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The Million Dollar Spanx

Being declined from the university you love sure sucks. But it might not be the worst thing that can happen to you. In fact, maybe the different path you will take will bring you a better fortune. A LOT of fortune.  Like it did to Sara Blakely. A woman who is currently a billionaire.

Sara initially wanted to have a career as a lawyer, but after she got declined entrance into law college, she had to accept a job at Walt Disney World in Florida. She later got a job as a door-to-door fax machine seller, which was the first step towards her finding her success.

Getting a business idea came in a weird situation and time for Sara. Walking around with pantyhose in the hot Floridian sun made her life a living nightmare. Besides the unpleasant feeling caused by the pantyhose, she also disliked the appearance the seamed foot on the open-foot shoes she wore, so she did a little experiment. She cut off the foot part of her pantyhose when she went to a private party and wore them under her pants to get the desired figure while feeling comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Although the pantyhose kept rolling up her legs, this is what gave birth to the idea for Spanx.

Knowing nothing about the pantyhose industry, or about the business world, Sara had only her gut and the desire to succeed to guide her. She took the $5,000 she had saved and started researching pantyhose patents and trademarks. To decrease the costs, she wrote the patent herself and had her mother (an artist) draw the original product drawing. 

Even though all the lawyers thought the idea was crazy, it didn’t stop Sara from going with it. And it wasn’t just the lawyers who didn’t believe in her. When she called the manufacturers in her area, she ran on closed doors.

But, one day one manufacturer called her saying he wanted to help her with her “crazy idea”, and when she asked why he changed his mind, his answer was “I have two daughters. They don’t think the idea is crazy”. So, Sara got to work and started developing the very first SPANX. Since she wanted the final product to be eye-pleasing, but also comfortable to wear all day, it took Sara a year to finish the prototype. 

She knew that products with a “K” in them sounded more inviting to customers, so she initially planned on calling her product SPANKS, but at the last minute, she changed the KS to an X. The name was edgy, but the point of SPANX is to make women’s butts look sexier, isn’t it? And since we got into the “edgy” part, why not add the tagline “Don’t worry, we’ve got your butt covered!” to the package?  Surprisingly, it worked for Sara!

When Sara called Neiman Marcus (a renowned seller at the time), she was surprised when she managed to schedule a meeting with a representative and immediately flew over to them to present her product.  And the representative loved it! SPANX started selling in 8 of the Neiman Marcus shops, and with a little help from her friends, who went in the stores and made a fuss about the SPANX, the product started catching up, and the sales kept on increasing.

But having limited funds forced Sara to go all year in stores around America to advertise her product. She even became notorious for lifting her pants up whenever a lady walked by her. Her mother always said that as long as Sara lifted her pants up, and not down to show her product, then she had her blessing!

With a lot of hard work, Sara managed to bring her product on many famous shows, such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, The View, The Tyra Banks Show, and many others. On one of her show in 2000, Oprah even named SPANX her favorite product of the year, and that’s when the sales started going through the roof.

Fast forward a few years later, and Sara was named one of the most influential people of 2012 and expanded her field of work in many other undergarment areas. Even she couldn’t imagine a few years earlier that she would be a judge at The American inventor show.

Having a fear of failure or making mistakes is completely normal. But what makes a business successful is to embrace your mistakes and use them to improve your work.

That’s why Sara tells everyone: “It’s important to be willing to make mistakes. The worst thing that can happen is you become memorable!”

Making Money From Youtube

As the Internet world grows and we get more connected every day, more and more new ways of making money online appear and everyone is fighting to get their opportunity at it. Some of those who tried and succeeded find themselves on the top of the list for most profitable businesses and alongside the work conditions and effort they require have become the most sought-after online business ideas of the 21st century.

If you see yourself as a fun person who entertains everyone all the time, one of the best online ideas for you is to start making YouTube videos. This industry is making millions every month and has one of the biggest audience in today’s markets.

The reason behind the attractiveness of this niche is that it requires a small or no investment to start it. All you need is a PC, a cam recorder and a few video editing skills which we all know aren’t as expensive today as they were a few years back.

If you are capable of making videos with good content quality, this online business idea will be your gold mine. Famous YouTubers such as Pewdipie (who is currently the #1 most subscribed YouTube channel) earn up for $10 million a year, and this is a sum of money which I doubt anyone of you wouldn’t want to earn.

The way this online business idea works is that people upload videos to their channel and if the videos are making enough views, the YouTubers sign a contract with Google and YouTube to place advertisements below or during the video. Whenever someone clicks on the advertisement or views it, the YouTuber gets a certain fee. This means that the more views the video has, the higher the pay rate.But, you can only make money out of original videos that you personally created or uploaded. Videos protected by copyright or stolen videos will be instantly taken down by YouTube and certain penalties might be charged to your account. Additionally, if you upload a copyright protected video, the original copyright owner might get the whole profit of the video even if it was created and uploaded by you. So, always remember to check for copyrights and the conditions required to take someone’s video and upload it as your own.

YouTube is by far the biggest platform for sharing and watching videos that exist today. It holds countless internet business opportunities for which people fight daily and it’s here that you can find the opportunity that will change your life.

The Greatest Company Rivalries of Today

Every day, while doing your normal daily routine, you constantly make choices between brands whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. Do you go to McDonald’s or Burger King? What do you order in a restaurant? Pepsi or Cola?

In the battle for first place, companies often clash with each other. And not rarely does it happen that these clashes become long-time rivalries, lasting for 10, 50, even for 100 years.

Here are some of the company biggest rivalries of today:


This rivalry transcends culture, distance and time. It has split restaurants, stores, even nations.  This rivalry began as far as a century ago, around the 1890s and it lasts even until today. Originally, Coca-Cola was introduced to the market in 1886 by John S. Pemberton, and Pepsi was brought in 13 years later by pharmacist Caleb Bradham. Although it failed for bankruptcy a few times due to war conditions, Pepsi made its comeback and introduced the canned drinks we use till this day as well as diet drinks that are still a major hit. Although Coca-Cola held the lead in the drinks market, the total market share wasn’t so far apart from Pepsi’s, because Pepsi had many products (mainly snacks) behind its brand – Lays, Ruffles, Doritos, Cracker Jack, 7up, Freetos and many more we are very well known with.

For now, Coca-Cola has the upper hand in this century-long drinks war, but Pepsi steadily is catching up by using many celebrities as their representatives along with up-to-date marketing strategies.


Oh, the biggest fight on the Internet…Going back-and-forth with modern technology and upgrades, they have brought us many of our favorite gadgets. This rivalry has split the mobile technology market many users and caused many heated arguments over the internet on who has the better devices. The major fight though has always been over the mobile technology and getting the bigger market presence.

Many would consider Apple to be the winner here. Which one have you chosen?


It all began a few years ago, when the creators of Snapchat refused to sell the company to Facebook, saying that “it’s not an interesting offer”. Facebook tried launching a Poke app back in 2012, but it didn’t quite get the attention Snapchat did, and it was removed a few years after.Although Facebook has more users currently, it lacks the creativity Snapchat has since the latest updates featuring stories with filters on the Messenger app are just a pale copy of the original idea of Snapchat and its filters.

On the other hand, while it’s growing in numbers every day, Snapchat has yet to achieve Facebook’s level of success. And with the last Rihanna scandal, getting back on track will surely take them some time.


Who hasn’t read comics during their childhood? We all have our favorite superhero whose story we follow passionately. And every superhero has a rival. Not just in the comics presented as the villain, but as another superhero in the rivaling company too. While battling it out in the comics market previously, the biggest war today is in the movie industry. There rarely is a person that hasn’t seen at least one superhero movie and the quality of the movies and special effects is getting mind-blowing.The most recent hit is the “Black Panther” brought Marvel back on top in this race, but the two have been constantly fighting back-and-forth for the top spot and it seems like there’s not a clear winner still.

I’m pretty sure you already have a favorite in each of the previous competitors. It doesn’t only define your taste, but it also defines you as a person. And when you are met with the choice between these companies, who do you choose?

4 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Tomorrow

Anyone of us has thought about the idea of becoming a business owner one day and have looked for different Internet business opportunities to start working on, but not many of them have actually started realizing that idea.

If you too are one of those and have thought about becoming a businessman/businesswoman but couldn’t quite find a niche you see yourself thriving in, I have a few online entrepreneur ideas you can try out like…now.

1. Online coaching

You surely have a trait or two of your own, so why not use it to make money? There are a lot of people looking for different types of coaching online ranging from language lessons to dating tips and coaching. So, if you have experience and knowledge in some areas, whether it’s business, dating, programming or life skills, why not use them to help people who are in need of it?There are millions of websites out there where you can apply and set up a course of your own, or create a freelancing profile where you can offer your advisory services on a subject you consider yourself an expert in.

2. Affiliate marketer

If you are one of those people who like to leave reviews on sites like Amazon, eBay, and similar platforms, why not do it for money? This is one of the most sought-after internet business opportunity since word-of-mouth advertising has always been (and probably will be) the most widely used marketing strategy. 

Online business owners are prepared to pay a nice sum of money to have their products or services praised around different websites, so if you have a knack for compliments, I’m sure this type of work would be the perfect thing for you.  

3. Social media consultant

Social media is the "it" thing now. There isn’t an online business today that doesn’t have at least one social media account.Since anyone and everyone can post and comment on online business accounts, many businesses look for a consultant to manage their social media pages by posting content on them, delete spam or inappropriate comments, reply to customers questions, and most recently, manage their advertising campaigns.

It's a job that we all kind of do all the time, but we just do it with our own accounts, which means anyone would be able to do it with a bit of training.

4. Blogger

Blogging is becoming more and more famous by the day. With how developed the internet has become and the huge number of people that can be reached through the web, getting your word heard isn’t as difficult now as it was a decade ago. You can start your own blog anytime and post content for an audience to read and also make a profit of it. Additionally, by blogging you can make money by advertising products suppliers send to you (meaning, you get free stuff too). We all know that there are some huge blogging names that have emerged and that have successfully made millions and continue to do so by only sharing their opinion on stuff or presenting their style of living.

There are many other online business ideas and opportunities out there. The Internet is a huge, worldwide market and there is no bigger audience you can target than the global one.

More Awkward Student's Sex Stories

Since the first part of "The 10 Most Awkward Things that Happened to Students During Sex" made you all laugh (and kinda cringe), why not make part 2?

So, here are a few more hilariously awkward things that happened to college students during sex:


"My boyfriend shit himself when he came the first time we had sex...all over my sheets"


"One night I went out to a dance club with my friends and got incredibly drunk. Throughout the night I was putting the change leftover from buying drinks into my bra because I didn't bring a purse with me. I ended up going to my boyfriend's place afterward (who hadn't been out with us that night) and as any terrible drunk girl, I conned him into having sex with me. We were going at it pretty hard, he was laying down and I was on top of him and he finally had the mind to take my bra off. And when he did, all the change from the night ($21 in coins...) bursts out and rained all over his face. As he was confused and spluttering I just drunkenly continued while yelling 'JACKPOT!!!' and grabbing the cash and throwing it in the air. I'm surprised that we're still together..."

3. SIGH...

"I was getting a handy-j from a girl to finish me off and she suddenly checks her watch and sighs..."


"I had a girlfriend who compulsively apologized every time she came. And she came really easily, so it was like...all the time. Like, I'd go down on her for just a little while before we had sex and 'Oh god, I'm sorry, I'm sorry', and then we'd have sex for a few more minutes and 'Oh god, I'm so sorry' repeat several more times before we were through.

And no, she wasn't apologizing to God. She was just really, really polite, and she wanted me to come first even though that just doesn't make any sense. (And it never, ever happened, because she was the female equivalent of a two-pump chump. A two-pump champ, maybe?)"


"After we had sex, the guy asked me for advice on how to ask another girl out. I laughed my ass off, gave him the best advice I could give him. They were together for about 2 years afterward, if I recall correctly."

6. UM...WHAT?

"After finishing for the first time with my girlfriend at the time, I said 'I feel as if my performance was lackluster, but an intense sensory overload occurred'. She doesn't let me live it down to this day."


"I had a guy that me for "sharing my intimacy with him" and he was dead serious.


"Had a girl ask, 'I assume everything down there was to your liking?'

- I didn't even know how to respond to that, so I just asked her for a high-five..."


"A friend of mine was losing her virginity in college and as he was doing it he gazed into his girlfriend's eyes and whispered, 'We are one.' They're not together anymore."


'A guy I knew in college got super drunk and hooked up with a girl at her sorority house. He wakes up the next morning, still drunk - she's gone, and he can't find his clothes. He assumes that she is fucking with him and decides that he must escape out the window to prevent the sorority-house humiliation. Before doing so, though, he decides the best course of action is to shit in her bed. After he finishes up and covers the mess with the sheets, she walks in and says 'Hey, I cooked some breakfast for you if you want some. Also, your clothes had vomit all over them, so I put them in the wash'".

A Timeline of Stephen Hawking's Life (R.I.P.)

One of the biggest names in physics and cosmology history has passed away today at age 76. His theories on black hole physics, quantum physics and other mathematical and astrological aspects have inspired many to explore the cosmos and learn something more about an otherwise unpopular subject. 

Although he was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21 and was shortly after unable to even hold a pen, it didn't stop him from becoming one of the leading astrophysicists. He communicated with the help of a computer voice, a voice that will be celebrated and glorified for years to come. 

Following is a brief timeline of his life and his great, if not superhuman achievements: 

Jan. 8, 1942: Stephen Hawking is born in Oxford, England, with parents Frank Hawking and IsobelHawking who worked in the field of medicine as a biologist an a medical research secretary. He is the eldest of the family's four children.

1952 - He started attending St. Albans School in Hertfordshire, South England.

1959: Stephen Hawkings received a scholarship to attend University College, Oxford. He later graduated from this school with a first class honors degree in Natural Science. Since he excelled in this area, college didn't take much effort to finish and he didn't study much. At the end of his 4th year of college, he starts feeling a bit clumsy. 

1962: He starts his research in cosmology and general relativity at the University of Cambridge. 

1963: He is diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disorder ALS at the young age of 21 years. The disease gravely affects the body movement and speech and doctors gave him two years of life. 

1965: Stephen marries Jane Wilde, a modern languages student he previously met at Cambridge.

1967:  His first son Robert is born.

1969: ALS starts affecting his body and he has to start walking with the help of crutches before being forced to use a wheelchair. 

1970: His daughter Lucy is born and he makes one of the most important scientific discoveries during his research: that by using quantum theory and general relativity he is able to prove that black holes can emit radiation.

1974:  He becomes a member of the prestigious Royal Society. At the age of 32, he is one of the youngest members to ever receive this honor. 

1973: Published his first book "The Large Structure of Space-Time" and joined the department of applied mathematics and theoretical physics at Cambridge University. During this time, he discovered that black holes could actually leak energy and particles into space, and explode in a fountain of high-energy sparks.

1979: Hist third child Timothy is born and Stephen becomes a Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, a prestigious position held only by 14 people in the history o Cambridge, one of which is Isaac Newton himself. He keeps this position until 2009. 

1985: During a visit in Geneva, he is admitted to hospital with pneumonia and loses what remained of his speech.Later that year he begins to communicate through the electronic voice synthesizer that gave him his recognizable robotic “voice.”

1988: His most famous book - A Brief History of Time is published and becomes an instant bestseller.The book is aimed at the general public simplifying the otherwise complex theories Hawkings works with. 

1989: He was awarded the title of a Companion of Honor by The Queen Elizabeth II.

1995: He divorced Jane and later married his nurse, Elaine Mason.

2001: Publishes his book "The Universe in a Nutshell" in which he explains his most recent discoveries and breakthroughs in the area of astrophysics. 

2004: At the international conference on general relativity and gravitation in Dubai, he announces that he solved the Black Hole paradox, a matter that has been a troubling question for the scientist for decades. 

2007: Divorced his second wife - Elaine Mason, experienced a zero-gravity flight and published a children's sci-fi book with his daughter called "George's Secret Key to the Universe".

2009: His health deteriorates and he is no longer able to move the wheelchair by himself. He becomes a Director of Research at The Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge and receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama. 

2013: He publishes a memoir "My Brief History"

2014: The movie 'The Theory of  Everything" that portraits his and Jade's life is released. 

2015: "The Theory of Everything" receives an Oscar for best actor and multiple Oscars nominations.

2018: Dies on March 14, 2018, at the age of 76.

Many celebrities and institutions have paid their tribute to Stephen Hawkings. It will be a much sadder universe without his brilliant mind and humoristic personality. I will end this with one of his most famous sayings:

"It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love."


What Happened in Jim Carrey's Life

You thought you’re having a tough time having to fight for your way to the top? Imagine having a dream of being an actor or a stand-up comedian, while battling dyslexia.  

We all know our dear Jim Carrey, the actor who made us laugh in Dumb and Dumber and Mask, but who also made us cry in The Truman Show. For all of you who thought his career and success are the result of a cheerful life and good education, I’d recommend you continue reading. Because his success isn’t the result of a great investment of money in education or great training. He had to work hard and pass many hurdles to get to where he is today.

James Eugene Carrey, as many of you might relate, was the quiet kid in class. He didn’t have many friends and as an undiagnosed dyslexic, he often struggled in school. But he discovered that through laughter and humor, he can connect with people.  It brought him friends, but also troubles at school. His teachers would always complain that he disrupts the class and that he’s always loud. But there was one teacher that always supported him. Lucy, a teacher at his school, always found a way to make Jim calm and happy. While other teachers complained, she saw his talent, and rather than disciplining him, she made a deal that if he was quiet in class and did his work, he could perform his acts at the end of the school day. This way, the students all enjoyed his hilarious performances, and Jim, who loved making people laugh, had his own little show.

Maybe his childlike personality is a result of him losing his teen years and never experiencing what it’s like to be a kid and have a calm and happy childhood. Instead of hanging out with his friends, as most teenagers do, he had to work night shifts at a factory, and go to school during the day, so his family can be able to survive in the harsh district they lived in. The pressure of the constant struggle, and the effort to keep his family’s poverty secret to avoid embarrassment at school draw its toll on him. He quit school at the age of 16, and his family moved to Canada without knowing what they would do, or where they would go.  You would think that living in a beat-up old van with 4 other people for 8 months would make him give up on his dreams, but it didn’t. Instead, his poverty and the feeling of inferiority is what made him try even harder to succeed. 

He finally got his first public performance in the Yuk-Yuk Comedy Club in Toronto. The publicist of the club, Eleanor Goldhar, noticed that Jim is different than the other comedians. “You could see him watching and listening – observing closely, paying attention to everything that was going on” she has stated.

In the beginning, he made his living by performing as the opening act for successful comics Buddy Hackett and Rodney Dangerfield, before moving to Hollywood in 1983, where he starred in a movie called “Introducing…Janet”. His big screen debut came in 1984, in the movie “Finders Keepers”, but the real success came with the main role in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. After that, he acted in many best selling box-office movies.

Jim never lost his faith in magic. When he wasn’t working in Hollywood, he would park on Mulholland Drive and say “Everyone wants to work with me. I’m a really good actor. I have all kinds of great movie offers”. It was his way of motivating himself, and a way of convincing himself that better times are coming.

He even wrote himself a check for $10 million, dated it Thanksgiving 1995, added the notation “for acting services rendered,” and carried it in his wallet from that day on. His tendency to never give up paid off, and in 1995, after the huge success of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber, his asking price rose to $20 million, double of what he “checked in”. When his father passed away in 1994, he placed the check on his coffin as a tribute to the man who sparked and nurtured his dream to become a star.   

 So, here is a person who lived through hell and fought his way through it all. He could have easily turned to drugs, alcohol or crime, but he didn’t. He never gave up. Instead, he used those hard-times he was in to motivate himself to try harder in life. He used the pain he was as a fuel to keep going forward and making something out of his life.

That's what I call a true inspiration.

The 10 Most Awkward Things that Happened to Students During Sex

We all know how things can "slip up" a bit in the bedroom sometimes.

Well, for these people things went a bit off the rails during their "private" times. 

1. Contest of...what?

"I had sex with a friend from college, and before I finished she told me I can cum wherever I want so I came on her face. She swallowed all of it then took out her phone and called her friend and just said 'Face, I win' and hung up. I'm still puzzled as to what the f**k happened.

2. You too"Me (a girl) to him: mmmmmmm I love it, you have such a nice dick. 

Him to me: You too."

3. The girl who sobbed

"I was passed out drunk on my buddies couch after a frat party and I wake up to this girl I hardly knew riding my dick and crying at the same time, and all I said was 'what the fuck?' and once she noticed I was awake she got up, pulled her pants up and walked out, crying the whole time. My weirdest sex experience I can think of"

4. The Joker

"I had a guy tell me he wanted his dick chopped off because its so big and girls only want to sleep with him. Also, he pretended to be the Joker (Heath Ledger) during sex.

5. Golden boy

"After I slept with a girl in college, she patted me on the head and said, 'Stay golden pony boy'. I just smiled and fell asleep.6. Questions?"Moments after I finished losing my virginity the girl said 'Do you have any questions?'"

7. The insecure dude

"He apologized for finishing too quickly, then asked me if I thought he had a small penis because apparently, every girl he's ever been with has told him that he does. Then, he showed me every stretch mark and flaw on his body, recounting when they all appeared and commenting on how insecure it made him feel. This was the very first (and last) time we had sex, seeing each other for maybe a week."

8. La Leche

"Asked me 'Did you like my milk'. I guess in Spanish la leche' is slang for jizz so he just translated it. I haven't been so grossed out in my life"

9. Word

"She came, looked me in the eye and just said....'word'"

10. Hi mom

"Had sex with a girl I met through a friend of a friend after knowing her a day or two. Immediately after the first time, we are lying there and she picks up her mobile phone and calls her mother. She then begins having a catch-up conversation with her mother about day to day things. When her mother (presumably) asks her what she has been doing she answers....and I shit you not...'getting back at Aaron for cheating on me with that whore' she then hands me the phone and says 'say hi to my mother' and I manage to say a sheepish hello...confused the hell out of my mind...I stare at her as she finishes her conversation, as she hangs up the phone stares directly at me and says 'ok, now I'm going to call my boyfriend while I suck your d*ck'. hat kind of a male is going to say no to that? Sometime later that day some unlucky dude got to listen to a 35-min voicemail message that was the sound of her and I have a suck/f*ck fest.I saw her casually a few more times. Now she and 'Aaron' are getting married later this year...I received an invitation."

These Beauty Standards From History are Weird AF

I previously wrote about "what the eff" deadly trends of the past (and future). There were so many it was difficult to decide which 5 I will include. So, I decided to make two! (yay)

I made you another list of some "what the eff" weird trends, but these weren't so deadly as the previous ones. But they are still weird. AF.


Today, the perfect smile is a union of harmony between straight teeth and white teeth, right? Right.

Well, that wasn't the case 500 years ago. During the Elizabethan era, people of England would purposely blacken or rot their teeth. It all began with the Queens' servants and courtiers. In an effort to comfort and mimic the Queen, whose teeth have rotten, they used charcoal to blacken their teeth and it somehow blew into a huge trend in England.

Moreover, this has been a huge thing back in Japan for thousands of years. Married women often blackened their teeth permanently (and still do in some areas) as a symbol of beauty and devotion to their marriage. It was known as Ohaguro.

Good thing we don't live in the 20th century. Just imagine the smell. Yuck.


Eyebrows on fleek was not a thing of the past. Not at all. Unlike today when we do everything to get our eye make-up to look the best, in the Victorian era, the sexiest part of a woman's body was considered to be none other than - the forehead! I know, what's there to it?

Apparently, in an effort to make their foreheads more striking, women used to remove their whole eyelashes and even their eyebrows. If someone was to do that today, the term used would definitely NOT be beautiful or sexy.


Comfort is everything today. At least for me. I like my baggy sweatpants and comfortable sweaters, honestly.

So it blows my mind to see this trend of the past where women intentionally tied a rope above their ankles to confine their legs and force them to take tiny steps.

It was a way of showing "modesty". Showing uncomfortableness, you mean.


Now, here's a trend from the past we can get back. In the Chinese Tand Dynasty, the things that made a woman more beautiful were round faces, wide foreheads, and big cheeks. See, skinny girls with sharp jawlines weren't always the "it" girls.


Today we have DIY, then, they had BYS (Beat YourSelf). However weird it might sound, during the Victorian era, makeup was something gravely limited or non-existent due to a ban from the Queen.

So, before meeting their suitors, girls had to experiment and find a way to look more prominent to them. So, they bit their lips and pinch their cheeks to achieve the rosy glow. 

I guess that's where the saying "beauty is pain" came from.

There are a lot more weird trends from the past, but I had to tighten the choice to only 5. Tho, I will cover some other pretty weird and dangerous trends in a new post.

So, weird trends don't always come from the haute couture catwalks. It has been something that has always existed and will exist in the future. I wonder what will teenagers of the year 2350 think about fashion trends of today?

The 10 Oscars Moments Everyone is Talking About

Soooo, it was that day yesterday. A day we all eagerly waited for and got our popcorns for.


Watching them for full 5 hours was a bit exhausting, to be honest, but some parts of it made it worthwhile. There were some giggles, some claps, and some cringes.

And I’ve gathered it aaaalll in one place.

1. First, where is that speech box thing? This thingIt was a bit awkward that most of the winners had to put the Oscars on the ground because there was no other place where they could’ve left them.

2. Can’t host the Oscars without mentioning the greatest movie at this moment

Yes. Black Panther. For every one of you that has seen it, knows what a true masterpiece and a historical piece this movie is.  Because it’s such a great success, for the first 47 minutes the Oscars aired, it made mind-blowing 47 million dollars. Just…wow.

3. Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about last year’s “oopsie” with La La Land.

Courtesy A.M.P.A.S. © 2018

He just had to.

4. And Jenifer Lawrence’s “horrible friend” reaction to it

I don’t’ see what’s so bad about her reaction. Just the fact that she’s sitting next to Emma Stone. And pointing at her face laughing. Well, okay. It was a bit mean.

Just look at Emma Stone's annoyed face. She looks PISSED.

5. Jordan Peele’s reaction to winning an Oscar:

Jordan Peele just became the first African American to ever win an Original Screenplay Oscar in the 90-year long Oscars history. And his reaction to it was just as amazing at the accomplishment itself.

After the show, he briefly tweeted “I just won an Oscar. WTF?!?”. I don’t know what he’s surprised about. Has he seen his movie “Get Out”? History.

6. Jimmy Kimmel’s women appreciation.

Besides mentioning that we should all work together towards stopping sexual harassment in the workplace, so women can deal with being harassed everywhere else, he made a hilarious joke on Hollywood’s failed movie efforts to understand women.

Courtesy A.M.P.A.S. © 2018

7. Margot Robbie’s typical brother

Margot Robbie was nominated for Best Actress but lost to Frances McDormand.

And that’s when her brother took over the spotlight and had the most typical younger brother reaction. He posted on Snapchat teasing her and even used the hashtag #imstillmumsfavouriteiguess.

Though, he later posted a few more videos where he spoke how immensely proud he is of his sister and how emotional he is because she didn’t get the Oscar.

Celebrity siblings are in fact same as our siblings. Annoying, but you can’t resist loving them.

8. Tiffany Haddish’s DRESS!

She proved to us once more that celebrities can be normal people and wear the same thing more than once. Contrary to what her “people” advised her, she went out and put on THE-SAME-DRESS as last year and the SNL show.


9. Another Emma Stone “oopsie”

During her speech in which she was announcing the Best Director category nominees, she praised the winner for his great talent and unique way of creating a masterpiece. But, the problem appeared when she got to the end and announced the nominees. She used the following sentence: "These four men and Greta Gerwig created their own masterpieces this year."

It got some people upset.

“Why did she have to say Greta separately from the others? They are all directors. They all earned their spot. Why should Greta be praised, and not Peele for being the first African American nominated in that category or Del Toro, who is Latino?”

Just, Oscars are really not Emma’s thing.

10. Roger Deakins' Oscar

I know. It might not be a huge name for you, but this guy just broke the longest streak of 14 "failed" nominations on the Oscars by winning his first ever Best Cinematography Oscar. He's responsible for giving us some of the most amazing movie shots. You are surely familiar with some of his nominated movies "The Shawshank Redemption", "No Country for Old Men" and "Skyfall".

Congratulation Deakins. A well deserved Oscar.