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The Importance of Saying I Love You and How to Do It

There’s no doubt about it, it’s always nice to hear those three little words “I love you.”  Sometimes when we are in a relationship for a long time we forget to say those words to our loved ones.  There is no doubt that saying “I love you” is important.  It makes you and your partner feel good and reaffirms that you have a positive relationship.  Sometimes people feel love and they want to say, “I love you,” but they are too scared. Even if your special someone hasn’t said it, take heart, they might feel it.  If you haven’t said it to your special someone, now is the time to start.  You don’t have to actually speak the words “I love you,” there are many ways that you can show it.

You Don’t Have to Say I Love You, You Can Show It

Maybe it’s not your first time saying I love you, but you want to express your love in a different way.  Maybe you’re not sure if your partner loves you, but you can look for clues that they actually do love you, even though they haven’t said it yet.  People often say I love you without using that phrase at all. Sometimes you can say “I love you” using different words.  For example, in “The Princess Bride,” the main character, Wesley, tells the other main character, Buttercup, “I love you,” by using a phrase other than I love you.  He says “As You Wish” every time Buttercup asks him to do something in place of I love you. He also does whatever Buttercup asks, which is another way of showing love.  You might be able to come up with your own phrase to express your love.  You might notice an endearing phrase your significant other uses to indicate their love.  Another way to show love is by complimenting your partner, and if you receive a lot of compliments from your partner you might start to get the inkling that they do love you.  Giving gifts is another way to say I love you, and so is spending a lot of time together.  Physical contact, giving hugs and kisses, is also a great way to make your partner feel that you love them or it lets you know your partner loves you because you can feel it in their touch.

Why Saying I Love You Now Is Important

If you haven’t said I love you, but you’re feeling it, now would be a better time to say it rather than later. Something may happen one day, (may it be forbidden), like the death of your loved one.  Or they might be deciding that since you’re not taking your relationship to the next level that they are going to break up with you. Maybe they are considering taking a job that will make them move, which they might have never considered if you had said or shown that you loved them already.  Fortunately, sometimes people do get around to saying I love you later rather than never.  In the case of “Fiddler on the Roof,” the main characters, Tyve and Golde, end up finally telling each other that they’re in love with each other after 25 years of being married and living together.  If you are someone who is wondering if your sweetheart loves you a good thing to do is ask.  In “Fiddler on the Roof” Tyve asks Golde and gets a positive response.  If you don’t get a positive response, and you think those three little words should be said, maybe it’s time to start rethinking your relationship.

Saying I love you is important.  There have been many movies about this subject, including “The Princess Bride” and “Fiddler On the Roof,” that demonstrates the importance of it.  If it can’t be said it can be shown.  Now is the perfect time to say or hear I love you.

How Poetry Uses Animals and How to Find Animal Poems

Many people are lovers of animals, if you are one of them, you might want to find as many ways as you can to learn about them.  The internet is full of YouTube videos with animals as the main subject.  People post about their animals on Facebook and Twitter.  I receive many posts about them daily.  There are lists such as “reasons cats are good to have,” or “20 lazy animals.”  There are more ways to rejoice in animals other than watching videos or reading lists.  One way that might be not as well known, is to look up poetry on animals.

How Poetry Uses Animals

Many poems make references to animals.  They are a subject that that can make a great metaphor (comparing something to something else without using like or as).  For example:  the phrase “I have many claws, I am cat,” can be utilized to portray a dangerous person.  They might make similes (comparing something to something else using like or as) to animals too.  The poem might say something like “I am as a cat, sneaky like the night.”  As you can see from the example phrases I posted, animals can be used to make a description.  Some poems use animals as a positive theme and some can use them as a negative thing. Poets might also use the sounds an animal makes in their poem, (an onomatopoeia,) such as “moo” or “meow.” There are many literary devices that work in poetry when an animal is referred to.

How to Find Poems on Animals

You can find poetry on animals simply by reading a lot of poems.  That’s hard to do though.  If you want to find poems on just animals, that’s easier.  You can find many of them by typing “poetry on animals” in the search bar, and many sites will pop up.  One of the first pages that displayed for me was “Animal Poems (”.  There was a list of 52 pages displaying links on this subject in the search results.  There was also a list of related searches I could use to find out more.  It suggested: animal poetry for kids, free animal poems, book of animal poetry and poetry animal hospital. Another way to find poems on animals is to read books on animals and the poems might be printed in there. You might want to go online and listen to poems on animals.  If you go onto YouTube, the search “poems on animals” will generate mostly kid videos.  To find better ones for the older population I typed “mature animal poems.”  I was afraid that I was going to get ‘adult’ videos, but I actually found what I wanted.  There were still many children’s poems listed in there though.  The easiest way to find poems about animals is to do a phrase search online. 

There are many great things about animals.  They are so splendid we want to know more about them.  We can learn about them by watching videos and looking at lists about them.  Poetry is a great way to learn about and celebrate animals too.

What You Can Eat for a Stomachache: The BRAT Diet

If you have a stomachache you probably don’t feel like eating anything at all.  However, food is necessary.  Fortunately, there are some foods that go easy on digestion even when you have a sore tummy.  Some people criticize natural medicine, but there are some home remedies that work, (and I am talking from personal experience).  The following diet has been recommended by professional doctors and nurses as well, (but get advice from your own professional for verification).  The diet to follow is the BRAT diet which stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast.  These are the foods that you can eat when you are sick to your tummy.

How Bananas Are Good for You

So, let’s talk a little about Bananas.  Bananas are good in many ways and are good for you even when you’re not sick.  Bananas have some excellent nutrients in them.  They have: potassium, Vitamin B6, maganese, and Vitamin C.  They have 24 grams of net carbs in them, so you know that you are going to have something solid in your stomach instead of nothing.  They also have a good amount of fiber in them, and fiber is good for indigestion. (11 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Bananas,

How Rice Benefits You

Rice is a very beneficial food.  Like bananas, rice also contains fiber, (brown rice more than white rice). It has plenty of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and manganese. It comes with vitamins such as niacin, pantothenic acid, and thiamin.  The omega-6 fatty acids in rice are known for their pro-inflammatory properties, which means it will help a stomachache. (10 Incredible Benefits Of Rice,

The Good Things About Applesauce

Applesauce is another food in the BRAT diet that has fiber.  It also includes Vitamin C and pectin.  For the BRAT diet you should use the unsweetened varieties.  You can add cinnamon though, because cinnamon can act as an anti-inflammatory. (Benefits of Unsweetened Applesauce,  Applesauce is also easily digestible, helping an upset stomach.

How Toast Is Good for You

Finally, Toast has it’s uses in helping an upset stomach as well.  It has starch in it and starch has nutrients that will help fill you up when you’re not feeling good.  Once again, toast includes fiber like all the other foods in the BRAT diet.  It also contains selenium and manganese, (Bread, Multi-Grain, toasted (includes whole-grain) Nutrition Facts & Calories,  Toasting bread increases the carbon and ash residues on the surface, providing gastric relief since it soaks up toxins in the stomach. (6 Foods to Eat if You Have a Stomach Ache,

As you can see, all foods in the BRAT diet have value.  Every food in the BRAT diet is also good for diaherra as well as a stomachache.  Each food can help with different problems for many different ailments.  I have also used this diet to relieve the pain of a urinary tract infection.  These foods are all bland foods which means they are not hard on the stomach.  When my daughter was going through bouts of diaherra and constipation, her pediatrician gave me information on this diet. Some sources list other foods as being helpful to a sore stomach, so I recommend talking to your doctor more if you’re not feeling well.  You can enjoy all these foods when you’re feeling good as well as when you’re feeling ill.

How Video Games Can Be Anime Like Final Fantasy and Xenosaga

The search for good anime can be tough.  A good way to find anime is to look at popular video games and see if that video game has become animated.  Sometimes you’ll find live action movies instead of animation, like in the case of Mortal Kombat, but sometimes you’ll find an animated series.  Two video’s games, Final Fantasy and Xenosaga, have become anime.

The Final Fantasy Video Game and Anime

Final Fantasy is perhaps one of the most popular video games out there, originally made in 1987.  This was originally made for the Nintendo NES.  There are 15 Final Fantasy games out as of 2016.  They are available on many platforms; for example, the first three games became available on nearly all the PlayStations, the PC, the Xbox, and even more; which you can see on Wikipidea, (Final Fantasy,  There are many games with many different stories set in fantasy lands.  There was a movie based on the game called “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” which became a flop.  Later, in North America in 2005 “Final Fantasy: Unlimited” became an animated series available in a Complete Box Set for DVD.  All the games are based on different stories, and the anime follows its’ own story line.  It’s about two pre-teens who travel to the dimension Wonderland in order to find their parents.  Like most of the games, there is a maniacal person trying to rule the world and must be stopped, (Final Fantasy: Unlimited,  There are always many good characters and many bad ones in the games. I have not seen this animation myself, but after playing Final Fantasy VI on the X-Box, I decided to do some research and see how much I could find on the Final Fantasy World and was pleased to know that this anime is out there.

The Xenosaga Anime and Video Game

I have seen the Xenosaga Anime yet have not played the game.  Learning that it was based on a video game helped me realized I could find other anime that way. I have been able to see parts of the game being played. The video came out in 2002 and it initially was for the PlayStation 2.  It is also on the Mobile and Nintendo DS (Xenosaga, Xenosaga: The Animation is a science fiction story set 4000 years in the future.  Its’ original run was in 2005 and is 12 episodes long (Xenosaga: The Animation,  In the animation there are a group of good guys having to face the Gnosis and eventually a deranged “man,” (a lot of characters are AI, artificial intelligence,) bent on destruction.  The Animation is only for the first game, (there are 3,) and does not continue.  It is good and mostly complete in itself.  In the game, you are also fighting the Gnosis and that bad guy.  Xenosaga the game and the Animation both end the same.  This RPG game also has the protagonists fighting the Gnosis and the bad guy.  While much of the game and animation are very similar, I’ve been told that the Animation cuts a lot out and you need to play the games to get the whole story.  

Final Fantasy and Xenosaga prove that good animations can be found from video games.  In order to find more games that have been turned into animations you can go to “List of anime based on Video games,” at  Even if you are not into video games it is still a good list to see what anime is out there.

Facing Judgement as a Parent

If you are a parent, you are bound to face judgement.  Judgement from a lot of people.  You’ll need a thick skin.  There are many people, perhaps well meaning, that criticize.

Examples of People Passing Judgement:

Probably the guiltiest culprits of being condemning of parenting styles are your own parents, and grandparents.  There have been T.V. episodes about this.  The new Rosanne aired an episode where Rosanne was being overly critical of her daughters Darlene’s parenting style.  The issue of spanking came up, and that is always controversial.  Whatever you choose, be confident and know you’ll have to stick up for your decision either way. I have seen my Sister in Law’s parents judge her parenting style.  She handled with grace, finding articles that supported her ideas of parenting on the internet.  I have been a victim of judgement myself, not just through my parents, but from the neighbors.  I have an Autistic daughter and her behavior can get wild.  CPS was brought in, and I was told by the social worker that I was doing everything just right and that this was a common occurrence.  So when you feel someone is censuring you, know that you are not alone.

What You Can Be Judged On:

As you have seen, parents and neighbors criticize parents; but you might also have to defend your self to even more people.  Other kids assess what you do as well.  You can probably remember being a kid yourself and thinking “your parents do that?  That’s so strict” or “That’s so awesome.”  There are many things that people are opinionated on.  Discipline Style is probably the biggest issue people have with parents.  There are many more things people are judged on too.  Things like: what you feed your child, bedtime rules, chore requirements, allowance, how you dress your child, and the grooming of your child.  Sometimes instead of criticizing you people will praise you like the kid that thought “That’s so awesome.”  Judgement can be a positive thing too.  Take those praises and be proud of them, that is what will keep you going when someone says something nasty.  Pretty much everyone, even the childless, passes judgement; so know to expect it.


What You Can Do to Stay Strong

We have covered some things that will help you keep a thick skin already.  One is realizing you are not alone, one is finding supportive messages in the media and internet, (some are bound to have the same opinions as you).  We’ve also mentioned that you will receive praise and it’s important to hold on to that.  You also probably have pride in your child, hold on to that and realize that these good things about your child mean that you are doing a good job.  You may be new to parenting and you may have been doing it awhile, either way your views are valid no matter what anyone tells you.  Give yourself praise.  Sometimes all you can do when someone criticizes you is to ignore them and take a breath.  I have ignored my parents in some of their opinions in how I raise may daughter, and I feel no shame that I did.  You probably have nothing to be ashamed about either, no matter what anyone says.  Do the best you can.

Untraditional Instruments in Popular Music

When people think of rock stars and the instruments they play, they usually think of instruments like guitars, drums, and keyboards.  The world of music, however covers a wide range of talents.  Some musicians may find it easier to use an instrument that people don’t usually think of.  They have used things like accordions, cello’s, and ukulele’s, plus many more in their performances and recordings.

Nirvana with Accordion and Cello

In 1993 in New York Nirvana went on stage for MTV Unplugged show.  The concert was a little different, with a stage being set up with lilies, black candles, and a chandelier.  It wasn’t only the stage that was different, some of the instruments played were also untraditional for a poplar band. Lori Goldston played the cello and Krist Noveoselic played the accordion for the concert, which is quite different from the normal guitars and drums people expect to see (Wikepedia, “MTV Unplugged in New York”).  In honor of this unconventional method, at my high-school’s talent show, I played “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on my flute.  There was mixed feeling about this, some people loving it and some people hating it.  However, I think that nowadays people enjoy unconventional instruments in the music

Yo-Yo Ma on the Cello

Speaking of the Cello, Yo-Yo Ma was an unconventional musician that became popular in the 90’s.  He was featured on the sound track of “Seven Years in Tibet” in 1997.  He went on the be featured in many other movie sound tracks throughout the years.  As far as poplar music and rock and roll he appeared in a solo album by Carlos Santana accompanying the Beatles song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. (Wikepedia, “Yo-Yo Ma”).  This just goes to show that people can appreciate an unconventional instrument in the music that they like to listen to, even if it is in a genre other than classical.

Grace VanderWall with the Ukulele

Nirvana and Yo-Yo Ma may have not been the ones to start the tradition of using some weird instruments with their popular music, but in recent years it has become a trend.  Just a few years back Grace VanderWaal, who went on America’s Got talent in 2016, won the show singing songs accompanied by her ukulele.  A YouTube search will show results of great songs by her such as “Escape My Mind” and “City Song”.  She did a cover of the famous pop song “Riptide,” originally by Vance Joy.  The success of this young teen in more modern times proves that people today like listening to untraditional instruments in their music.

Some odd instruments have made it onto the stage and in recordings through out the years.  Nirvana used the accordion and cello at one of their concert’s.  Yo-Yo Ma is a famous celloist and Grace VanderWaal got famous with the aid of her ukulele.  Perhaps you play an unusual instrument and want to play in band.  Go for it! Other people have, and they’ve been successful.

Animals Mourn Too

As a school requirement, many people have read “Where the Red Fern Grows.”  For those of you who haven’t this is a spoiler alert.  In the book a boy obtains two dogs.  At the end, one of the dogs dies and the other one refuses to eat because it is so sad the other one died.  Some may think that mourning the death of a loved one by a dog was simply a literary device contrived to make the reader feel a sad emotion and that animals do not mourn their dead in reality.  This is not true.  Animals are capable of feeling emotion and mourn their dead much like humans do.

Personal Experience With Mourning Dog

In the instance of dogs, I have experienced the mourning of a dog about the death of a fellow dog.  I had a big black dog named Cinder who was very friendly and wanted a companion.  A yellow mutt would come around our house, and Cinder would save half of her food for him because she liked him so much.  Eventually, Dexter (the yellow mutt,) became a member of our family.  About a year later Cinder died of a blood disease and Dexter was left without her.  He became aggressive to other dogs, yet was always looking for Cinder.  Every time there were dog tracks to be seen he would follow them, hoping to find Cinder at the end.

Other Animals Mourning

It is not only dogs that mourn there dead, but other animals too.  Recently a friend told me about her experience with a deer dying on her property.  The deer had wandered from yard to yard, finally deciding to die in my friend’s yard.  She believes it was probably hit by a vehicle.  Not long after the deer died, a herd of deer bounded into her yard and began studying it.  They gathered together and seemed to be holding a vigil for their lost comrade.  Deer feel grief too.  Other animals also mourn their loved ones.  I performed an internet search on mourning animals and found story after story about elephants holding funerals for their dead. Elephants weren’t the only animals listed, showing that grief passes many domains of the living kingdom.

Animals Mourning Their Owners

So far we have talked about animals mourning other animals, but they mourn their human owners too.  The movie “Hachi” is about a dog who waits at the place his owner used to go before he died.  Even though the owner is dead, the dog hopes that he will see him again.  The fact that there is a movie about this subject shows that animals really do care for their humans.  In another real-life instance of grief over the loss of owners; my boyfriends dog died soon after his family moved away.  My boyfriend and his family didn’t die, but they were gone from their pet’s life, leaving a hole of abandonment like actual death does. No creature likes to lose the ones they love.

Animals can mourn their dead by letting themselves go, holding vigils, and by looking for their loved ones even after they have passed.  These facts show that animals have feelings, and experience grief just like humans do.

How to Go Gluten Free

Nowadays, going gluten free has been quite popular. This is fortunate for people with Celiac Disease, for they can find food that they can eat easier.  Celiac Disease is a disease that damages the small intestine when gluten, (which can be: wheat, barley, and rye,) is consumed. Despite the gluten free diet popularity though, you probably shouldn’t go gluten free if you don’t have to.  If you eat pizza or a sandwich, even if you don’t have Celiac Disease, and start feeling bloated or terrible, then a gluten free diet might be a good idea. However, bread and grains are an important part of your diet.  Gluten free items can be expensive and hard to find as well.

What Is the Equivalent of Wheat in a Diet

There are some things that can replace flour or bread that aren’t that hard to find.  Potatoes, corn, and rice are grain items that you can have in your diet besides gluten grains.  Potatoes and corn have been labeled vegetables, but they are actually grain.  As far as vegetables go, all of them are gluten free. So is fruit, meat, and milk. In the other category some things are gluten free and some aren’t.  Now we have covered what you can eat of the six tiers on the food pyramid.  These things are easy to find, but things like loafs of bread and cereals can be hard, among other things.

Finding Gluten Free Items

If you are fortunate enough to live in the USA’s West Coast, gluten free foods are a bit easier to find.  It is a running joke that in Los Angeles you can rob a liquor store with a bagel because Californians are so afraid of gluten.  I live in the state of Washington and the grocery stores, even popular ones like Safeway, have gluten free sections.  If it’s not in a gluten free section, safe foods can usually be found in the organic section of the store.  You shouldn’t limit yourself to a certain section though, because many stores put gluten free items next to their popular items.  For example, gluten free Bisquick Mix might be found by the regular Bisquick Mix.  You will probably only find specialized bread in a specialized section, and this is where the expense comes in.  Instead of spending a dollar ninety-nine on bread, you’ll probably be paying six dollars for a loaf.  Gluten free loafs of bread are also small.  It used to be that gluten free cereals were only found in the specialized sections.  Now, however some mainstream cereals like Lucky Charms and Cheerio’s are gluten free being made with pure out flour instead of wheat.  Rice and Corn Chex were always gluten free, being made with rice and corn instead of wheat.  When I lived in the state of Montana it was near impossible to find a store with gluten free items.  I had to go to specialized stores or Food-Coops to find it.  That could mean a couple hour drive, but it was worth it, so I wasn’t constantly making gluten free items myself.  If you can’t find gluten free in your area, online is a good place to look.  It is important to look at labels of everything to make sure gluten grains aren’t an ingredient. 

What to Beware Of

We’ve mentioned some popular gluten free foods so far that are easy to find, like cereals and Bisquick Mix. There are a lot more you can get too.  Things like potato chips, french fries, and corn tortillas.  You must be careful when getting these things though, and make sure that you read the ingredients list in everything so you are not getting something with gluten in it.  Many potato chips are coated with a wheat mixed covering, and there might be a wheat coating to preserve french fries. Chips and fries though, without the extra coating, are made of potatoes and are usually safe.  Corn shell tortillas and tortilla chips are usually safe being made of corn.  Once you get into the taco seasoning though, you have to be really careful.  Taco Bell’s taco seasoning, which you can find in stores, has wheat in it.  If you look around really carefully though you might be able to find a gluten free taco seasoning in a different brand.  Soy sauce can also have gluten and it cannot.  Plain rice is safe, but many rice mixers have wheat in them, so it’s better to get the plain stuff.  These are just a few of the things to be wary of.

By far this doesn’t cover everything about being gluten free.  There is a lot to learn about it, but to keep from overwhelming you, this article has covered the very basics.  Eat corn, rice, and potatoes for your grains.   Look in the organic or gluten free sections, if you’re stores don’t have them go to a Food-Coop or online.  Definitely read labels and be healthy.  

Remembering Anniversaries

It is a common misconception that the man in the relationship is forgetful of anniversaries.  While many men might, woman can be forgetful too.  Some men are good at remembering things, but this is for the forgetful people: men and women.

Anniversaries to Remember

Of course, everyone has an anniversary of the day they met or decided to be in a relationship.  As time goes on, there may be other anniversaries to remember.  It is good to celebrate as many as there are, for love should be a celebration that never ends.  Other than the day you met, you can also celebrate the day you got engaged, the day you moved in together, and obviously, the day you got married.  If you lived with your lover before you got married that’s a total of 4 anniversaries, 3 if you started living with your significant other the day you got married.  So how do you remember these days?

Remembering the Day You Got Together

The day you meet you have little control over, since it often is by chance.  Even if it’s planned when you get together, you don’t want to place an arbitrary date for it, for it’s better to get involved with your loved one as soon as you can.  It is recommended that you text your intended the day you want to ask them to get in a relationship with you.  That way, you can look at your phone later and know the date.  You might lose your phone later, so you should mark the date down on a calendar as well.  If you don’t have a planning calendar, you should get one, especially since you might have a problem remembering things.  If you don’t manage to do these things, if you talk to your friends around the time you started a relationship, they might remember important dates that corresponds with their lives, making it easy for them to remember your important day for you later.

Remembering the Days You Have Control Over

The day you get engaged, the day you move in together, and the day you get married you do have more control over.  The easiest way to remember the date you chose, is to choose a date that corresponds with another important event.  Days like the first day of a season.  Solstice dates, the first day of winter and the first day of summer remain the same, June 21st and December 21st.  While the Spring and Fall Equinox dates change, they both start around the 21st so there are four 21st dates that you could chose to start your lives together.  My parents who are forgetful got married on June 21st, the Summer Solstice.  They also got engaged on March 21st, which is close to the Spring Equinox.  Purely by chance, but luckily for me, I also moved in with my boyfriend on March 21st, meaning I can easily remember that anniversary date.  I had no idea my parents got engaged on that same day, but it helps cement the date more in my mind.  You can also choose the day in the middle of the month, the 15th, to get together.  Me and my boyfriend don’t remember the actual day we met except that it was in October.  We decided to place the arbitrary date of October 15th, so we wouldn’t forget again.  The 13th of a month is also an easy day to remember. So is a day that corresponds with your birthday (though probably not the actual birthday).  There are many days to choose from to remember the most wonderful events in your relationship.

So to remember your anniversary, text the event to each other, write it down on a calendar, talk to your friends, and chose a date that corresponds to something else.  I don’t remember the day me and my boyfriend met, and we both lost our phones and texts to verify the date.  I did talk to my friend, and she had a court date around that time so I know we didn’t meet by the 15th of October, but that it’s pretty close.  Now you have some ideas to keep you from being forgetful.

Are Watching Music Competition Shows Worth It?

For the past decade The USA has had a lot of competition shows on the air.  These are fun for a simple past time, and they are worth watching to find new or old talent.  When looking for music, there are three shows that are good for viewing.  They are “America’s Got Talent,” “The Voice,” and “American Idol”.

America’s Got Talent

It might be surprising to find “America’s Got Talent” on this list of musical shows, since it is actually a variety show.  Being a variety show though, there are many singers that compete.  Within the last few years the winners have been singers.  In 2016 the then twelve-year-old girl, Grace VanderWaal won the grand prize.  A million dollars and a show in Las Vegas.  She sings along to her ukulele when preforming.  The next year, in 2017 the then twelve-year-old girl Darci Lynne won the show doing a singing puppet ventriloquist act.  These girls may not be played over the radio, but if you are looking for a musical show to go to in Las Vegas, you might know just what kind of show to look for.  Going to concerts is a great way to celebrate music.

The Voice

The next show “The Voice” features vocalists trying to win it all by being coached by famous musical artists.  Not many of the contestants of the Voice have become that popular on the Billboard charts, but their coach counter parts are definitely worth looking into. They cover a variety of genres from country to rock to pop.  The country singer Blake Shelton has been coaching on “The Voice” for a while.  So has the famous rock/pop star Adam Levine, lead singer of “Maroon 5”.  Other coaches have included Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefanina, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Clarkson.  These people may not be the contestants, but they may be some of your favorites and by watching the show you will be able to learn about their personality’s and learn about their musical ideas.

American Idol

If you are looking for new music and hoping to find a fresh new artist, the program to watch is “American Idol”. "American Idol" also covers a variety of music genres, so you can find the music that suits you the most.  The judge Kelly Clarkson on “The Voice” which we mentioned before got her start on “American Idol”.  She was the winner in 2002 and has come out with multiple hit songs.  Many winners of “American Idol” have enjoyed much fame as well as some contestants who didn’t make it to first or even second place. The rocker, Chris Daughtery actually came in 4th place in 2006, but since then has enjoyed a lot of fame.  Many of his albums have been on the Billboards.  The country singer Carrie Underwood started on “American Idol” and she is another household name.  The list is extensive, so if you are looking for a new star come out, “American Idol” is the show to watch.

There are probably more Singing Competitions out there.  If you are wondering if they are worth it to watch, consider the benefits you get from the three listed here.  You might find a good concert to go to, learn more information about your current famous vocalist, or see a fresh new face.