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7 Style Tips College Students Must Follow

College is the best time of the life, and for students, today’s time is indeed the best era to be on campus, because now, students have access to everything. Right from social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to watching tutorials on YouTube and following style trends reviewed by college fashion bloggers. College students can do anything with technology, which is why they also experiment on things never tried before.

There are many college fashion blogs online, which a student can follow to understand what suits him and his physique. Clothing should be adorned only according to your personality, and your body. A certain piece of cloth might look fantastic on your friend, but it might not look as good on you, so you should consider buying it and think twice before proceeding the bill-counter.

Here are seven style tips that university students must follow to take their game a notch higher.

1. Stay Updated about Latest Colours – As a student, you must keep abreast of what’s going on in the market, and which colors are in trend. Following blogs and Instagram profiles of certain people can help you more than you think! Many college party themes revolve around ‘Instagram trends’, which has become the talk of the town lately.

2. Keep it Simple, yet Trendy – Being too complicated is bad for yourself. When you are in college, you need to choose a set of clothing, which is easy to carry out throughout your hectic schedule but also keeps you popular. Choose minimalistic clothing for yourself, like basic shirts and a simple pair of jeans. Sometimes, being simple is classier than being too adorned with all kinds of things and accessories.

3. You can dress well even on a budget – Yes, you read that right. You do not need to spend a fortune to dress well. You can easily do that while being on a budget. There are many vintage stores, online shops, and non-branded Instagram accounts, who sell fabulous clothing. You just have to be smart enough to make the right choice and monitor the sales available. There are many students who look more put together in cheaper clothes than the students who run after brands and price tags.

4. Take care of your body and hair – The one thing that students tend to ignore while in college is the basic skin and hair care, which is essential for a healthy skin and scalp. We know you are busy, and your routine is always packed up with one thing or another, but it is you who will have to eventually take care of your skin. Get your hands on some good body wash, face wash and shampoo that suit your skin, and make it a routine to do some extra care on weekends or whenever you have time. Even some small steps can ensure long life to your hair and healthy skin.

5. Read about latest fashion – Fashion is not visible only on campus, but even in magazines and journals. You can ask for access to your university library and read about the latest fads in the market and the best styles to follow. In some journals and magazines, you may also find some online homework writing help as well, which talk about fashion forecast, predictions about fashion for next year, and beyond. And that is something, that can help you in the long term to stay trendy.

6. Take care of your Accessories – Just because your overall look should be minimal does not mean you should completely leave the accessories out. You can include a nice pair of shoes and a good wristwatch which can accentuate your overall personality and provide you with a new look. College fashion is not just about clothing, but equally about accessories too.

7. Get Discounts and e-coupons – There are always seasons and times when you can get heavy discounts on online stores. Keep looking out for upcoming season sales, and deals like Halloween, black Friday and especially Christmas and New Year. The items that you can get on sale during this time are something you won’t find at that price all year round. It can be an amazingly great deal if you are smart enough to make the right decision at the right time.

Lastly, as a student, you can always mix and match your clothing. You don’t need to buy a lot of clothes; you can just buy a few, and wear them separately, changing your style and look every time, with each pair. These tips and hacks will not only help you beat the competition in style at your campus, but it will also help you stay in fashion throughout your degree or course completion time.

The Most Common Degrees Held by Billionaires


Almost all people had a vision and desire to become billionaires, but a few of them have made it to the wealthy kingdom. What caused the disparity? Do you desire to become one? What is the most common major? In this article, we will reveal to you the top education majors for the top billionaires. Whether or not you will reconsider your degree choice is up to you, ours is to inform you that top billionaires have a lot in common. According to Vista College, they have specific common majors.

14 World billionaires did Engineering.

By the fact that you are keen on this article, names like Michael Bloomberg, David Koch, Charles Koch and Jeff Bezos are known to you. There are fourteen names under this major. Did their academic knowledge earn them wealth or they coupled it with their business genius orientations? None of the names above is below $30 Billion.

14 Global billionaires did Economics.

Economics is all about money and market manipulation; these billionaires won’t surprise as much as the engineers. Could majoring in Economics be the best way to harvest tons of dollars? People like Laurene Powell Jobs ($16 Billions), Steve Ballmer ($20.8 B) and Tadashi Yanai ($16.4 B) are best placed to tell us. But according to James McQuiston, cultural education is the way to go, visit this website for more details.

11 world financial heavyweights did Business and Finance. 

While Business and Finance are the most common majors in college, only a handful students climbed the world wealth ladder to the apex. Common names like Warren Buffett ($66 B) and Susanne Klatten ($18.4 B) are amongst the few.

Commerce is not left behind in the billionaire league.

Dilip Shanghvi ($15.6 B) is one of the wealthiest people in India. Another name is Lakshmi Mittal ($12.3 B). Marketing is one of the most common degrees that can prepare you to manage people and money so that your empire persistently grows.

There are more majors than we can list, which can earn you huge junks of money. For example, 123HelpMe.com Review has been hosting blogs on financial matters for many years and can assist you a lot. For this article, we are focusing on the areas the existing billionaires majored in.

Three Mathematicians calculated their way to wealth.

Were you aware that Steve Ballmer ($20.8 B) and Sergey Brin ($31.1 B) are Mathematicians? Each of them later held additional expertise; Ballmer did Economics, and Brin added Computer Science.

Three rich philosophers

Rupert Murdoch ($14.5 B), George Soros ($23 Billions) and Carl Icahn ($23.9 B) didn’t miss a chance to seize an opportunity to thrive economically. Philosophy may not be amongst the most common degrees in college, but they made it nevertheless.

Art and Historians also secured their names in wealth history. 

How did David Thomson ($24.1 B), Abigail Johnson ($18 B) manage to reach the top? This is very interesting. The answer to “what is the most common major in college?” is not history or art, but it gave birth to two global billionaires by now.

Political science also generate billionaires.

There are political scientists like Tadashi Yanai ($16.4 Billions) and Rupert Murdoch ($14.5 B) who have triumphed in money making. Both of them later added Economics to their academic credentials, no wonder Political science is one of the most common majors in college.

The two Lawyers who defended their rights to acquire wealth. 

  • Their names are: Alisher Usmanov ($19.5 B), and Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken ($11.6 B)
  •  For you to recognize but not necessarily try: Mark Zuckerberg ($53.5 B) and Bill gates are school drop out billionaires.  Jeff Bezos is a self-made billionaire who believes that to innovate, one has to be ready to be miss-understood, hang out with resourceful people only and innovate anytime.


No matter what specialization you have, there are other keys to achieve success beyond a diploma. Most of the people described above majored in areas they had passion in, which can be a lesson for you. It is important to note that not all engineers worth billions, but a careful choice of the area, hard work, risking and trying ingenious things are your staircases to the top of the wealthy building.

8 Weirdest Campus Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas is the time of celebration not only for Christians around the world but for everyone who is in a holiday mood! In that time of the year almost entire world takes a break from work because within a week the world sees New Year, which again marks a global celebration.

It is celebrated to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, considered a supreme power in Christianity. It is celebrated on 25th of December every year, and marks for a beginning of a New Year as well. Since it is wintertime in most parts of the world, hence, it is the perfect time to gather with your family and relax. There are several Christmas traditions and customs which are differently followed in distanced communities. There are many international Christmas traditions, which are followed in the same manner, like decorating the tree, putting lights on, baking plum cake and having a family dinner. But what about odd Christmas traditions around the world? Below are some weird Christmas traditions that are followed mostly by young people including students:

  • Christmas Chicken – In Japan, people are fond of chicken, and when it comes to the holiday season, they flock the popular American fast food joint KFC for their special Christmas chicken, which is only served during the vacation time. It is a tradition in Japan now, but in the 1970s, it started as a marketing campaign by KFC to popularize their brand in Japanese market. With time, the KFC name came to be known as ‘Kentucky’s Fried Christmas’.
  • Lucky Numbers – Numerology has a great effect on lives of people, that is why numbers like 13 are considered unlucky in many cultures. Some weirdest holiday traditions are seen in Spain, where on 22 December every year, 22 students on campus sing out the numbers of the winners of a National Lottery. People purchase dozens of tickets each and try their luck out before Christmas time.
  • Christmas Log – Instead of a tree, Spanish people have a log, on which they draw a face and decorate it for the holiday time. It symbolizes harmony and good luck, and it is also popular to ‘feed’ the log, provide it with a warm blanket, and on the eve of Christmas, it is burnt in a fireplace! It is also beaten by the members of the family to get presents out of it. This ritual is popular not only in Spain but even in some other European countries.
  • https://i.ytimg.com/vi/9uS3Bf0lFrk/maxresdefault.jpg
  • Spider Webs – It may sound scary, but Ukrainian people use spider web ‘ornaments’ to decorate their trees. It is believed that once a poor woman had nothing to decorate her tree with, and the next morning she woke up, spiders had done the job for her, by creating webs that looked beautiful in the sunlight. Since then, it became a tradition in Ukraine to use decorations which look like Spider webs, and even till date, markets and malls are flooded with decorative items that resemble spider webs.
  • Christmas for Students – For students, Christmas is different everywhere. In some colleges or university campus, groups of students play ‘secret Santa’ for each other and bring each other presents. This ritual helps them break the ice and make new friends, as well as gives them an opportunity to help someone. Some students have now started giving online vouchers to their pals, as a perfect holiday present. From vouchers for top 10 essay writing services to online tutorial helps in various subjects, students have gifted each other a lot of stuff, which has become a trend in the modern-day world now.
  • Donald Duck Family Time – This weird tradition is followed religiously in Sweden, where around 3 pm in the noon, Donald Duck is aired on national television for the whole family to watch and celebrate the holiday together. This show is an hour long and marks the beginning of the holiday-season in Sweden.
  • Icelandic Roller Skating – This ritual in Iceland is famous for being one of the coolest in the world. Here people do not walk to the Christmas mass in Church, instead, they roller skate! Streets and sidewalks are cleared that day so that people can skate to church safely and begin their vacations. This ritual is followed predominantly in Venezuela out of other cities of Iceland.
  • Norwegian Broom Hiding Ritual – In Norway, people believe that a night before Christmas, the evil power is at its mightiest, and they can do anything, hence to avoid allowing witches to borrow their brooms and go on a city tour, the people hide their brooms in secure places to keep them away from the sight of anyone. This tradition is being followed in Norway since years now.
  • http://wdy.h-cdn.co/assets/cm/15/10/54f5f676c1673_-_christmas-tree-fireplace-stockings-lights-lgn.jpg

Career Challenges You Are Likely to Face after Graduation

The most common questions among youth are ‘what can I do after graduation?’ and ‘where can I find a job?’ Surely, there are the lucky ones, who have already decided everything about their future career and what they would like to reach in a year. However, the majority of graduates feel stressed when it comes to their future. I bet that more than 76% of all students in the world face pretty much the same challenges choosing the things to do after college graduation and building up plans for their self-esteem through the selected job.

First and foremost, do not stop, be in progress, be not afraid of discovering brand-new opportunities for your professional improvement. In fact, it does not matter who you are, either arts or science you learn; which quality assignment help you use; whether you are a graduate of a local college or one of the biggest international universities in New York, Singapore, or London – you should consider various thoughts about the morrow plans after graduation.

Here you are likely to face a number of the most frequent difficulties and challenges that undergraduates usually stumble upon. I want to be clear with you and reveal the truth about the challenges college students face after graduation. 

 Having different job interviews

The major and biggest problem for the students turns out to be not the process of finding work itself, but the interview, which is an integral part of every company in their search for a perfect candidate. Only being smart is not enough for hire.  The face-to-face job talk is the leading way for the HR manager to understand your personality, experience, and skills. Also, you have to know what to wear and what to say in an interview as well as to be prepared for phone and video interviews. To cope with it successfully, you have to know how to talk and interact during such interviews.

Respect the colleagues

When you attended a university, there was no distinction between position and status, and all students were the same age. At work, a common requirement is a friendly and considerate attitude to all colleagues at work, partners, regardless of personal likes and dislikes. The system of business interaction is also expressed in the speech. It is necessary to adhere to accepted behaviour, and speech etiquette - the norms of language behaviour developed by the society or particular company, typical formulas, following the rules of greetings, requests, gratitude (for example, "hello", "please", "allow me to apologize", " happy to meet you "). These sustainable expressions are applied concerning social, age, and psychological characteristics. Communication as interaction implies setting contact with each other, exchange certain information in order to build a strong and problem-free cooperation.

Get the results fast

Times are tough, and it is rare not to hear a common task of getting the job done promptly. On every new project, every manager would convince you that a failure is not an option, and he’s not going to deep into the problem until the highest result is not delivered. However, not all the jobs imply such strict rules. Nevertheless, if you feel like you’re being pushed to do all the dirty job without any positive results, you have to use your judgment, but any company that has an opportunity to do this isn’t one that you want to stay for long.

The crisis of entry-level 

Finally, you have finished your studying; you are fresh and full of energy. You begin to send your CV to the dozens of different companies and then face the changeless answer ‘the lack of experience.' Let’s get it all sorted out before you start hating your college and life itself. Obviously, nobody needs an employee who may be aware of all the ins and outs in theory, but have no practice. The best way of solving such problems is to peg along! Find a temporary job or internship to grab a valuable background and to build your network. To be blunt, turn your philosophy into the procedure!

Single out a personal allowed path

Recent scholars might be all adrift regarding their life’s course. The choice lies between the career and advanced education. You might go off on a journey or get employment, but may be clueless about what you wish to do.

Everyone has its own journey. If several years ago you asked me about my future plan after graduation, I would be rather frustrated.  I can only advise you examine new things, join varied organizations, make acquaintance with new folks, and search for new duties constantly. Eventually, something will click.

Good job means a prosperous future

It is usual for the undergraduates to take the first available assignment they were offered, even if it does not follow with what they have studied or has nothing in common with what they are looking for.  Scoping out the appropriate place can be decisive to your career path. Selecting the wrong one may push you away from the desired position. Do not give up on your passion and all solid efforts you invest into getting your credit. It can be worth a shot to wait.

Spooky Halloween Class Party Ideas For Students

Halloween traditions are quite interesting and unusual because creepy occasion turned into an enjoyable holiday. The incredible costumes, intimidating masks, unusual contests and scary decorations are integral constituents of unforgettable Halloween party.

Students love parties. Halloween parties at school are exciting occasions for them to spend time with their peers and frighten the guts out of classmates with their costumes. If All Saints Day is coming and you still didn’t think over the scenario of the event, our halloween school party ideas will help you create the spookiest atmosphere on Halloween!

1. Choose a preferable style. 

There are many different themes for parties, so start thinking now. You can conduct a poll among students to decide which idea seems the most desirable for them. Here you can see widely used party themes for the scariest holiday:

  • Otherworldly world
  • Horror movies
  • Fairy tales
  • Cemetery

2. Make creepy invitations. 

Follow selected theme in creating invitations. Write the time, date and specify what to put on, bring, etc. If you are too tired of writing, this link will come in handy. Send out invitations a couple of weeks before the party. Here are a few ideas for invitations:

  • Take a black paper, download the template from the internet and cut out invitations in the form of a witch hat. To write information about the party, use a white or silver pen.
  • Buy tiny pumpkins at the grocery store or on the market. On one side draw a scary face, and on the other - write the details of the party. Just make sure that the marker is dry and deliver the invitations to guests.

3. Prepare food and drinks.


Food and drinks not only have to be tasty but also scary. Witches’ fingers are absolutely perfect idea for the treats. To prepare witches’ fingers, you need to bake cookies in the form of long fingers and add almond on the end of each cookie. 

As for drinks, a cauldron with a punch is a must. Mix cranberry, orange and pineapple juices with lemonade. Glowing lights on the bottom of the cauldron or bowl will be a wonderful addition.

As for glasses decorations, cover the edges of the glasses with sugar syrup and add red food coloring. Tilt the glass slightly to the right, and let the red liquid run down its edge.

4. Engage guests into game

Why not add some ‘old school’ to the party? There are lots of different halloween games for school party, but the most exciting one is called “who is the killer?”

How to play this game?

Write down traits and features of each character. Each student will be presenting each character of the game. There can be doctor, judge, nun or any other personalities you can make up. But one of them will be a killer. Give out the characteristics of personalities they will be presenting to each student before the start of the holiday and open the evidence throughout the night, exposing alibis, secrets, and connections. In the end, ask everyone to guess as to who the killer is (you'll have to point out distinctive feature of the killer and make hints to help players guess). The offender must reveal themself!

5. Tell horror stories

Horror stories are perfect for spooky Halloween celebration. Arrange a dark place and gather people around jack-o-lantern to create a scary atmosphere. You can choose good old Agatha Cristie’s or Edgar Poe’s novels and frighten the life out of guests. Or you can find some classic short horrors on the Internet.  Ask guests to tell their favorite stories, in turn, to make the celebration even more fun!

6. Choose decorations

Jack-o-lantern, fake spiders and bats are classic Halloween decorations. You can ask the guests to bring their cut out pumpkins to the event, or you can make them together – it will be a lot of fun! Then arrange a contest for the best pumpkin (the most spooky, funny or lovely).

You may add something thematic to your party. Make a ghost from a sheet or place some attributes of a witch such as a broom, patched and frayed hat. You can also decorate the room with artificial webs and skeletons. And engage students in decorating classroom – they will be happy to take part in making the celebration memorable!