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How Technology Has Transformed the Modern Office

Today's office looks nothing like the office of twenty years ago. These changes have come not only in the design and setup of the office but in the equipment and technology that is used as well. Today's technology advances at a greater speed than any other time in history. It is safe to say that in ten years' time, the office then will look and function differently compared to today. Here are some of the ways in which technology has transformed the modern office.

1. Email

Before email technology became commonplace, the main modes of written communication in the office were letters and fax. These had several disadvantages. Letters sent through the post office took several days to get to the recipient. Once the recipient received the letter, she would have to spend some energy opening it and filing these letters took up quite a chunk of office space. There was also the real possibility of the letter falling through the cracks in the post office system and not getting to the recipient. Retrieving letters and sharing them was also a cumbersome affair. One had to go through several piles of letters just to get to the one she wanted.

These are all problems that have been taken care of by email technology. An email is received just a few seconds after it has been sent. There is no need to print the email and this saves both paper and office space. Retrieving emails takes only a few seconds and the email can be shared among several people at the click of a button.

2. Word processors, spreadsheets and slides.

Another positive revolution witnessed in the modern office is the use of word processors, spreadsheets and slides. Word processors make typing of word documents more convenient than using the old typewriters. One of the key features of word processors is autocorrect, which automatically rectifies a misspelled word. Spreadsheets have simplified presentation of mathematical data and slides have made group presentations more engaging.

3. Printing

The printers of old are a far cry from what we have today. It would take up to several minutes to print a single document. This means that it could take you several hours to print several pages for a presentation you needed to make to a group. The quality of what was printed was also poor. Modern printers are faster and produce better quality of print and images. Several modern printers also have additional built-in features such as scanners and faxes.

4. Video conferencing

Video conferencing has made it possible for people in different offices in different locations to communicate as if they were all seated in the same office. This has helped to cut costs in multinational corporations. Before the onset of video conferencing, one management had to fly top officials from different branches to the head office for key meetings. With video conferencing, however, this has been rendered irrelevant. Meetings can be held at the same time in offices at different continents.

Hiring has also been made easier by videoconferencing. The best talent that a company needs is not always found near where the offices are. Smart people who fit the job could be thousands of miles away. They would be discouraged to apply for a particular job since they were the ones to make all the necessary travel arrangements. It is now possible to interview such people via video conference from a place of their choice.

5. Biometric Security Systems

Out go the keys and safe combinations and in comes the biometric security systems. With these systems, all you need is your fingerprint to access your office or other designated areas. This takes away the fear of losing your keys and saves you time shuffling through a bunch of keys just to find the right one. More importantly, this security system is more secure since it is not possible for a fraudster to steal or copy your key.

It has also made human resource departments more efficient in tracking employee productivity and punctuality. It is no longer possible for a colleague at work to sign on your behalf that you went to work at a particular time when, in reality, you showed up an hour later.

Eye scanning is also a futuristic technology that more and more companies are gradually embracing. This applies in both access through certain designated doors as well as accessing your laptop or PC. You will no longer have to key in long passwords that need to be changed regularly. All you will need is something you have had since birth - your eye.

Why Serbia Is Fast Becoming A Hot Spot For Health Tourism

People seeking surgery visit foreign countries for a couple of different reasons. The costs are extremely cheap even though there isn’t a drop in standards. Also, if you need a procedure done you can be seen within a few days.

Serbia ticks these two boxes easily, but it’s also a lovely place to visit. Everyone is taking that into consideration too. You want to mix your surgery in with a little sightseeing, so let’s look at the delights Serbia has to offer.

1. Golubac Fortress

Every health tourist will need to visit one of the most beautiful fortresses in Europe. Sadly, modern technology has caused lots of the outer walls to become submerged in water. It’s finally starting to decay after so many wild battles and wars.

To be fair, it does add a certain charm to it. An old fortress will always be considered more interesting than a brand new one. It has multiple towers protecting various compounds and you’ll get to walk around exploring them.

2. The Skull Tower

The Skull Tower isn’t a creative name they came up with to promote tourism. You’ll quickly discover it’s been built using the human skills of enemies conquered in the past. It’s a must-see when you visit the stunning town of Nis.

You should probably stay away if you’re squeamish. The practice of stacking skulls you’ve destroyed is ancient, but it managed to survive until historic times. Relatives have actually been trying to recover loved ones over the years.

3. Drina River House

When you pass through Bajina Bašta you’ll need to pay a visit to the Drina River. There is something you might not expect sitting in the middle of it. A wooden cabin is perched on a rock and it’s survived for nearly 50 years.

The river has been rising and falling since long before we can remember. The rock always seemed to stick out no matter how high it got. A group of friends decided it would be a good place to build a holiday cabin.

4. Bubanj Memorial Park

Anyone who enjoys history might want to visit Bubanj Memorial Park in order to honor the fallen during World War Two. It’s home to one of the worst massacres that took place, which involved 10,000 Serbs.

They were rounded up into a large group and shot by German forces. The memorial trails and statues are beautiful to look at. It’s just terribly unfortunate why they had to be built in the first place.

5. Belgrade Tesla Museum

Tesla is one of the most iconic brands in recent times and it’s going to change the world. Do you know how Elon Musk came up with the name? The company was named after the great Nikola Tesla, who Musk admired a lot.

He was a genius scientist and inventor who changed the course of history forever. All of his inventions can be found at the Belgrade Tesla Museum. It’s even the final resting place of his ashes at this moment in time.

6. Ruzica Church

What is the last thing you’d expect to see in a church? Weapons like swords and cannons would sit close to the top of the list. You’ll see them if you visit Ruzica Church while recovering from your operation.

The church has a couple of chandeliers lighting the place up. They're made entirely of cannon parts, swords, and spent bullet casings. It’s the oldest church in the country and nobody knows for sure who built it.

7. Bridge Of Love

A school teacher fell in love with a soldier before World War One, but it wasn’t to be. Her love was sent to the war and he married another woman. The teacher fell apart and died all alone years later.

Females in the town didn’t want to suffer the same fate, so they etched their names onto padlocks alongside the name of someone they loved. They were attached to a bridge and it’s where the phenomenon originated.

You Won’t Regret Visiting Serbia

Health tourism is only going to keep getting more popular in Serbia. Patients are blown away by the quality of their hospitals and clinics, plus they can’t stop talking to their friends about the country itself. If you require surgery you won’t regret going there for a second.

7 Easy Ways To Turn Your Business Into An Eco-Friendly Machine

There are millions of ways you can boost your profits. It's likely you're implementing many of those tactics on a monthly basis. If you're like most other businesses they'll be complicated. Fortunately, sometimes the easiest things work best.

You can spend a little time making your company more environmentally-friendly. You'll be helping the planet become greener while increasing your bank balance at the same time. It's not difficult if you want to get started right now. Let's look at a few simple ways you can do it.

1. Stop Using Disposable Ink Cartridges

Do you have any idea what happens when you throw out ink cartridges? The plastic will take an extremely long time to degrade, plus leftover ink will seep into the ground. Disposing of them correctly is much more expensive.

You can avoid any trouble in the future by turning to refillable cartridges. Once the ink is used up it's not difficult to refill them. You'll also save a ton of money if your company still uses printers on a daily basis.

2. You Should Use Green Cleaning Products

Businesses lose a large amount of money every year due to sick days. Common sense says you'd waste less money if your employees were healthier. This all starts with the environment they spend time in every single day.

At the moment, there is probably lots of chemicals floating around in the air. You can improve the air quality instantly by using green cleaning products. They're not any less effective than their toxic counterparts.

3. Avoid Wasting Money On New Furniture

You'll eventually need to buy new furniture for your office. If you're smart you will stay away from anything that is brand new. It's pointless spending extra on something when it won't directly improve your business.

You will also be doing your part to stop trees from being ripped out of the ground. Offices throw away furniture every year for legitimate reasons. You'll always find secondhand desks and chairs in excellent condition.

4. Tell Your Employees To Work From Home

If you have a lot of employees you'll need to rent a lot of office space. You'll also need to spend money heating or cooling your office depending on the weather. Bring down your energy bills by letting employees work at home.

I'm sure they'll appreciate skipping their tiresome commute. There must be a few employees you won't need to bring in every day. It will actually improve productivity in case you're scared it will do the exact opposite.

5. Be Careful When Packing Your Products

When you send packages to customers you don't want anything to go wrong. It's why they're normally stuffed with lots of foam or plastic. It's still possible to keep your customers pleased while helping to save the planet.

The perfect solution is to use shredded paper when packing products in the future. Make sure the recycled paper doesn't contain any sensitive information and you'll be fine. Think of all the money you'll save on useless packaging.

6. You Can't Keep Wasting Electricity

Do you unplug all the electronics in your office when you're not using them? If you did you'd use around 15 percent less energy every month. Nobody thinks phantom energy is real until they see the difference for themselves.

There are other little things you can do to preserve electricity. For example, take advantage (of the sun) when it's out. If you don't need to turn all your lights on it's okay to keep some of them switched off.

7. Encourage Employees To Start Cycling

Everyone is far too eager to jump into a vehicle these days. You would be helping the world if you encourage your employees to cycle into work instead. A small percentage of them will probably live close by.

When they cycle into work they'll be a lot more productive, so they will make you more money. You have to make sure you install decent bike racks and showers if this is going to turn into a big success.

It's Never Too Late To Get Started

It doesn't matter how green your company is right now. In fact, it's better if you're not very environmentally-friendly. It just means you'll have a lot more green options available to you going forwards. Start with these ones first and keep an eye on the results.

6 Apps and Gadgets to Improve a College Student’s Productivity

Sure, your phone and computer are loaded with things you use for entertainment, but you are likely not getting all the educational value out of them you should. Being a college student means being always pressed for time. If you find that juggling all the responsibilities of university life is a struggle, then you need to find smart ways to use technology to remove distractions and maximize your study time. Here are six great apps and gadgets to boost a college student’s productivity.

1. RescueTime

If you are like most college students, you undoubtedly struggle to block out distractions when you are trying to study. It isn’t easy to concentrate on writing a paper when Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram beckon. To make sure you can focus, install RescueTime on your computer. This awesome app will track all your computer usage, giving you an accurate picture of exactly how you are using your time.If that information isn’t enough to scare you into studying, RescueTime can be used to block you from using certain websites when you are in a study session. This allows you to focus on writing your paper, filling out your lab report or submitting your Spanish homework without your BFF’s latest post taking you once again down the rabbit hole of lost time online.

2. Smartpen from Livescribe

This is perhaps the most helpful gadget imaginable for students. Livescribe smartpens are incredible. You can use them to capture your notes digitally as you take them during lectures. You can use them in conjunction with your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Not only do these awesome pens capture your writing, but they are also recording beautiful digital audio that you use to listen to your professor’s lectures again when you are getting ready to ace your midterms.

3. Any.do

If you have trouble staying organized, you are not alone. Many college students find it difficult to keep track of everything they need to get done. You need to find a good technological solution to help you keep track of your assignments. Any.do is a wonderful app that you can install on your devices to help you stay on track. You will never forget that you have an assignment due when you have Any.do installed. It helps you to organize and keep track of everything in your life from your grocery list to your chemistry homework. Install Any.do to see what it can do for you.

4. Study Habits

One of the best ways to improve your productivity when you are a student is to learn how to study more effectively. Download the Study Habits app to learn how to study much more efficiently. Using the latest in educational psychology research. Study Habits teaches users how to get motivated, study more effectively, boost memory and improve reading comprehension.

5. Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome undoubtedly gets quite a workout when you are doing research, but it can be doing more for you. There are loads of awesome Google Chrome extensions that you can add to improve your productivity and make studying more effective. Make sure you take advantage of all the incredible free Chrome extensions available to help you become a better student.

6. Inspiration

One of the terrifying moments as a student is staring at a blank page with no idea how to even begin. If you are stuck without an idea, the first thing you need to do is to take a deep breath and avoid panicking. When you need inspiration, simply go to Inspiration. This helpful website has tons of resources that will soon have you brimming with ideas.Being a college student is not easy. You have a ton of responsibilities to handle. These six apps and gadgets are just what you need to make your life easier. Lighten your load by embracing the power of technology.