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7 New Year's Resolutions for Students

New Year is coming, and that means you get a new chance to start it as a brand new person. If you are a student who has such amazing big opportunities and the whole life in front of you, the New Year is a must for you to make big wishes and the list of things you are going to do without question. This article is going to provide seven good New Year’s resolutions for students – are you interested? Then keep on reading!

1. Take Care of Your Health

While you are young and fresh, it is never too late to start really caring about your body. Our first advice is to go to the hospital and check everything – from head to toes. Unfortunately, people always have some illnesses and defections though they are sometimes not aware of them. If it turns out you have some minor problems, take the necessary treatment while the issue has not become big. Second of all, you have to be careful with what you eat. Of course, it is impossible that you give up on fast food completely, however, do not forget that you need to eat healthy food, too. And finally, the third advice we want to give you is you have to play sports. If you are too busy, go to the gym once or twice a week minimum and you will see how better you will feel.

2. Promise You Will Always Be Busy with Something

We understand that students are overloaded, but honestly speaking, they still find a lot of time and inspiration for procrastination. Do not forget that studies in college are good and efficient for your future, however, they are not enough. What we advise you to do is combine the studies with some free educational online courses – Coursera has a lot of those! You can also participate in different exchange programs – your university must have connections with some organizations that take the kids abroad. In the worst case, start your own blog – it will help you formulate your thoughts better.

3. Save the Money

 If you have a grant for studying or you already work, it means that you are grown-up enough to take care of your budget. It does not matter how much money you get, it is always possible to save some. There are many things you might need the big sum of money for – the new laptop or camera, traveling, money for rent. You might want to invest your money for your future and buy the essay or two. Visit the best website for my research paper writing task and check your opportunities. If you study in college and dream about the university, you can also save money for the education.

4. Travel

You may think that traveling requires a lot of money, but there are ways to travel almost for free. There are many different organizations helping young people just like you travel and spend the minimum of money. While you have no ties with work and family, fly to Africa to help the elephants – do the volunteer work in exchange for the amazing experience. Do you speak English well? Then fly to Asia where there is a high demand for the English teachers. Those who really want something, find the ways, believe us!

5. Work on Your CV

When something prominent happens in your life, do not forget to write it down on your CV. Did you volunteer somewhere? Did you get an internship? Are you running the university club? Are you writing the articles for the university paper? Write everything down! Believe us, it is pretty difficult to remember everything that happened to you through the last five years when you decide to make a CV after you graduated. We also advise you to define what job you plan to get after the university – it is never too early to look through the job opportunities on the websites. If you found the job that you like, however, you feel you lack some skills required for it, get the courses.

6. Study Better

Now that you have read about our top five New Year's resolutions, it is time for you to hear the sixth one. What you can do and you never do if not forced is study well. After the high school is over, all the students relax in their colleges and universities. However, your grades are your future – think about it! The statistics show that the majority of students could study better if they really wanted to. Replace one of the parties on Friday night with some studies or writing the huge paper. Try to be organized – do not postpone all the huge tasks on the last night before the exam.

7. Be a Better Person

One of the top resolutions for the New Year is being a better person each day. What do we mean by that? Well, first of all, you have to learn not to judge people – you have to cope with them as they are. Second of all, it does not matter how kind you are – if you are not going to express your kindness, the world will never find it out! Visit the dog shelter, help an older adult cross the road, donate some money to those who fight cancer – do something good for your society!

10 Smartest Gifts for College Students

As the holiday season is approaching, so is the excitement of people, who indulge in celebrations each year, give and take gifts and make memories! Gifts are the best part of any celebration as they not only set the mood right and make someone feel elated and happy, but they also improve the relationship between the receiver and the provider.

But with changing times, choosing the best gifts for college students has become tricky and challenging. You can give a ton of things to toddlers, there’s an entire market for them, ranging from toys to clothing line, you can also give a lot of stuff to your co-workers, but if you have someone studying in college around you and you have to choose a gift for them, it can be a challenge!

Here are some great ideas on what to get a college student for Christmas:

  • Wrist Watch or a Wall Clock – When a boy or a girl enters the college, the most important thing they have to value is time. Sometimes, they even need to forget about everything else and work. College does teach you the value of time, and thus, a wall clock or a trendy wrist watch make the best gift for freshman college student. Someone who has just entered college will value it more than a sophomore or a graduate one.
  • A Kettle – College dorms aren’t exactly like homes, and college boys and girls might need much more than just their mom around, doing chores and running errands for them! A kettle is a fine present for youngster’s midnight needs. He or she may boil water and make cup-noodles to satiate the cravings and make tea or coffee easily. Believe us, first-year students will love it!
  • Privacy Tent – There has been a rage in the market with new kinds of innovations, and one of them is the privacy tent. A tent that ensures you loneliness from your roommates and everyone else around you. It can be a perfect present for someone who is an introvert.
  • Fitness Bands – Once in college, students tend to forget about their health and fitness because of the workload is so heavy. You may buy them a fitness band. There are plenty in the market in varied ranges, you may choose your budget and go along with this idea.
  • Online Assistance – A university learner has a lot to do, and assignments are one of them. He would not mind if you offer him free assistance! You may gift them vouchers and online packages to access research paper assistance for their college works. Smart option for freshmen to seniors!
  • Tablet – Who doesn’t love technology? Yes, we all do, and college students cherish it even more. There are multiple tablets online that you may buy for them. It can range from a top-quality branded one to something that’s cheap and non-branded – totally depending upon your budget.
  • Gym Gear – For university guys who do not have access to a gym, you can gift them a pair of trainers for running around in the campus, or simply a set of weights for a light workout. It does not have to be fancy, even something basic will do as long as you present it with love.
  • Letters – Handwritten letters might not be in trend now, but old-school people still love and cherish them. It can be funny or serious, or it can include some live saving advice that you think can help them while they are in college. It can be anything that you wish to, and that’s the beauty of letters. They are completely customizable.
  • Xmas Tree – For the university students who are celebrating Christmas away from their homes, you can send them lots of love with a small, portable Xmas tree. They will love the holiday feeling right in their dormitories.
  • Portable Furniture – Furniture that is light to carry and that can be moved, is a perfect gift for a university learner, not only for him but even for his friends. It will not only give their hostel room a homely feeling, but it will also help the student make more friends on campus.

Giving presents to someone might be a small gesture from our side, but it can mean the world to the other person. In holidays, it is always suggested that you give as many gifts to your loved-ones, as possible. Doesn’t matter expensive or cheap, affordable or out of the box, but something must sit next to their Christmas tree with your name on top of it, to make their Christmas Eve memorable. These small gestures are something that people will remember you by. Spread love, this holiday season, and make lots and lots of memories with the people who always stand by your side.

New Tech Tools to Try With Students in 2017

Being a teacher in the modern world requires keeping up with different tech innovations because today we can’t even imagine an educational process that wouldn’t include some useful technology tools for the classroom. Nowadays, there is a huge number of sources, apps, products, services and web based tools for education, aimed at making teaching simpler but more effective.

However, it is getting harder not to get lost in a vast abundance of options. As you are getting ready for the new 2017 school year, use the tools listed below in your “must-try” list to make your classroom activities more fun and effective!

What Are The Top Five Tools To Try In The Classroom?

There are many gadgets and services for students. However, the Internet today is also full of various services and sources for teachers and below we will give you a list of our favorite ones for the upcoming year! And there are no problems with getting any sort of information because of services which can satisfy any of your requires like UK EduBirdy professionals do.


Have you ever found your students not too engaged during a lesson or presentation? This great invention changes everything! Just imagine that a presentation or a casual maths lesson can become much more interactive for all students simultaneously – with Nearpod, this is possible and even easier than you could think! With this tool, you can create presentations and lessons online, adding some engaging interactive features into them: students can ask and answer questions, solve problems, draw, and do whatever you want them to do right from their computers or tablets! What else can you do? The best thing about it is that you can immediately receive the answers given by students and monitor their activity, meanwhile, keeping them interested! And with Nearpod VR, you can arrange exciting virtual field trips, which will be of interest even to the most indifferent pupils!

Google Classroom

This is a free service available for everyone. It helps you manage the communication with students in a more efficient way and bring it outside your classroom, and it also allows you to plan the educational process, hand out homework, and even arrange courses online.


This online-based resource allows you to create interactive tasks, team games for the whole class, fun quizzes and other assignments using over 20,000 different topic-oriented templates. Another feature allows you to keep track of each student’s progress. Thus, Quizalize is a good service for teachers who want to grab the attention of their pupils and keep them interested and active during the whole lesson!


This is a perfect option for teachers of the elementary school. Kahoot helps you create fun educational games with diagrams, videos, and images within a few simple clicks. It also allows you to create engaging team activities for everyone. For example, each pupil can answer the questions of the quiz from his personal device, while everything is displayed on the blackboard.


Both teaching and learning require lots of planning. That is why it is vital to have an experienced planner by your side all the time. That is what the Planboard app is aimed for as with its help you can build dynamic plans for lessons with ease, and it offers a bunch of useful features:

  • Create text with bullet points, different formats, and special break-up lines to divide your text into sections;
  • Create standards to each lesson and monitor your progress;
  • Attach videos, pictures, links to web sources and other files.

Final Words

These are some of the brightest educational tools that you should try! However, there are many more teacher tools online that also deserve attention. We encourage all teachers to keep pace with the new technologies and involve them in the teaching process; after all, it will never harm to try something new – so give it a shot and then choose the best online tool for your class!

7 Job Search Mistakes of New College Grads

If you are almost a graduate student, you probably think how to find a job after college. You may have even drawn a detailed plan of this procedure in your head because you knew that college doesn’t last forever and you have to be ready to get a prestigious job. Finding a job after college may be a tough process. To avoid common bloopers browse through the list of 7 job search mistakes of the new college graduates.

Lack of Experience

Don’t be passive during your last college year and if you haven’t had your first job yet, it’s high time you started. If you are not looking for a job because you are busy with your thesis or coursework, it’s a nice idea to ask for coursework help on Edubirdie website, and start applying for a position. If you still feel super-busy, you can also use helpful apps for students. Graduates who had a work experience are more likely to be employed, especially if this job is in the field that they want to enter lately. In order to not to get into trouble when finding a job after college volunteer with an organization, company, or group that does the kind of work you want to do. You may also be involved in internships or get a part-time job. Try to find a job that is in your field, as you will be able to develop all the necessary skills you may need in your forthcoming career. Even if the job you get is not in the field you want, the experience included on your resume will show the future employers how responsible and persistent you are. Being inexperienced is a huge mistake that students make. You still have time to save the day - don’t lag behind.

Relying Only on Internet Postings


LinkedIn, Twitter or CareerBuilder are very good resources for you to find a job after graduation. However, not all jobs are posted online. If you restrict your job search to web-only, you can lose hundreds of great opportunities that are out there. Talk to friends and family to help. Describe them a kind of job you’re looking for so they can inform you whenever they see a position that fits you.  Take advantage of your college career center and ask them to guide you in a right direction. Start networking. Visit college alumni gatherings, talk to people that work in your field and join talent communities. You can also read the advertisements on newspapers and apply if you have the desired qualifications. All in all, it is better to try as many options as possible without limitations.

Sending Unaccustomed Resumes

resume keywords

Don't send out resumes that simply list your courses or part-time jobs you’ve had. Think about how to highlight the skills you have from experience and make a strong statement about what you want to do with your life. Include the skills at which you excel and which are related to the position you want to get. Create a high-quality resume where you will mention your field-related knowledge, communication and leadership skills as well as highlight the skills you have from volunteer opportunities or internship. After your resume is finished, ask someone at the career center to look it over for you.

Having Too High Expectations 


Even if you are a super talented person, your first job might not be your dream job. But don’t be upset! Just look for a position with a possibility to develop. The best option is to find a job where there’s an opportunity to move up on the ladder into a role you are dreaming of.

Not Following Up

After you’ve sent a resume don’t forget to follow up. If you remind them of you, you won’t miss an opportunity to be invited to the interview. By following up you will also show your persistence and deep interest in the chosen position.

Having Unprofessional Media Profiles

impact of social media

Employers won’t miss a chance to look through your social media accounts. In order to make a good impression make your social media profiles clean and professional, delete inappropriate photos, comments, videos or other things that employers might not like. All your social media profiles will be checked, so make sure you update every account you have.

Failing to Prepare for the Job Interview  

If you are invited to the interview - you’re almost there! All you have to do is be prepared. Many graduates don’t take this seriously and seem to be unprepared during an interview. It would be great if you agree to any interview you are asked to come, even if you don’t think you want the job. It will help you to understand the whole process and be a good practice for those job interviews that you pursue. You can also practice your interview at home. Create a list of common questions and try to give the best answers. Write or type questions that you want to ask as well.

More likely, you know how long does it take to get a job after college. By avoiding these common mistakes that new grads make when looking for a job, you will be able to speed up the whole process and be ahead of others.

The Impact of Social Media on Student’s Life

social media

Making new friends, staying connected and satisfaction of social needs are the primary reasons why people consider using social networking. The modern world has turned into a small global village where the connection between individuals is simplified through the networks that are internet generated. The social media network has illuminated the lives of people by sharing of knowledge worldwide making turning them into global citizens. The impact of social media on youth especially the students has been more evident as compared to the elderly above the age of 35 years. Students can now communicate and share thoughts through the various social media websites platforms such as Facebook in real time regardless of the geographical locations or distance. Here are some of the major impacts of social media on students’ life.

1. More freedom of access
Many seniors always wonder why college and university students spend most of their time on social media platforms. It is a fact that there is more freedom in these platforms. The students can do whatever they want and socialize with anybody they like. Through the social media networks, they can make new friends, comment on lives of others and even create new identities. This freedom enthralls them.

2. Incredible learning exposure

Learning is a central thing in a student’s life. Students can interact with their friends and share knowledge and ideas that sharpen their mind. Learning new things is now easier for students than ever through social media networking. There are several researches which can prove you that it`s totally true. This has exposed students and has impacted significantly on their innovativeness.

3. Corrupted moral values
In spite of the numerous benefits of the social media, parents are always complaining about the drastic changes in their children’s behavior. Students can access different materials such as pornographic videos and images that corrupt their morals. Youths are very daring and will try to imitate everything they see on those social media networks. The result is dangerous and unacceptable habits and practices such as prostitution and use of drugs that significantly affects their life. Many college students become wasted due to the use of harmful substances that is mostly a social media influence. Social media even has caused suicidal behavior.

4. Social media addiction.

Getting too much involved in the social media platforms cultivates bad habits. Addiction to social media has affected significantly students’ lives leading to consistent practices that corrupt their minds. Instead of studying, playing and learning new techniques, most students will spend their time chatting with friend’s social media. Moreover, students tend to neglect their duties to talk with their buddies. This has induced laziness and loss of focus in life. The negative thing with social media addiction is that the relationships created break easily due to lack of direct contact. The result is frustration and stress on students.

5. Inability to think independently

It has become a big issue that most students who use social media networks group think. They are unable to depend on their original thoughts thinking that the views of others have more value than theirs. When given assignments or an exam, most students will not be able to tackle them independently and will have to seek help from the media networks. Some students will even find it hard to study due to easy access to various information on these platforms. For example, if you assign a student an essay to write, he or she will search a similar topic or download a pdf from the internet, copy and paste and hand over the work.

6. Issues with self-esteem

Many people especially the students feel lonely as a result of the social media impact. The effect is more evident in students who have grown up in places where they can access the web quickly than those who have less or no access. The habit of interacting through electronic means makes it harder to interact with people face to face. They communicate through the social media but are poor communicators in the real world.

7. Great minds and Innovativeness.
Research has shown that most students who are frequent users of media social networks are more innovative and exhibit great memories. This is due to exposure to different ideas and thoughts from the experts they interact with through the nets. The students can initiate their projects and run them efficiently with the help of social media. It is easier to consult the professionals on areas they need help. Exposure to more knowledge improves their thinking capacity that leads to greater minds. There are several researches which can prove you that it`s totally true. You can visit Edubirdy and find something interesting for you. This has exposed students and has impacted significantly on their innovativeness

Top Ten Books Every Student Should Read

books for college bound students

Hello, my dear student. If you are reading this, it means you are looking for the most fascinating and essential books, like a real bookworm. It is not a secret that reading improves intellectual skills, broadens our mind and enriches the vocabulary. The question, then, arises: where to find those reliable sources? When it comes to educational platforms, especially for students, at EduBirdie you can receive authentic, helpful and fresh content every day.

Of course, my point of view is subjective, and it is not obligatory to follow this list. However, these books will help to perceive this world from another viewpoint and to grasp some vital truths. So, if you want to become as smart as Sherlock, Dr. House or Sheldon - you are in the right place.

1. “Utopia” by Thomas More. I decided to put this book at the beginning of the list because it helps to realize some aspects of the world around us, related to politics, history, economics, human relationships. This book shows a perfect world, without corruption, with totally equal rights and possibilities. “Utopia” raises such questions " why do we live exactly in such “world,” and how we can improve it."

2. “Games people play” by Eric Berne.

games people play

For every student will be useful to read psychology works because of the inner world of every student, immature and fragile, so it is really necessary to form it correctly. The well-known psychologist Eric Berne has developed a transaction analysis system that allows analyzing, and describing the behavior of a person, which is usually the result of the interaction of the three "I" of a person: the so-called "Adult," "Parent" and "Child." If you want to find books to read in college, you will find them here

3. The Innovators by Walter Isaacson. Before achieving some goals, it is necessary to conquer yourself and overcome fear. This book discusses the fight against laziness, bad habits and so on. And I want to advise you this book in order to get inspired. The book is about the great minds and digital revolution they have made. It is about modern times, the era of technology, computers, and the Internet. Some inspiring manuals, about achieving success are here .

4. “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury. Of course, work of fiction won’t be excess for any student. Ray Bradbury is one of my most favorite writers. He was really intelligent and talented person. His artworks are amazing so that while reading his stories emerges another, fantastic world. This story is about time travel and explains that any action, even the most minor, has its consequences.

5. “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. You may think this book is only for children, but it is a world-famous delusion. Nevertheless, this book is full of life, from all its aspects. Through the whole storyline, Little Prince experiences love, life difficulties, adventures, it's full of emotions, kindness and energy. It can be truly called one of the best books for college students.

6. “A History of the English-Speaking Peoples” by Winston Churchill. I highly recommend another history book for you. It is a four-volume edition covering the period from Caesar's invasions of Britain (55 BC) to the beginning of the First World War (1914). Great Britain is one of the most powerful countries and its past has really deep roots so at least it will be useful for you to read this creation.

7. “Democracy in America” by Alexis de Tocqueville.

democracy in america

I can safely say that this book really changed the world. Here you’ll find traditional American ideas about independence, democracy, and equal rights. Main topics are the Puritan originating, the federal constitution, and situation of women in society.

8. “Paradise Lost” by John Milton. The poem reveals the Biblical story of the Fall of Man: the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Milton's purpose, stated in Book I, is to “justify the ways of God to man.” The great meaning of "Paradise Lost" lies in the psychological idea of the struggle between heaven and hell. Milton's seething political passions helped him to create a grandiose image of Satan, whose thirst for freedom brought him to evil.

9. “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë. In the center of the story is a girl with a strong character who opposes all life's difficulties. She is intelligent, talented, modest. Despite all the adversities, she finds her happiness. This book is about a real fight against stagnant moral principles, with cruel and limited people and with harsh reality.

10. “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert. This is one of the most captivating books for college students that is relevant even nowadays. You will find here plenty of interesting and elaborated characters, social problems and moral values. It will help “to work on bugs” in your social and private life and to analyze your surroundings.