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Remembering Anniversaries

It is a common misconception that the man in the relationship is forgetful of anniversaries.  While many men might, woman can be forgetful too.  Some men are good at remembering things, but this is for the forgetful people: men and women.

Anniversaries to Remember

Of course, everyone has an anniversary of the day they met or decided to be in a relationship.  As time goes on, there may be other anniversaries to remember.  It is good to celebrate as many as there are, for love should be a celebration that never ends.  Other than the day you met, you can also celebrate the day you got engaged, the day you moved in together, and obviously, the day you got married.  If you lived with your lover before you got married that’s a total of 4 anniversaries, 3 if you started living with your significant other the day you got married.  So how do you remember these days?

Remembering the Day You Got Together

The day you meet you have little control over, since it often is by chance.  Even if it’s planned when you get together, you don’t want to place an arbitrary date for it, for it’s better to get involved with your loved one as soon as you can.  It is recommended that you text your intended the day you want to ask them to get in a relationship with you.  That way, you can look at your phone later and know the date.  You might lose your phone later, so you should mark the date down on a calendar as well.  If you don’t have a planning calendar, you should get one, especially since you might have a problem remembering things.  If you don’t manage to do these things, if you talk to your friends around the time you started a relationship, they might remember important dates that corresponds with their lives, making it easy for them to remember your important day for you later.

Remembering the Days You Have Control Over

The day you get engaged, the day you move in together, and the day you get married you do have more control over.  The easiest way to remember the date you chose, is to choose a date that corresponds with another important event.  Days like the first day of a season.  Solstice dates, the first day of winter and the first day of summer remain the same, June 21st and December 21st.  While the Spring and Fall Equinox dates change, they both start around the 21st so there are four 21st dates that you could chose to start your lives together.  My parents who are forgetful got married on June 21st, the Summer Solstice.  They also got engaged on March 21st, which is close to the Spring Equinox.  Purely by chance, but luckily for me, I also moved in with my boyfriend on March 21st, meaning I can easily remember that anniversary date.  I had no idea my parents got engaged on that same day, but it helps cement the date more in my mind.  You can also choose the day in the middle of the month, the 15th, to get together.  Me and my boyfriend don’t remember the actual day we met except that it was in October.  We decided to place the arbitrary date of October 15th, so we wouldn’t forget again.  The 13th of a month is also an easy day to remember. So is a day that corresponds with your birthday (though probably not the actual birthday).  There are many days to choose from to remember the most wonderful events in your relationship.

So to remember your anniversary, text the event to each other, write it down on a calendar, talk to your friends, and chose a date that corresponds to something else.  I don’t remember the day me and my boyfriend met, and we both lost our phones and texts to verify the date.  I did talk to my friend, and she had a court date around that time so I know we didn’t meet by the 15th of October, but that it’s pretty close.  Now you have some ideas to keep you from being forgetful.

Are Watching Music Competition Shows Worth It?

For the past decade The USA has had a lot of competition shows on the air.  These are fun for a simple past time, and they are worth watching to find new or old talent.  When looking for music, there are three shows that are good for viewing.  They are “America’s Got Talent,” “The Voice,” and “American Idol”.

America’s Got Talent

It might be surprising to find “America’s Got Talent” on this list of musical shows, since it is actually a variety show.  Being a variety show though, there are many singers that compete.  Within the last few years the winners have been singers.  In 2016 the then twelve-year-old girl, Grace VanderWaal won the grand prize.  A million dollars and a show in Las Vegas.  She sings along to her ukulele when preforming.  The next year, in 2017 the then twelve-year-old girl Darci Lynne won the show doing a singing puppet ventriloquist act.  These girls may not be played over the radio, but if you are looking for a musical show to go to in Las Vegas, you might know just what kind of show to look for.  Going to concerts is a great way to celebrate music.

The Voice

The next show “The Voice” features vocalists trying to win it all by being coached by famous musical artists.  Not many of the contestants of the Voice have become that popular on the Billboard charts, but their coach counter parts are definitely worth looking into. They cover a variety of genres from country to rock to pop.  The country singer Blake Shelton has been coaching on “The Voice” for a while.  So has the famous rock/pop star Adam Levine, lead singer of “Maroon 5”.  Other coaches have included Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefanina, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Clarkson.  These people may not be the contestants, but they may be some of your favorites and by watching the show you will be able to learn about their personality’s and learn about their musical ideas.

American Idol

If you are looking for new music and hoping to find a fresh new artist, the program to watch is “American Idol”. "American Idol" also covers a variety of music genres, so you can find the music that suits you the most.  The judge Kelly Clarkson on “The Voice” which we mentioned before got her start on “American Idol”.  She was the winner in 2002 and has come out with multiple hit songs.  Many winners of “American Idol” have enjoyed much fame as well as some contestants who didn’t make it to first or even second place. The rocker, Chris Daughtery actually came in 4th place in 2006, but since then has enjoyed a lot of fame.  Many of his albums have been on the Billboards.  The country singer Carrie Underwood started on “American Idol” and she is another household name.  The list is extensive, so if you are looking for a new star come out, “American Idol” is the show to watch.

There are probably more Singing Competitions out there.  If you are wondering if they are worth it to watch, consider the benefits you get from the three listed here.  You might find a good concert to go to, learn more information about your current famous vocalist, or see a fresh new face.


Finding Food for Your Finicky Pet

Sometimes when we get a new dog or cat, it is hard to find the perfect food for them.  Some people are lucky, and their pet will act as a vacuum and eat everything, but often pets are finicky and turn their noses up on practically anything you give them.  If you find yourself in that situation, how do you go about finding what they will eat?  Unfortunately, if you have an unusual pet there aren’t many options and you’ll have to simply hope for the best.  If it’s a dog or cat though, there are some steps you can take to find the perfect food.

What Not to Feed Your Pet

First, you should be warned not to feed your pet everything.  Often there are allergies and somethings that will harm dogs and cats. You might think tuna for humans is okay for cats, but it’s not.  Milk is something cats are given, but in actuality most grown cats are lactose intolerant. Neither Dogs or cats should be fed raw meat, same as humans; and if they are given bones they could choke.  Neither dogs or cats should have chocolate, grapes or raisons because this could cause serious sickness or death.  The list is extensive.  If you want more information on what not to feed your dog and reasons why go to WebMD’s “Slideshow: Dangerous Foods for Dogs” (; and for cats go to “Slideshow: Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat Slideshow” (  For these reasons it is not suggested that table foods be fed to your companion.

Talk to People

Sometimes when getting a new pet people can get lucky and be told what their animal likes already.  If not, you can ask.  Call the previous owner, animal shelter, or pet store if you weren’t told and/or forgot to ask. Once in a while though, you might be unable to ask.  If this is the case, you’ll have to use trial and error.  Do talk to others; like family, friends, and coworkers.  They might have suggestions of what their pets do and don’t like; and they might give you food that their pets don’t like, but yours might.

Trial and Error

If you don’t have people you know with pets, you may need to go and buy trial foods on your own.  A finicky pet may hate certain brands or flavors, even the texture of the food could be important.  A cat should be fed both dry and wet food.  Wet food is important because cats are carnivores and need meat.  Cats have choices of solid wet food, shreds or chunks.  Dogs might like or hate crunchy dog food or soft dry food.  Dogs don’t need wet food, but that option is available and if they are turning their nose up on everything dry, do give wet food a try.  Unfortunately, at a grocery store your choices of brands and textures can be limited.  Try what you can, and if you still can’t find anything you may have to examine pet stores like PetSmart or Pet-Co or the internet.  To start buy single cans instead of packages of many so you’re not stuck with something your furry friend hates.

Pay Attention to the Different Kinds of Pet Food Available

You may have to start by trying one brand and different flavors and textures.  You will probably find that some flavors are preferred over others.  Your companion still might not eat much of one brand, so you’ll have to try another brand with flavors they seem to like the most.  Hopefully you will see which texture the pet likes the most too, and be able to buy the brand, flavor, and texture all together.  It may take time, but eventually you will probably find something that at least kind of works.  So, avoid “people” food, talk to people about what food your pet might like, use trial and error at grocery stores and pet stores, and pay attention to different varieties.

It was hard to find a wet food my cat liked.  The Meow Mix chicken dry food she liked right away.  We had to use these steps to find a wet food she liked though.  Finally, she liked chicken, turkey, or liver (but not beef or fish,) Meow Mix wet food chunks, (not solid or shreds,) with a lot of gravy.  Here’s hoping you find something your finicky pet likes soon.

How to Have Patience with Your Children

Having kids can be exhausting.  Children often get on their parent’s nerves, this is normal.  Patience is a virtue that many people, especially parents, struggle with.  Practicing patience instead of anger is hard to do but in the end, it is very rewarding.  Here are some ideas to help you put patience into practice.

Realize You Are Not Alone

One of the first things to realize about your kids to keep patience, is to realize that many parents have a hard time dealing with problems that most children have, just like you.  Young children love to ask “why” about everything.  Realize that this is a way that they learn and remember that you once asked why about everything too.  Try to give an answer every time until you just don’t know how to answer anymore.  This will help your child be smarter which is something to be proud of.  Having pride makes it so you are not so annoyed or angry.  Another thing that most children do, is to ask for something repeatedly even when the answer is no. This gets annoying, but realize all parents go through this.

Many times parents suffer embarrassment in a grocery store because of a child having a tantrum.  You’ve probably seen it happen to strangers.  Try to have the compassion you had for strangers when it happened to them with your child too.  Often when a child gets older they tell you they hate you.  Keep your cool when this happens, it is not just you or your child.  Most parents are told the same thing.  You probably did these exact same things as a child too.  By realizing you are not the only one suffering from these commons problems you will feel less alone and find it easier to maintain patience.

Use Stress Management Techniques

Realization and compassion is not often enough though.  Kids can get into trouble and that is very trying. They lose their patience too.  Sometimes discipline for a child means making them count.  Counting with them is recommended because it is a great stress reliever.  Parents are often too busy to find ways to de-stress. Focusing on Breathing doesn’t take much time and you can have your child do this with you too.

Finding time to exercise is another stress management technique.  This is another thing you can do with your child to help them be healthy and for them to develop a calmer attitude after they are a little exhausted. Counting, breathing, and exercise are all things you can do with your child to better both of your moods.

Realizing parents have the same problems you do helps you keep patience.  Remembering times you have had compassion for other parents helps you not take things so hard.  Realizing you were once a kid too helps you have compassion for your child.  Having pride in you children helps throw impatience out the window.  Finally, practicing stress management exercises like counting, breathing, and exercise helps everyone calm down.  Following these suggestions will help you gain the virtue of patience.

A Real Woman Can Be a Superhero Too

Recently there has been a push to stop sexism and to celebrate females.  Especially females in the men’s world.  Many women and girls like things that are considered boy or man things.  One of these things is Comic Books and Conventions like Comin-Con.  It has been a running joke that woman disdain the comic book world.  On TV you might see a skit where a group of guys are playing comic book games and a woman joins in and the guys nearly faint because they have never been with a woman interested in this topic before.  In reality, many women find the fantasy world to be great fun and want to join in.  If a woman wants to join in these games, what female character can she pretend to be?  There are a lot of great ones out there.  Anime is filled with stories where the female is the main hero, so we’ll by bass that subject and go to the general comic book superheroes like “Superman”.

Wonder Woman

The female most like the superhero Superman is Wonder Woman from DC comics.  She has been ridiculed for being a sex symbol like most female comics are.  It should be taken into consideration however that the men of the comic book world are sex symbols too, having super hero qualities that a woman might find attractive once they get their powers.  Superman is found to be a very handsome man.  There is nothing wrong with being a strong woman, like Wonder Woman, even though she is a little curvaceous.  The great thing about her is that her desire, like most super hero’s desire, is to make the world a better place.  She does this with her lasso of truth, and super human strength, and resilience in a fight.  In fact, she is a Goddess.  Celebrating God like powers in a woman is a step towards ending sexism in a man’s world.


Another great female with Godlike powers is Jean Grey from Marvel’s X-men.  One great thing about Jean Grey is that she is not excessively curvaceous.  She’s still beautiful and has men fighting over her for romantic interest, but this makes her character even more appealing.  Often the men superheroes are fighting for their romantic interest to pay attention to them.  It’s great to see from characters like Jean Grey that super women are so wonderful that they don’t need to fight for the love they deserve.  X-Men celebrates both men and woman as mutants, so if a woman in todays society wants to dress up as a female comic book character they have a lot to choose from in this comic.  Storm is another popular X-Men that has Godlike powers, being able to call down lightening and storms on her whim.  The X-Men list of female superheroes is an extensive one and too long to list here.


Mantis is a female character that really shines in the film series “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  She is said to be derived from all kinds of different comics, and there are many female characters that have a similar look or superpowers.  She is considered beautiful to some and ugly to others like a woman in the real world would be.  Mostly this is because she is green, unlike a woman in the real world, but it’s still nice to see a female character that isn’t necessarily perfect.  In “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Mantis has mind powers in which she uses to keep the group together.  Mantis is truly a Comic Book Hero that uses the powers of the mind, so there are female characters in the Comic Book World that are loved for more than just their bodies.  

Some of the best comic book characters are woman.  Many times men are so impressed with them, that they want to pretend to be them.  There was one boy who loved to play X-Men and he always wanted to be the female character Storm.  He was not impressed with her comic book beauty, but with her Superhuman powers and personality.  Some of the Best Woman Superheroes are Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Storm, and Mantis.  These characters show the strength of real woman and are a step in the right direction to ending the myth that the man is the better sex.

How to Use Good Communication in Your Relationship

Communication is an excellent skill to have.  It can help in all kinds of different areas of your life such as employment, parenting, and relationships.  Some harbor the misconception that communicating in a relationship is different then in other areas of life.  In actuality, it is pretty much the same.  We are so close to people we love that they find it easier to push our buttons then a coworker would.  Another misconception people have is that communicating with men is different than communicating with women.  It is not that much different.  Every good communicator should have the same basic skills. Some of the skills to use when talking to your partner, (or anyone else,) are listening skills, body language, and empathy.


Listening to someone is more complicated than it sounds.  It’s easy to hear what a person says, but we really need to understand their intent.  When you spend a lot of time with someone, what they say may go out one ear and out the other.  When you ask your partner how their day was, which is a question you should ask to show you care, really listen to what your partner has to say.  Perhaps they will simply say “fine,” but even then, they may change their posture, looks away, or say it in a tone of voice that indicates that their day actually sucked; or they may give you ques that the day wasn’t bad at all, with that one simple word.  Listening includes paying attention to the ques our partner is giving us as well as the words they say.

Body Language

Noticing body language is a way of listening.  People make gestures when they are describing something important.  You should make gestures when you are communicating something to your loved one too.  We’re not talking about rude ones, we’re talking about talking with your hands to describe what you’re saying.  The way you position yourself can indicate openness or express your feeling too.  Crossed arms or hands on your hip might tell your partner you are angry.  Arms apart or hands folded can say that you are listening.  Make sure to notice your partner’s posture.  Sometimes people can communicate with each other without saying a word.  Notice your partner’s eyes when trying to communicate with them, often you will find clues to understanding their feelings in their eyes.


We want to understand how our partner is feeling in order to better communicate with them.  This is called empathy.  Always try to put yourself in your partners shoes.  Perhaps you will feel they are not listening to you, but when you notice the look in their eyes or dejected body language, you may realize they are having a rough time and cut them some slack.  In order to get your partner to understand how you feel, use phrases like “I feel…” instead of accusations like “you never….”.  It is easy to fall into accusations when we spend a lot of time with someone and we think they are trying to annoy us on purpose.  Chances are they aren’t, and you should look at things from a different perspective.

In order to communicate well, listen to what a person says and look for any indication about how they are actually feeling.  When we pay attention to body language and eye contact we understand things better.  Understanding what a person feels is empathy, and when someone knows you are emphasizing with them, they feel loved and cared about.  Ultimately, expressing love will make things happy all around.

What You Can Add to Your Diet for Health

Whenever we think of diet, we think “Oh, great, what do I need to cut down on now?”  How about instead of thinking about what you can cut out, you start thinking of what you can add?


First, nearly all (if not all) diets support vegetables.  Many of us growing up probably remember being told we have to eat our vegies, and for those of us who are parents, we are still telling kids to eat their vegetables.  Sometimes as adults, we don’t want to cook them, so what can we grab that’s really fast?  There is a lot.  Baby carrots can be eaten right out of the bag.  A head of broccoli or a head of cauliflower can be cut up for something to snack on and grab all day.  Sticks of celery are good finger food too.  If you have a little more time, you can add peanut butter and raisons to that celery.  With all of this, a vegetarian has a lot to eat, or a vegan.  The South Beach Diet and the Akins Diet support meat, but they support vegetables too.

Olive Oil

Other quick vegetables you can have are sliced cucumbers or cherry tomatoes.  If you want to eat a whole tomato, you can do that also.  One diet suggests that you can add olive oil to your vegetables for more flavor.  The oil goes well on raw cucumbers and tomatoes.  Often, we are told to cut salad dressing when we decide we have time to make a salad.  Actually, we can add oil and vinegar to our salads for dressing.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Speaking of vinegar, adding Apple Cider Vinegar to your diet is known to be healthy too.  Simply doing a google search will give you information on all the different ways Apple Cider Vinegar is good for you.  We already put some Apple Cider Vinegar in our recipes such as stew.  It can also be added to a diet by drinking 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon straight, but that doesn’t sound like it would taste the best.  It would be better to dilute the amount of vinegar you want with 8 ounces of water.  Honey can be added to the mix for a greater taste and it will still remain healthy.   


We mentioned water with apple cider vinegar, but the fact is you don’t have to add the vinegar at all.  You can just drink the water straight.  All diets recommend water and it’s cheap.  It is suggested that 64 ounces is the amount you should drink.  Water helps the body in all kinds of ways; it fills you up so you are not eating too much, it helps people with bladder problems, it helps with clearer skin, and the list could go on and on.  You may find water boring though, but that’s okay because there is another liquid you can add to your diet.

Green Tea

Tea is something that is also good for your health.  Specifically for weight loss, green tea is recommended.  It is said that drinking 20 ounces, or 2.5 cups a day is best for this.  Green Tea helps with more than just weight loss too.  It can help improve brain function, lower your risk of cancer, lower your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and help you live longer; among many other things.  Add this tasty beverage to your diet for health.

There is no doubt that cutting unhealthy foods from a diet will make you healthier.  Instead of thinking what you have to lose though, think about what you can add.  You can add vegetables.  You can add oil and vinegar to a salad and olive oil to other vegetables. For liquids you can add water with or without Apple Cider Vinegar, and Green Tea.  Start thinking about what you can have instead of what you can’t have to better your health.

Ways Cats Are Just as Loving as Dogs

When compared to dogs and love, cats have a bad reputation.  Let’s face it, cats have been stereotyped.  They are said to be aloof and they have been said to treat their owners more like staff then owners or companions.  Of course, this is true for many cats, but the truth is that stereotyping cats is just unfair.  Our feline friends can be just that, friends.  Even best friends.

Cats Greet and Wait

A dog lover (which is not a bad person) will tell you that their dog greets them at the door and ask if your cat does that, thinking you will answer in the negative.  Fortunately for the people on the feline side, many cat owners can see that their cat does indeed greet them at the door.  Perhaps the cat is not at the door, but cat’s often sit on windowsills.  They look out for their people when they are not home.  One lady came home from the hospital with her cats faces pressed against the window waiting for her.

Cats Try to Protect

When a cat sits at a window when a person is home, the fury creatures could be said to be protecting the house.  Small felines may not be as good as dogs as protectors, but they still want to take care of their families.  Cats have been known to go after other people or animals who act aggressively to the people they love.  They use their claws and teeth to fight the perpetrator off.

Cats Give Presents

Another thing that cats use their teeth and claws for is hunting.  Often a cat will drop off a mouse as a “present” to a family.  This is another sign of their love.  It has been said that cats bring their kills to the family is because they are trying to show people how to hunt.  They wouldn’t be trying to teach us these skills if they didn’t love us.

Cats Show Compassion

Cat’s really show they care about people.  When someone they love is sad or sick they will jump on that person and cuddle with them.  That is obviously compassion.  They also show how they care by helping to wake up people in the morning, either by meowing at them or jumping on them.  How could this morning greeting not be seen as love?

Cat’s are said not to be as loving as dogs and aloof because they don’t always come when they are called. Many cats do come when called, and if not, they will look around and perk their ears up when they hear their name.  Much of the time a cat will actually come to “here kitty, kitty” or a clicking noise.  When being ignored by a cat, the cat could possibly be giving their human love by refusing to crowd the human and being too clingy.

Cats Kiss and Want Attention

There are many ways dogs show love in which a cat shows love too. For example, dogs give slobbery kisses. While a cat’s kisses aren’t as wet, they rub up against the people they love, often with their face.  A dog also shows love by wagging it’s tail.  A happy cat will put it’s tail up in the air to show it’s pleasure and often does this when getting attention from their loving companions.  A dog might sit on the person, showing love, while that person is doing exercises on a floor.  A cat will sit on newspapers or books while a person tries to read, asking for love and attention from that person.

Dogs and even cats love attention by playing with owners.  While a dog plays fetch, many cats also chase after balls of their size.  Most of the time they don’t bring it back, but it has been known to happen.  A dangling string is another thing a cat plays with, feeling pleasure that it is interacting with people. 

Noises a Cat Makes to Show Love

A dog’s panting is considered pleasure, and this is a sign that they are happy receiving love from it’s owners.  Cats show their pleasure in similar ways.  They will “talk” to their humans when they are meowed at.  When meowed at, they meow back.  Another noise cats make to show pleasure is a purr.  This is something a dog can’t do.  It has been said that purring doesn’t necessarily mean happiness or love, but since cats purr most often when they are happy, the argument that this is a sign of showing love is valid.

There are a surprising number of ways cats show their love.  They greet people at the door, wait for owners at the window, they try to protect, work on teaching humans things, show compassion when a human is sick or feeling blue, play with humans, talk back to humans when they are talked at, and show their greatest love by purring.  It is a long list the way a cat shows love, and proof they can be just of much as a “best friend” as a dog can be

How to Keep Your Children Occupied

Parents are busy.  They must make sure to keep tabs on their children at all times.  When the children are babies there is constant monitoring to make sure the child is not hungry, doesn’t have a dirty diaper, and is getting adequate sleep; among many other things.  As the child grows older some of the priorities change.  They still need to be fed and tabs should still be checked on their sleep, but they will have school assignments where they will need help and they will need to be driven to their various appointments.  Parents have work and their own appointments to attend to, and sometimes they can find nothing for their children to do while they are otherwise occupied.

Reading Is Always Recommended

Sometimes a parent needs to do work at home, go on the computer, or just take a moment to themselves.  When at home, it is not too difficult to come up with ways to occupy a child.  One of the greatest ideas out there is to keep your child occupied with a book.  If your child is a baby, they can still be entertained by books.  There are “Board Books” which are made of heavy cardboard, so they won’t be ripped, and they are easy to clean if they are spilled on.  There are pictures, so the baby doesn’t have to read words. Board Books can be found at a bookstore, Amazon, or at some libraries.  As a child gets older they can move to the more advanced paper books and read to themselves.  All books can be read at home or while traveling.  Reading all the time is not the most enjoyable activity for all children though.

Other Ways to Keep Busy at Home

Your child might be a builder or puzzle solver.  At home you can let a toddler stack cans from the cupboard.  Blocks are good for toddlers.  There are so many different forms of Legos that they are good for people of all ages.  There are large ones for the younger people/babies and advanced ones where an older child or teen can build something like a Death Star.  When you need to go on the computer or do a chore, set the building activity up before you are distracted.  Your child can start on the activity while you go do something else.

What to Do in a Car

Unfortunately, we can’t always be home.  The book option is great for traveling, but keep in mind there are more things to do.  There are car games like the alphabet game where you try to find every letter of the alphabet on signs.  This can be a competitive game with other people, or an individual can use it to challenge themselves.  There is the license plate game, where you try to find license plates from all 50 states.  These are good options for when you are chauffeuring your child.

When Waiting Away from Home

Often the children will have to wait when a parent is in a meeting away from home, but still must take their child with them.  For babies you can to try to get them to relax in a car seat and hand them finger toys.  Toddlers and kids of all ages can play games with their hands in which they position their fingers in weird ways.  As a parent you should teach your child finger games, like how to make a church and steeple or to make it look like one of their fingers are cut off. There is always thumb twiddling, but a variety of finger games are more fun.  Another way to keep a child busy while they wait is by giving them a ball.  If there are other people to play with, the child can toss a ball back and forth with the people.  For this activity the size of the ball doesn’t matter.  If the child is alone while they wait, a smaller Kush ball or ball that can fit in one hand is recommended so that they can toss it between their own hands, or squeeze and fiddle with it.

Parents get exhausted trying to figure everything out.  Sometimes a TV helps but having a variety of options is great to have.  Hopefully these ideas will help you get some work done or let you relax without having to worry about what your child is doing.

What is Manga and How Do You Find It?

Most people know what Anime is, it’s Japanese Animation that can be either a television series or it can be movies.  Naturally, those in Japan are interested in this genre, both men and woman.  Those based in the United States like it too.  What if you’re looking for something that you can actually read though, like American comic books and graphic novels?  If you are looking for that in the Japanese style you are looking for Manga.

Finding Magna at a Library

Trying to find literature from a foreign country can be a daunting task.  One teenage girl in the USA tried to find Manga by going into a library.  Fortunately, the librarian knew what Manga was and took her to the graphic novel section.  There wasn’t much.  There was a book entitled “Magna,” but the girl wanted the style, not the title.  What else could the girl have done to find what she was looking for?

By far, the easiest way to find out what’s out there is to get friends recommendations.  Not all of us have friends that are interested in the genre, so we must take other steps to find what we are looking for.  If you are interested in looking for Japanese comics, you are probably already interested in Anime and have probably watched some movies or TV series.  Chances are, they already are based on Manga or a Manga is already based on them.  If you decide to go to a library, try searching for the title of your favorite series instead of just the genre in general.  Keep in mind that the title will be on the back of the book, since the Japanese read and write what those in the USA consider backwards.

Popular Manga Series on TV

If you don’t know of a title of your favorite Anime, you can find some information on the internet.  One of the most popular Magna’s in Japan and in America is a series called “One Piece.”  The library did not have this for the girl, but unlike much of the other Anime out there it would have been appropriate for her age.  Making sure something is not too violently graphic or sexually explicit is hard to do when searching for Anime or Manga.  For a younger audience, there are some cartoons on TV that are written and based on Magna.

Nickelodeon Is obviously for kids and there are a couple of series related to Manga on this station.  One of these is “Dragon Ball Z”.  “Dragon Ball Z” is about a boy searching for objects called Dragon Balls before his enemies do.  Once gathered these balls will conjure a wish fulfilling dragon.  Another popular show on Nickelodeon is “Pokémon”.  It is about a boy who needs to defend his land by capturing creatures and using them fight other dangerous creatures called Pokémon.  Once the fight is won the defeated Pokémon begins to follow the boy and will fight for him.  Knowing what’s on TV can help in the search for a Magna comic.

Magna for the Mature

Many people interested in Magna are older and are fine with finding more explicit material.  One series that is recommended for those with a more open mind is “Strawberry Panic”.  It’s about girls and their racy relationships while they are at a Catholic boarding school.  Another Anime that is based on a Magna is “Kannazuki no Miko”.  This one also has racy relationships and some violence.  It’s about two girls who fight an ancient enemy, the Orochi.  If the Magna seeker is old enough, internet research doesn’t need to be as closely monitored.

To Sum It Up

Manga is a form of Japanese comic.  It can be found by looking in a library, by getting recommendations from friends, by knowing what’s on television, and by doing an internet search.  Keep in mind the age of the audience you are looking for.  Also, since Magna is a form of a comic it can probably be found at your favorite comic book store. Magna is a highly recommended form of entertainment.