 years. They also managed to get themselves 61 conference championships in the same time. This is because sports are incredibly important here and they have a top website page. They work hard at it. And it shows. Between 2006 and 2008, for example, both their basketball and their football team won two national championships a piece.

This has led to nearly 60 of their athletes to go on to professional teams. And if you join this school you might well be the next one to join that exalted status.

Middlebury College

Middlebury really prides itself on having people with a bright sport's future in its ranks, with 27 of the students who attend here taking part in varsity sports. This has had a big effect, with them winning 7 national championships in the last 10 years.

And they’ve got a wide variety of teams as well. For example, they have soccer, tennis, hockey as well as lacrosse, field hockey and skiing teams who all rank near the top of their soccer, tennis, hockey as well as lacrosse, field hockey, and skiing.

They also have their own ski slopes. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you can probably not make a better choice.

Last words

So there you go, 8 schools to choose from that have outstanding sports teams for you to join and watch. If you can get into any of these, then you’re really giving the best opportunity to your sports career that you possibly can.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the links in the article and check out these schools in more detail, because ultimately where you go isn’t only about what is good but also fits your tastes, your mindset and what kind of climate best suits what you’re looking for. And that is something that you’ve got to decide for yourself by checking out the schools, speaking to her students and reading what the internet has to say about them.

Good luck, let us know which school you went for and if it worked out or not. We’re always keen to hear what experience you had!